Monday, November 17, 2014

Transitioning From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Hey, y'all! Hope everyone's doing well today. I thought I'd share how I switched out some of my Halloween decor for Thanksgiving. 

I know a lot of people skip straight from Halloween to Christmas, but we host Thanksgiving at our house every year, so I try to hold off on the Christmas decor. But, you can bet that the day after Thanksgiving I'll be hauling out the Christmas stuff! 

So, here's my Thanksgiving additions...

This little frame and owl have made their way around several rooms already. I used to have the "Boo" sign in the basket below for Halloween. 

The frame was just a little project that cost less than $2. I bought the frame at Dollar Tree and I already liked the color, so I didn't have to paint it. Then I bought some Thanksgiving scrap paper at Joann's, popped it into the frame and topped it with a greeting card that was given to me. 

And that's it! Easy peasy! You can get a closer look at the scrap paper below. 

Next, I just brought out my "Give Thanks" sign and put it on this little 2 drawer box in the kitchen.

Here's a closer look...

In the dining room, I replaced the little welcome witch with this "Count Your Blessings" cross. I also replaced the "Trick or Treat" print with my Anne of Green Gables quote. 

The kitchen hutch stayed the same save for a little fall plate I added.

I love this little plate with the pumpkin and fall leaves. 

The living room stayed pretty much the same too. Well, except for that little $1 clearance pumpkin my hubby bought to make a pie with. All the pumpkins at our local grocery store were on clearance for $1, so we couldn't resist. :)

living room decorated for fall

Oh, before I forget, do y'all remember the  Crate & Barrel Mugs I told you about that were only .95 cents? Well, mine came in the mail and I love them! Even though they're technically a child's mug, I still enjoyed my hot chocolate with marshmallow cream and sprinkles in it. :)

christmas mug with woody station wagon and tree on top

Well, that about wraps it up! Do y'all decorate for Thanksgiving or do you go straight to Christmas?



  1. I'm happy to see someone who hasn't skipped Christmas. :)

    We don't decorate for Thanksgiving specifically because we leave home for that. It kind of lets me off the hook. Haven't decorated for Christmas yet either. The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally the time for us.

    Currently we are planking above the fireplace and it's a mess here!

  2. Love all of your cute Thanksgiving decor. Since we're hosting this year, I like to put out a few decoration especially fresh flowers.

  3. Lovely Thanksgiving decorations! We usually start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. However there have been a few years where we have waited until after the first of December. I'm not in a rush this year....
    Have a great week!!!

  4. I like your Fall decorations. Using a greeting card in a frame was a great idea. I don't skip Thanksgiving. I decorate for Christmas afterwards. It bugs me to see so many people skipping it!

  5. Cute transition, Lisa! By this time of the month, I would normally be deep into the Christmas decor, but we have friends here this month and they will be celebrating Thanksgiving with us. I may or may not be pulling my Christmas crates into the guest room this week, so I can sort and finalize some plans I've been writing down! Just so you know, our friends are not staying with us, just close by -- wouldn't fill up the guest room with red & green crates if they were staying! So, anyway, I'm anxious but won't be sidelining the turkeys and Pilgrims with red balls and tinsel just yet!

  6. Love all your Thanksgiving decor!! And thumbs up on the Anne of Green Gables quote! Love the movies! Believe it or not, the only Thanksgiving-y I've set up right now is my chalkboard But I do enjoy decorating for Christmas!

  7. Love your Christmas mugs!! So cute to put your hot chocolate in. Your Thanksgiving decor is gorgeous.

  8. Love all your decorating!! I don't do Halloween decorating, more fall decorating. So once Halloween has come and gone, I just switched around my fall decorations to new spots and add my pilgrim and Indian decorations to the mix.

    Hopoe you are staying warm and blessed..

    1. Thanks, Sherri! I love decorating for fall. You just reminded me I have a little pilgrim couple figurine I forgot to get out. Oh well. :) Enjoy your evening!

  9. Hoe pretty! Alls your Thanksgiving touches are beautiful. Love, love that frame! Stay warm :) Maria

  10. I never even do that! LOL! I'm 'bad' since I go from Halloween to Christmas right away!

  11. I love decorating for Christmas.. but love fall too.. so, I do the fall starting in Oct.. [don't do a lot of Halloween, just fall /pumpkins ,etc].. I start my Christmas early ,if I just cant resist.ha


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