Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pansies and Purses

Hi everyone! It FINALLY got cool enough in Texas to plant my pansies. I like to plant them in the fall, but if it's too hot, they'll wilt, so I had to wait. I took these pics when it was drizzling, so they're not very bright, but I wanted to remember when I planted them for next year. :)

I just love the yellow ones!

My purple Gomphrena is still doing well, so I left it alone for now. 

Love the happy little purple ones too!

Okay, I have to share this spectacular deal I got on my new purse. 
I had lots of Kohl's coupons I needed to use. After looking closely at the start and end dates on the coupons, I realized there was one day they all overlapped and could be used all at once. So of course that's the day I went shopping. :) I LOVE how they let you stack coupons!

Here's my new purse...you're either going to love it or hate it. Lol! I wasn't even sure if I liked it at first, but the more I looked at it, I realized it was the perfect shape, had the right amount of pockets, had a zipper in the middle (which I require to hold my wallet, phone, and keys) and well, it just seemed to fit the bill. 

Here's a closer look... 

Don't worry, it won't bite you. ;)

So, here's the rundown...

Original Price: $99
It was on sale 60% off
Minus my $10 off $25 coupon
Minus the $10 coupon they emailed me
Minus the $5 coupon I had on my phone
Minus the 30% off coupon they mailed me

This brought the $99 original price all the way down to...


Yep, ELEVEN DOLLARS, including tax! What a deal!

Have y'all gotten any great deals at Kohl's lately? I love their coupons!



  1. This time of year there are almost too many great deals at Kohl's! My girlfriend talked me into that Kohl's credit card to get all the good deals. I have to be careful because there are too many temptations. :) I love your purse!! The size and shape are perfect and the purple snakeskin is so stylish.

    We planted our pansies last week and it timed perfectly with a tiny little bit of rain. We are enjoying beautiful cool days lately. :)

  2. Your pansies are so pretty!!! Love your new purse too......I can't believe what a good deal you got!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I had no idea Kohls let's you use more than one coupon! I looove the purse- the print is interesting in a good way! What a steal you got!
    And I also love all your pretty flowers! We just sort of let everythong die around here for winter lol.

  4. What a fantastic deal on that purse! I didn't know you could use more than one coupon for one item. Now, I need to pay closer attention to the coupons they send me. Our weather would be too cold to keep pansies looking good right now . It has dipped down into the freezing range quite a few nights. I have an azalea plant that was a gift to us that I've been keeping indoors to keep it alive. It is full of blooms right now (which seems so odd). I think of it as a Spring plant. Enjoy your pansies, since we can't!

  5. Love your flowers! And the purse is so pretty! What a deal! :) Love those coupons! :)

  6. Hi Lisa,
    The pansies look so pretty. You are so lucky to have that wonderful weather. Score on the purse!!! Wow you gotta love Kohl's!!!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I didn't know about using more than one coupon at a time!! Maybe I will apply for the charge card!! Dangerous though!!

    Love the pansies. I should have tossed mine 2 weeks ago. My Thanksgiving guests are coming to the House Of Dead Mums because it's too cold and I'm too busy to to fix up the front porch! lol!

    Oh...love the purse, it will go with the darker colors we wear in the winter months.

    Jane xx

  8. Wow Lisa!! Our ground is covered in white and it's snowing as we speak :) Your pansies sure brought a smile to my face! My husband always says they remind him of his grandma so we always have to plant some! And yes, that purse deal is amazing!!! It's very pretty, too! Wishing you and your family a very, very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, friend!!


    1. Oh how I wish we had some snow like that! I always plant pansies in the fall/winter months because they will last until March, when it gets too hot. I love all the colors they come in too. :) How sweet that they remind your husband of his grandma! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! We had a great time!

  9. Hi Lisa, wow, that's amazing that you're just planting pansies! Your weather is so different then here. Glad you got them planted, they're so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Janine! I had to wait a little while longer to plant them this year because it was still so hot. Hoping for an extra cold winter this year. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Your so lucky to still have flowers around, they are beautiful Lisa. As for the bag - I love Vera Wang and still have my first one!!! And for $11, what a steal!!!!


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