Saturday, December 13, 2014

A New Keurig, The Freedom Clip, and Other Ramblings

Hello! I know I said I'd be posting my Christmas Home Tour pretty soon, but I'm STILL waiting on a cute pillow cover I ordered. It's adorable and really is one of my favorite things this year, so I'm going to try and give it a few more days to arrive. If it doesn't come soon, I'll just post the tour without it and give you an updated pic when it finally arrives. It's already been lost in the mail once, and they've re-ordered it, so let's hope that doesn't happen again. :)

So, in other happenings, we finally decided to hop on the Keurig bandwagon...

(And let me just say right now that I'm not getting paid to say any of this and this is NOT a sponsored post or anything like that. I'm just sharing my research and passing on information that I found helpful) 

Okay, so I wanted one for awhile, but had been putting it off for a couple of reasons. 1. the k-cups seemed kind of expensive (especially with 4 of us using them) And 2. the k-cups weren't bio-degradable and I feel like our landfills are already bursting at the seems. :)

Then when I started researching them, I discovered that they're only selling the new Keurig 2.0 now. It came out a couple of months ago and the main difference is that it will ONLY brew "authorized Keurig k-cups" and NOT any other (cheaper) brand. The new k-cups are printed with a special ink on the lid that the machine recognizes and won't brew anything else. Well, that doesn't sound very nice of them. 

At first I thought we'd just buy on older model that would still brew the off-brand cups, but good luck finding one. There aren't any older models on the shelves. At least around here. Seriously, it's like they've been pulled from the shelves or something. I couldn't even find them online.

Then I discovered a neat little gadget called the "Freedom Clip." It's just a little clip that you install in your Keurig 2.0 that forces it to recognize ANY BRAND cups as "keurig approved." A wonderful company called the Roger's Family Company invented it and they're GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE to anyone who wants it! You can click HERE to order yours at absolutely NO COST. :)

While I was on their website, I discovered they also sell 97% bio-degradable "one cups" that will work in your Keurig! They'll even work in the 2.0 as long as you have the Freedom Clip installed. I LOVE that they're not plastic. I was never thrilled about using plastic cups in a coffee machine. I worry about the plastic leeching into the coffee. Yes, I'm paranoid about stuff like that. Lol! 

Click HERE to see all the 97% bio-degradable pods (or cups, or whatever you want to call them) They are San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee brand and they even have decaf, which is mostly what I drink. They're also very reasonably priced compared to most. For instance, their 12 pack is only $6.99. As an added bonus, I discovered my local HEB grocery store sells them at that same price!

So, all my problems were solved. I found the freedom clip that would allow me to brew ANY brand of cups. Then I found the 97% bio-degradable cups AND they were reasonably priced AND they come in decaf, AND they have a wide variety of flavors for the rest of the family. So happy when things work out like that. :)

I usually spend about $7 a week on a bag of coffee, so I figured if I spend that on one box of pods, it would come out the same. So, we went to Sam's Club and purchased the Keurig 2.0 and so far, we're really happy with it. 

So if you know anyone who recently purchased the 2.0 or if you receive one for Christmas, now you know how to bypass the system. ;)

And just because I can't seem to post without at least a couple of pics, here's my Christmas tablescape for this year...

Hopefully I'll get my pillow cover in the mail this week and post my home tour. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. My kids love their Keurigs, too, Lisa. They have the older brands. I don't think I will ever get one because I drink too much coffee. I run a put of 10 cups through and drink it all day. I buy the huge bags of Dunkin Donuts coffee at Costco for about $13.+ and its 3 pounds(I think) I am cheap be one reason the old boy married me. lol

    You will love it if you are a one cup at a time girl. I know my girls love theirs. Hmmm...maybe I will brew another pot yet tonight now that I am thinking about it~

    That is great info and what a gracious thing for the family to do with those freedom clip things! xo Diana

  2. Your table is beautiful.

    I always enjoy a Keurig when we are at a hotel or something. Too much quantity consumed here at our house though. :)

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Glad you got your Keurig and found the clip to let you brew any coffee cups. I have an older model and love it. I am not a coffee drinker but love the teas and hot cocoa etc. you can brew. The older models have a cup you can put in that you can brew regular coffee that you buy in it. So you do not have to buy the cups. My daughter is a big Foldgers coffee fan and she just buys her coffee and then uses the little adapter cup to brew her own coffee. Not sure if you can use those adapter cups on the new model but thought I would let you know this. That way if you can then you can just buy your regular coffee and use that and not worry about plastic cups. We found the adapter cup at Bed Bath and Beyond but I think they have them pretty much where ever they sell the Keurigs. Happy Coffee Drinking.

  4. We've been using a keurig for about a year now. I didn't know they stopped selling different models! They used to offer a variety. We use an off brand of coffee from Costco. Glad you like the machine and found a way to bypass that silly system. I think that will end up hurting their sales! You should have the right to choose any coffee you want! Love your table setting sneak peek.

  5. Thank you for sharing info on the Freedom Clip! Makes the Keurig so much more economical. And your tablescape is beautiful! Do you put serving dishes on your table for the meal? Each year I have grand ideas of a large centerpiece and when we begin the meal I end up moving it from the table to make space for food. Am always curious to see how others juggle beauty and function.

  6. Love your nice to get ideas ahead of time! :)))

    We have a Kuerig one cup here at home and the bigger Keurig at the makes one cup at a time but holds water for about 3-4. Both of these were my hubby's idea, I like a pot of coffee in the morning and that's it. I'm very old fashioned or traditional and like the old tea kettle on the stove for my tea and cocoa. Guests at the lake like to make a cuppa on their own and thankfully, with popularity, they understand how to work it on thier own! Ha!

    Jane xxx

  7. I don't have a Keurig, since we don't drink coffee that often. I think if I had one I would probably drink it a lot more. Good to know there is an option to save money on the cups should we ever decide to purchase one.

  8. I would be absolutely thrilled to know all this Lisa... if I had a keurig! I am definitely going to share this with friends who have one though!!! And I'm totally paranoid (or cautious!!) about using plastic with a hot beverage cause of leaking into the coffee! Seems like I get worse about stuff like that the older I get ;) And I hope that pillow arrives s-o-o-n because I want to see your Christmasy home, friend!
    Kendra @

    1. So glad you're sharing it with your friends that have a keurig! I'm so glad you said you're paranoid about the plastic thing too! It just doesn't seem like a very healthy thing. That's why I was so glad to find the bio-degradable cups because they aren't made of plastic. They just have a regular paper-like filter with no plastic encasing it. I hope my pillow arrives soon too!! :)

  9. The Keurig is sooo addictive. :) I love, love ours. We have the older model, so I buy all kinds of brands, but I also have the little reusable cup that you can fill with you regular coffee and get a great cup every time. It is so nice of you to share your finds.Love, love you tablescape and can NOT wait to see your Christmas tour. I feel like I am running out of time around here.Just finally finished the Christmas decor this weekend.

  10. Lisa, I was just reading about the 2.0 awhile ago...I just cannot sleep! I'm sure it's the steroids from the injections this morning. Anyway, I have an older model and love it! Recently I was cleaning it with the vinegar & water...long process. Learned that the first time...I thought I was done and my coffee tasted vile so had to keep going. :) I read about the water container and the instructions stated that you could put it in the dishwasher...lower shelf too! DON'T! Now the container is warped and the lid will not fit snugly. Makes me sick...

    Your table is beautiful! I continue to like the reds and greens for Christmas ~ just feels natural.


    1. I don't know if it's the same with the older models, but my new keurig has a little display that lets me know when it's time to descale it. They sell a little solution that you put in it and flush it about a dozen times with water or something like that. It also says not to put it in the dishwasher...maybe they learned something from other peoples experiences? That's a shame that it doesn't fit anymore. I wonder if you contacted them and let them know it warped, if they'd send you a new one? Might be worth a shot. I heard they had a pretty good customer service department. I hate when I spend that much money on something and then stuff like that happens. Ugh. Not fun. Hopefully they'll make it right and send you a new one.

  11. The snippet of your Chrismtmas tablescape you have shown is gorgeous!!!!!! I love the little Santa flatware holder and the ribbon is so pretty too! Can't wait to see more :o)

  12. Those Keurig's look like so much fun!! My coffee loving husband would love one of those but his wife that thinks he drinks too much coffee probably won't be getting him one for Christmas lol.


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