Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Website For Help With Math Homework

With school being back in full swing, I wanted to share a very helpful website with you. I don't know about y'all, but math is not my best subject. Once my kids got into Junior High, I wasn't much help with their math homework. :) I found out about this website a few years ago and it's saved us many times. 

Here's a link to the website: Webmath

It's one of the most helpful websites I've ever used in my's that good! Here's how it works. You just go to the website and there are tabs at the top for you to choose from depending on what you're having trouble with. You can choose from things like General Math, K-8, Algebra, Plots and Geometry, Trig and Calculus, etc.

There's also a "quick jump to math help" drop down menu. 

For instance, lets say you're having trouble with converting an improper fraction to a mixed number. All you do is click on the "quick jump to math help" drop down menu and scroll down (they're alphabetized) to "fractions, converting." This will take you to a page where you input the specific numbers to your problem. Then you just hit the "convert it" button and it shows you step by step how to achieve the answer! Brilliant! 

We've frequented this website a lot in the last few years and it's so nice to have things explained to you in a step by step manner. Hope it helps some of you too. :)

Y'all know I can't post without a pic, so here's Holly cat studying her math. :)

She's a silly girl!

One more thing...those of you that follow me on Instagram have already seen this, but I'm feeling very thankful this morning. You see, the pic below was taken by my hubby while he and my oldest son were at the Grand Prix Of Houston yesterday. You may have heard that an Indy car driven by Dario Franchitti crashed into the fence and sent debris, car parts, and this part of the fence into the stands. My hubby and son were seated about 50 feet from where the fence gave way. So very thankful they are both okay. Dario is  still in the hospital, but is expected to be okay. About a dozen fans were also injured. 

The arrow is pointing to the part of the safety fence that flew into the crowd. 

Hope y'all have a great week!



  1. I can definitely relate to struggling with math homework. My youngest is in 6th grade now and he is working on some of the very things you gave an example of! I have long forgotten how to do many of these math problems by now. Thanks for the link! I will give it a try. I've had to write notes on my son's homework before telling his teacher he needs more help with it! So glad to hear that your husband and son didn't get injured at that race. I heard about it on the news this morning.

  2. The Indy car crash was unbelievable, wasn't it. I'm glad to hear that your son and husband are alright. God is good!

  3. Thanks so much for the link to the math help. Luckily my son has my daughter and husband to help him because I am so lost. Glad your hubby and son are well.


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