Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Past Halloween Fun, Pumpkins, and Treats

Hello! I was going through some old photo albums the other day and came across a couple of pics of the boys dressed up for Halloween. I thought I'd share them here today...

Below is my now 20 year old, circa 1995. When your dad is a fire fighter, you pretty much HAVE to dress up as a dalmation at least once (and don't worry, he was also a fire fighter later on) Please notice the paci in his mouth. Ha! He was a little over a year old in this pic. Such a sweet dalmation! :)

And this is my now 15 year old at the pumpkin patch when he was one year old, circa 2000. He went around hugging all the pumpkins. :)

This is that same boy the next year when he was 2. He was big stuff lugging around all those heavy pumpkins. Love that expression! We visited the same pumpkin patch every year for many, many years.

Speaking of pumpkins, Miss Holly just HAD to check out our pumpkin this year. Nothing gets by her...she notices every new item that makes its way into the house. 

I brought out a few more Halloween decorations and made up a batch of pumpkin cookies. I love when the the stores start carrying the Pillsbury holiday cookies. 

These were made by the little cutie at the pumpkin patch. He used Pillsbury croissants, spread pumpkin butter on them, sprinkled on brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled them up and baked them. They were really good!

We had a hard time finding pumpkin butter, but finally came across this one at Target...

I think it's pretty much like apple butter, but with pumpkin. It's really good and tastes like pumpkin pie. 

These were made by my little dalmation above. :) This is one of his specialties. Sausage and cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon with garlic red potatoes. So good!!

sausage cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon

I love it when my boys cook for me! It's nice to get a little break from the dinner routine. :)

Are y'all ready for Halloween? My boys are too old for trick or treating, but the youngest is dressing up as a zombie survivor for a party. Oh my.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed week!



  1. Your boys were so cute when they were little! Believe it or not mine never went as a dalmation, but did go as a fire fighter. You're so lucky to have your kids cook for you! Mine have never done that. Of course, my youngest is 13 and doesn't know how to cook yet. My husband makes up for them not cooking though. I've never tried pumpkin butter before. I bet it's good since I like apple butter. My youngest has decided not to go trick or treating anymore. So, this will be our first year in a long time of not having someone going trick or treat. It's going to feel strange Halloween night!

  2. Your boys were so cute!! And good for them for cooking! Such an important skill to have for men and women! I just realized that your boys are 5 years apart. Were they close growing up even with the age difference? Yeah, that has nothing to do with the post..just curious. lol

  3. Those are wonderful old pictures of your boys, Lisa. Don't they just melt your heart when you look back at them from this age? Those are great looking appetizers and I LOVE that sign. xo Diana

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Yum on the appetizers. The boys looked so adorable. I have two daughters and believe it or not my oldest went as a firefighter one year in honor of her dad. Loved it. Have a great day.

  5. Awwww, so sweet! glad you shared us those adorable pics of your boys Lisa!

  6. Thanks for the cutie pics!! I live for fall.

    1. Fall is my favorite time of year too! We are so ready for the cooler weather here. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh so sweet and inviting post! Feels like home:)

  8. Your boys are so cute! It is so fun to look back on the times when our kids were younger. It brings back wonderful memories. I think it is great that they are cooking for you also. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Kim! Wonderful memories, for sure. :) I can't believe those pics were taken so long ago now. Hope your week is wonderful!

  9. Your boys are so handsome, Lisa! I bet they grew to be such handsome young men. So sweet of your oldest to cook for you. Dinner looks delicious!

  10. Those photos are adorable! Isn't it amazing how time flies? I love seeing the little ones at Halloween ~ just so cute! Both boys appear to be great cooks ~ that's awesome isn't it?

    P.S. I find Pumpkin & Apple Butter at Farmer's Markets...might check there.

  11. Your boys were (and still are, I'm sure) so cute! I adore the Dalmation with the paci (we called them binkies) & such a cute little pumpkin hugger! We always went to the same farm each year for pumpkins when our kiddos were little. We lived in Oregon at the time, so we had to bundle up and wear boots, because it was usually raining and the fields were muddy! Still fun! Gotta love it when boys cook (or girls) -- you never know what it might lead to!


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