Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Fall Changes

So, y'all didn't think I'd leave my Fall decor the same until Thanksgiving, did you? :) Shortly after I took my "Fall Decor" pics, I switched things up again. 

Here's my dough bowl that I brought back out on the kitchen table. I decided to decorate her for Fall. And yes...it's a "she." :)

Here's what I had on the table before. It's the same thing I have on my dining room table. I liked the hurricane glass with the candle, but I wanted something different in the kitchen.

I really missed having my dough bowl on the table, so I brought it back out. Here, I'm deciding which fall ribbon to use. 

Here are a few more pics. I just added some pine cones, fall ribbon curls, and the pumpkins that were already on the table.

I'm so much happier with the dough bowl back on the table. I really missed her. :)

I also made a few changes to a wire pumpkin that was on the buffet in my kitchen. Here's a before pic:

I got the pumpkin at Hob Lob a few years ago and it has always bothered me that it was such a dark color. It kind of blended right in with my dark brown buffet.

I just taped off the leaves and painted it Heirloom White. 

Here are a few "after" pics.

These pumpkins came in a bag (there were 7 of them) at HEB for only $4.99!

I think the white looks much better. You can really see the pumpkin now. 

I also painted a candle holder that was in my bedroom. Here's a before pic:

Again, this just really blended in with my table. BTW...this is a cell phone pic, so it's not great and I don't know why it looks like my table is covered in dust. I promise it's not that dusty. :)

Here it is after I painted on some watered down white acrylic paint. Again with the "dusty look." Don't know what's causing that. Sorry. :)

Now you can see it a lot better. Well, I guess that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and check back Friday when I'll share how we made our streaky shower door like new again for only $4. :)


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  1. Totally agree on all those things you painted -- they look awesome and show up so much better! That wire pumpkin is so cute. I really like your dough bowl.

  2. I really like how you used your dough bowl and filled it with goodies on your table. I have one that I like to use every now and then too. They are so useful. I also like the items you painted white. They definitely stand out better now. Today has been a much better day for me so I can finally surf blogs and get reconnected with what I enjoy. Spent last night eating dinner with my mom and step dad and my youngest son. Had a wonderful time. Received my one phone call from my son at boot camp last night (that was just him letting me know he got there safely and we couldn't coverse back and forth). But, it was a breath of fresh air just to hear his voice and know he was there and getting started with what he has been wanting to do. I'm trying to keep busy so I don't have an "idle mind". My youngest son gets home early every day this week for early release and I'm happy about that. My "alone" time will be far less now. I really appreciate the support you've given me during this difficult time.

  3. Great changes, Lisa! The vignettes look so pretty! Love the wire pumpkin and no wonder you missed the dough bowl, it loos beautiful on your table!

  4. It's funny how we get attached to certain things and really miss in the old spot when we switch to a new one. Happens to me all of the time. Love that dough bowl and you did such a great job decorating it.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. Isn't paint wonderful? I see things that I wonder "why" I've left as is for so long. I really don't have a space here to do much spray painting but have to correct that! :) Love the plaid ribbon you chose and everything looks beautiful!



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