Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 Hot Cocoa Station

Hello! Are y'all ready for Christmas? Are all your gifts bought and wrapped? Mine aren't. :) I better get busy on that. 

My boys have been asking for the return of the hot cocoa station since September, so I thought I'd set it up again since it was such a hit last year. 

As you can tell in the pic below...the nutcrackers are back. Ugh. 

hot chocolate bar

Obviously someone had just made some hot cocoa with the remnants still on the spoon. Oh well. I got that cute little fox plate at Target on clearance right after Christmas last year.

The little snowman basket in the back is holding mini candy canes. 

I used the same Dollar Tree container for the cocoa, but one of the new additions this year was crushed peppermints. (hand crushed by me) :)

Then we just have the obligatory mini marshmallows, red and green straws, and some cute reindeer spoons. Oh, and I changed up the fabric lining the tray this year. 

I picked up these little woodland creatures at Target last year for .25 cents after Christmas.

And just to make you laugh, here's a pic of Holly...

My son just got a fish eye lens for his iPhone and had to try it out. I especially like the little tail in the background. I honestly think she resembles Chester Cheetah. Maybe I should buy her some Cheetos. Bless her heart.

I'll be back in a day or two to share my Christmas Home Tour. Enjoy your day!



  1. Such a cute display! And Holly reminds me of Chester Cheetah too in that pic. I'm planning a smores and cocoa night for my daughter and her friends and your post made me excited to put it all together!

  2. It looks so good Lisa!! How fun!
    I have bought most of our presents, but I know my five year old will start opening them when our backs are turned if I set them out wrapped right now! (he's a lil stinker!) :)

  3. Those critters are hysterical! lol What fun. Love your hot cocoa station. I bet the kids love it, too. MyHero would have such a mess going on there that it would make me want to scream Bah! Humbug!

    FISH lens on a CAT- Now THAT is funny! xo Diana

  4. Those cute mugs are perfect for your hot cocoa station! Yep, your sweet kitty brought another smilke to my face.

    Merry Merry Christmas...

    1. Thanks, Sherri! I'm still in love with those mugs! So happy I got such a good deal on them too. :) So glad Holly made you smile. She's such a funny little thing. :)

  5. That's so cute that you set that up! I bet it makes it more fun to make hot cocoa. I love drinking it at night when I'm done with everything for the day. Your cat really does look like Chester!

  6. Love, love your cocoa station! No wonder the boys were asking you for it again this year. Love all your little details and the crushed candy canes. :) What a great way to enjoy a nice cup of cocoa.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Your cocoa station is so cute and I bet your boys love it. Your Holly does look like Chester lol!
    Have a great day.

  8. Love your little hot cocoa station....what a great idea for the chilly months! The little chalkboard for the countdown until Christmas is so cute!!!!!

  9. This is so sweet (!!). I love the idea and wish I had space! The chalkboard is such a cute idea! And that Holly is always a cutie!!

    Looking forward to your holiday decorations! Still working away at mine!

    Jane xx

  10. Your hot chocolate station is so cute, Lisa! I'm sure your boys just love it. Have you ever visited Amanda makes some of the most fantastic desserts, and put together an amazing "Hot Chocolate Bar" for a big party. She had things I never would have thought of for cocoa. She also does amazing things for s'mores. Amanda is mostly a food blogger, not so much decor. You would probably like to see some of the things she does.

    Cute pic of Holly!

  11. Cutest (and I'm sure yummiest) hot cocoa station ever!! This was the first year I tried hot cocoa with peppermint pieces and I loved it! I wanted to slap my sister for not introducing it to me earlier! Lol

  12. Love your hot chocolate station! I bet your boys love it! Was shopping for hot chocolate at Walmart yesterday and saw some sauces (like specialty coffee shops have in ketchupy style bottles) with white chocolate syrup and other ones for hot choc! I thought they'd be so yummy! Our kids are hooked on white hot chocolate now... you'll have to see if your boys like that? Your such a creative Mom, Lisa... this is so fun!
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I just had to refill the marshmallows AGAIN this morning. Lol! I bet my boys would LOVE the white hot chocolate! I'll have to look for those sauces the next time I'm at Walmart. It seems like I'm there every other day this time of year. ;)

  13. Looks great and so festive! You have everything displayed so beautifully. I found some individual hot cocoa mixes at either Walmart or Target..many different flavors. I get them each year for stocking stuffers, add a little bag of mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc. Oh yes, in the baking aisle at Walmart they have containers of crushed peppermint ~ that might help you too. I send a variety of teas and now the hot chocolate items to my Chemo buddy. She has 2 teens and hopefully, they enjoy it too!


    1. You're right, Walmart is really good about having the individual cocoa mixes. Love those! It's a neat way to try several different flavors without spending a fortune. :)


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