Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cotton Stems and Last Minute Halloween Decor

Hi everyone! Have y'all been to Michael's lately? I love all their new stuff. I saw these cotton stems there a few weeks ago, but I was in a hurry and didn't get them. I finally made it back recently and they only had three stems left! I ended up bringing two back home with me.  

cotton stems from michael's

Aren't they pretty? Now I just need y'all to tell me what to do with them. :) The only thing I can think of is to put them in a vase or something. See that crown sign above? I also picked that up at Michael's for .60 cents!! Not sure what I'm going to do with it either, but couldn't pass it up at that price. Oh, I also picked up those disposable travel coffee/tea cups with lids at Target's dollar spot. They came in a 4 pack for just $1! 

So, when I first brought out my Fall/Halloween decor, there were a lot of things that didn't make the cut this year. Then I started feeling sorry for them, so I brought them out at the last minute. Lol!

Love this "Boo!" sign and those cute Halloween boxes, and who can resist a glittery pumpkin? 

These have brought a smile to my face these last couple of days. Love the topiary style pumpkins on the right... 

metal pumpkin topiary

Oh, one more thing...Did y'all see these burlap table runners in the Walmart ad this weekend for $5.97?? That seems like a really good price and they're one foot wide by ten feet long! I haven't seen them in person yet, so y'all let me know if you get a look at them. 

burlap table runner

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!



  1. I'm heading to Michael's in the morning and I'm hoping mine has cotton stems! I want to make a wreath for the front door.

  2. I HAVE to get my butt over to Michaels. Ours moved to a new, larger location and I have not been there yet. I like all the cute things you let out of the box because you felt sorry for them. They are all cute! lol I didn't put all my stuff out this year either but I don't feel sorry for it (yet). lol

    Hope you have a great Sunday night- xo Diana

  3. I have been loving the cotton stems lately as well. I have seen many bloggers use them in their decorating. A wreath is a great idea!!

    Have a wonderfully blessed week...

    1. I do like the idea of a wreath. It would be perfect for this time of year. :) I may have to see if my Michael's ever got any more in stock. Hope you have a great week, Sherri!

  4. I think your cotton stems would look lovely in a vase! And I can't believe the price for those burlap runners! What a steal Have a great week friend!

  5. You found some wonderful goodies!!! I have seen the cotton stems before but like you I always wondered what I would do with them? The little coffee cups are super cute and will be really handy too. I can't believe those burlap runners are so long, that is a great price!!!!!! Can't wait to see how you use all your great finds :o)

  6. Lisa,
    Love all your finds at Michaels. I always give gift cards for Starbucks at Christmas time so I am heading over to Target to see if mine has those cute cups. I think they would be a cute gift card holder for the gift cards. Some paper shreds and tie them off with cute ribbon in a plastic bag would be so cute. Love that you can get 4 for $1.

  7. I like Michaels too. It's fun to pop in there and see what you can find. They have more than just crafts. I like the cotton stems you found. There were lots of those at the Country Living Fair this past weekend too. Those burlap runners look like they are a good deal. I haven't seen them in person either. Hobby Lobby, btw, sells them too. They're in the wedding section (of all places). You might check that out too.

  8. I saw those cotton stems last week at Michael's, too! I wasn't sure how to use them either! lol! Maybe you can do a "search" on Pinterest?

    Neat Halloween decorations. To think it's in 4 days. I was thinking of picking up a few fresh pumpkins today, mine are looking a wee scary! Ha!

    Jane xx

  9. Lisa, you found some great items. Love the cotton stems. You can put them in a vase or maybe add them to a wreath. Very pretty. Now I am curious about those burlap runners. You can even make them for that price. Enjoy your Monday! Maria

  10. Great buys! My daughter works for Michael's at the Corporate office. You have some great fall decor my friend.


  11. I love the look of the cotton stems and wreaths! I can't wait to see what you create with them! Great finds, Lisa!

    1. Thanks, Janine! I'm thinking I may incorporate them into my Christmas decor now. :) I can't wait to bring out all the Christmas stuff!

  12. Maybe you could make a wreath with your cotton stems. Many years ago I lived across from a cotton field. I never thought to decorate with them. So clever!


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