Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Instagram Pics and Daily Life

Hi y'all! I thought I'd share a few Instagram pics today. (you can follow me @texasdecor) I know I don't get really personal on the blog, but for some reason, I tend to get a little more personal on Instagram. I don't know why that is...maybe because Instagram is so instant that I don't take the time to fret over each and every picture. I kind of just take a pic and post it. I love how easy and quick it is.  I know everyone isn't on Instagram, so from time to time, I like to share what I've posted about. :)

So here's a little of my life lately in Instagram pics:

Yep, this is me. :) I got these earrings at Charming Charlie. I love them! They came in a set with a matching necklace for around $10. They remind me of the ball that drops on New Years Eve.

I love, love, love these huggable hangers! Target has them on sale right now. You get a 10 pack for $7. They're covered with a velvety material and it really keeps your clothes from falling off the hangers. My shirts were always falling off and the collars were always getting stretched out on plastic hangers, so I switched to these and I absolutely love them. I'll never buy another kind of hanger again. :)

We started this little project this weekend. I'll blog about it when it's complete, but let me just say those pavers weigh 17.5 lbs. each and boy, were we sore the next day after installing them. 

This is what started the whole patio makeover...I ordered this Navarre rug (in green) from Ballard Designs. It was originally $89 on sale for $49, and they sent me a 15% off coupon, so I got it for only $42! They still have some great sales going on if you're interested. 

Someone celebrated her first birthday...

We recently cleaned out our garage (we're still in the process of organizing it) and I found my old Barbie case (circa 1976) with a few of my Barbies inside. :) My mom had given it to me when she moved from my childhood home years ago, but I just stuck it on a shelf in my garage and never even opened it until now. 
barbie doll trunk

Here's my Bionic Woman. See the bionic components in her right arm? 
jamie summers doll

This was an interesting one...her hair could be blonde or brunette with a simple twist of her scalp. LOL!

Looks like Jamie Summers might have a broken ankle. :)

I can't believe I still had all these clothes and accessories. Notice how the yellow purse still has the fake money inside. Ha!

I found these thin long sleeve shirts at Walmart the other day. I love a thin long sleeve shirt. It just doesn't get cold enough here for heavy sweater-like material. These were only $10. 

Well, that's about it for now. Thanks for going down memory lane with me. :) Hope this week brings wonderful things to you!


  1. You look so pretty! It's nice to see at least "part" of you! LOL! I know I don't post selfies too much either. Those pavers look like they were a lot of work. I bet your back patio is looking good though! It was fun going back in time with your Barbie collection. I was a HUGE Barbie fan when I was young. I loved playing with them and collecting all their accessories. I don't have any of my old stuff anymore. Wish I did! You're lucky to still have yours. Too bad you didn't have any girls to pass them down to.

  2. You look so pretty, love your hair! You need to post a full one. I should talk! I can have 1000 pictures of myself and only find one I like! We are getting the new IPhone next month and I will have to learn how to do instagram, it sounds like fun.

    I can't believe your old Barbie stuff!! It must have been so neat to go through all of that and remember those good times. I never really played with Barbie's much, I would get so frustrated trying to get those itty bitty clothes on them. I was more of a baby doll girl!

    I love your new tops. I have my fall basics and now I'm wanting a few casual sweaters. The weather is in the 30's so I keep thinking about that!!


  3. I love the peek of you patio! I wish it didn't get cold enough here for sweaters!!


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