Thursday, December 4, 2014

This and That

Hi there! Once again, I was looking through my phone and found some pics I haven't shared here yet.

Remember the cotton stems I bought awhile back? I finally decided to put them in this vase in my bedroom. For now. I'm sure they'll make their way around the house in the future. :)

Here's another Kohl's deal I got. (are y'all tired of hearing about how great Kohl's is yet???) Lol! I promise I'm not getting paid by them, they just happen to have fantastic deals, especially this time of year. :) 

So, I had my eye on these monogrammed mugs. They were priced at $9.99 each and I had a $10 coupon I planned on using. The coupon stated that you had to purchase at least $10 worth of stuff to use it. Well, when I got to the store, I discovered the mugs were on sale for $3.99! So, I HAD to get two, right? But the problem was that still didn't get me up to the $10 minimum purchase I needed in order to use the coupon. So, what's a girl to do but add some Godiva chocolates to her cart? ;)

monogrammed mugs from kohl's

Actually, the chocolates were on sale too, but it was enough to get me up to the $10 minimum. I had to get two because I plan on putting them in my boys' stockings. So, my grand total for two mugs and two Godiva chocolates was........


Sweet, huh? :) I love those $10 coupons, but sometimes I have a hard time finding little "filler" items to bump my total up. That's where those chocolates come in handy. They're usually around $3 and just enough to get me to the $10. :) They sell them year round too!

One more quick thing. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you might remember these, but if you're new here, I wanted to let you in on this quick and inexpensive project...

See the pretty Christmas decoration below? 

christmas decor with scrap paper and flat ornaments in frame

I just popped a piece of Christmas scrap book paper into a frame and added a couple of those flat, sparkly $1 ornaments from Walmart. I just taped the ornaments to the paper. Easy peasy! So cute as your own decor, or as a gift! With so many available papers and ornaments, the possibilities are endless! You could literally do any theme or color. 

 My guest bathroom is blue and brown, so that's where I have this one. After all this talk about it, now I want to make more! :)

Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for stopping by!



  1. You need to be compensated from Kohl's with all the free advertising you do for them! You really do find some great bargains there. I like to shop there too. Love those cute monogrammed mugs and of course, the cotton stems are great in the urn.

  2. Great deal at Kohl's!!! Those mugs are so cute! And you know I love your cotton stems!! They're so organic and bring a nice outdoor feel to the space!
    Have a great day friend!!

  3. You go girl! I love seeing your bargains.

    Your artwork is so cute too. What would we do without scrapbook supplies? There's just too many fun things if you look at them creatively.

  4. Great finds, Lisa! The mugs are adorable. You won't believe me, but I just did something similar with a frame and I had never seen your idea. You and I are "craft sisters". LOL Have a great weekend! Maria

  5. Lisa,
    You crack me up!!! You and your Kohl's deals!!! They should compensate you for all the free advertising you give them lol! Love the Christmas artwork. Very nice. Have a wonderful Friday and great week end.

  6. I need to visit Kohl's more often. I love the details in your mugs. I bet your boys will enjoy their chocolates.

  7. Hi Lisa ~ That is too funny about the cotton branches moving around your house! Mine are doing that too! At the moment, I'm really not sure where they are! You've gotten so many great deals at Kohl's, I'm really impressed. I may have to shop there one of these days! Cheers friend!

    1. Hi Janine! You really should check out Kohl's. You won't believe what great coupons they have! And it's great because they let you use more than one at a time. :) Hope you have a great week, friend!

  8. Aren't those cotton stems fun to use? I kept mine out and added some red berry stems & may just use them over and over again for the next couple of seasons -- they're not just for Fall! Cute mugs, and you definitely cannot go wrong with chocolate!

  9. You really should be paid by Kohl's! :) You know, it is one of the most difficult stores for me to shop in...just seems so crowded and junky here. Things are very expensive too! I'm so glad you find such great bargains.

    Love the art work! Great idea for a hostess gift or any other really.


    1. Tell me about it! Ha ha! They could at least send me a few more coupons, right? Lol! You definitely have to combine coupons with sales at Kohl's. I don't think I've ever paid full price for anything. In fact, I usually combine several coupons for a single purchase. ;)


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