Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cable Knit Pillows for $11 and Crate & Barrel Christmas Mugs for .95 Cents!

Hello there! Boy, have I got some deals for you today! I've been wanting some cable knit pillows for my living room for awhile now. I think they're so pretty and cozy and work perfectly as fall and winter pillows. The problem was that I couldn't find any for less than about $40. Most of the ones I found were between $40-$80. Eighty dollars for ONE pillow??? Seriously??? Not gonna happen. 

Then this weekend I noticed that Joann's had some on sale at 50% off for $14.99! They also emailed me a coupon for 25% off my entire order, including sale items!!! That brought the price down to $11 and some change! Yes, please!!

Just look at how pretty they are!!

inexpensive cable knit pillow

Even if you don't get their coupons emailed or texted to you, $14.99 is still a whopping good deal. 

Here's a far away shot of them on my loveseat...

And here we are a little closer...

Gosh, I just love them. They also came in red. I bought mine in my store, but you can also order them online. 

I think I have a thing for all things cable knit. Here's a pic of my favorite mug I put on IG. Yes, I actually went into the backyard, clipped some flowers, and had a little photo shoot with it. #overthetop Lol! 

cable knit sweater mug from pier 1

Okay, now for some other shocking news...I'm going to attempt to make pillow covers...WITH A SEWING MACHINE!!! Y'all know I don't know a single thing about sewing and I've mentioned before how I can't even sew on a button. Some of you probably even remember how my hubby does my sewing for me. Sad, but true. Lol! He made the shade for our back door and even made the cornice board for the dining room window. 

Well, I came across a great tutorial online for "envelope pillow covers." Apparently they're made kind of like pillow shams. The fabric in the back kind of overlaps and you just stuff the pillow in. No complicated zippers or anything. I do have my mom's sewing machine right now, and my hubby said he'd try to teach me how to use it. Although...he was starting to explain how to use it and he said something about a "bobbin" and I said "what's a bobbin?" I really wish I could duplicate the horror stricken look on his face. Lol! I guess he has his work cut out for him. I have a feeling I might just "watch" him make them instead of actually making them myself. :)

Anyway, here's the fabric I chose. I wanted to add a little orange for Fall and Thanksgiving. 

You can see the regular sofa pillows in this pic. The other side of the pillow is just like the sofa fabric, and I'll have that side facing out, so I won't have to worry about those grey designs showing through my orange fabric.

And here's a little mock up of the fabric just wrapped around the pillow...(notice my little photo bomber)

I know I really should have added fall pillows back in September, but better late than never. :) I plan on keeping the cable knit pillows on the loveseat all winter long and using the orange ones on the sofa through Thanksgiving. Then when I decorate for Christmas, I'll switch out the orange ones for my solid red ones. I'm loving having a neutral color base for my decor because then I can just add pops of any color for a totally different look!

Okay, enough pillow talk. ;) Now on to my fantastic deal at Crate & Barrel!! Just look at how cute these mugs are!

Aren't they sweet? A friend on Instagram posted about them last night and I went straight to the Crate & Barrel website to order them. They're only .95 cents on their website right now. Shipping is $4.95. I ordered 4 of them for a total of $9.42 with tax and shipping. Now, I do have to tell you that it's a CHILD'S SIZE mug. It's only 3" in diameter and 3" tall and holds 8 ounces, just so you know. That was all fine with me because I mostly plan on using them for decorating purposes. :) I checked right before I posted this and they still had some left, but they're selling out quickly so I suggest you jump on it right now if you want them. :)

 Click HERE to order them on the Crate & Barrel site. 

About an hour after I ordered them, I got an email saying they had already shipped, so they should be here soon. I love when standard shipping works like that. :)

Y'all have a good Wednesday!!



  1. Your pillows are fantastic! What a great deal. Your house always looks so perfect.

  2. That is a bargain on the cable knit pillows. I love the way they look on your loveseat. So sweet and warm for the winter months.

    Here's a tip for you. I have taught my kids and my granddaughter to sew. Take the thread OUT OF your machine. Take typing paper (copy paper) and draw straight lines across it and then SEW right over the lines. By the time you finish doing two or three of those sheets you will know how to guide your material properly so that you can know where the material is going (in relationship to where your needle goes). Then take two or three sheets and draw a spiral circle on the whole thing and sew (no thread) from the outside to the inner most center. This will give you a good guide to help you "turn" and sew and stay on the lines. Hope that doesn't sound too stupid but it really does work.

    Those are the cutest little cups. Love them. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  3. Those pillows are so cute, Lisa. If your hubby is willing to teach you how to sew, you really owe it to yourself to learn the skill. You would have so much fun making things for your home.

  4. I love anything cable knit too! Your pillows are so pretty. That was a great deal. Those cups from Crate & Barrel are cute. I haven't shopped there in a long time. There is a store about 30 min from my house. They have the cutest holidays items.

  5. I just love that sweater pillow! I actually made one before my blogging days with some fabric glue and an old sweater and I'm still shocked how well it turned out! You are so brave to learn sewing! You can do it! I know what a bobbin is but that still doesn't help this girl out! I also like the orange fabric you picked for your new pillows!

  6. Good Morning Lisa,
    Love love the pillows. They look so cozy on your loveseat. Those mugs are too cute. Ha ha I learned how to sew a straight line and you will be amazed at what you can do after you get the whole straight line down. Good luck with the pillows.

  7. Your pillows look so cozy! I bet your Holly loves them too. Great deal on those mugs.

  8. I love when you pass great deals along...these pillows are gorgeous!! They look perfect in your living room. And good luck with making your own. I once planned to learn to sew...make all my curtains and pillows and place mats, and like you I froze right at the bobbin part. There are some tutorials on You Tube that makes it even scarier! lol! Good luck though.

    Love the mugs! I could see them on a table set up for the kiddos!

    Jane xx

  9. I am convinced we are kindred spirits, Lisa! I lol at the part of your husband doing your sewing! So does mine! I can sew buttons but it takes me a year before I get to it (but I have a little secret... I could sew very, very well in my teens but didn't like it at all and it's not my thing!) I love, love cable knit too! I gave a pillow exactly like yours but oblong to my sister last Christmas and I think I want my own now. Got it on clearance after Christmas for $7! And those mugs are the cutest! You always have the most interesting posts, Lisa! Have a fabulous weekend, friend!!!!
    Kendra @

    1. Oh, we are definitely kindred spirits, Kendra!! That's so funny that both our husbands bake AND sew for us! That's hilarious how you can actually sew, but just don't like it! Lol! I'm not sure if I'll like it either. I literally don't even know how to turn the machine on right now. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend!!


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