Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PW Pieces at Walmart, The Perfect Bun and Hunter Boot Buffer

One of my favorites to follow on Instagram is "Whoa Wait Walmart." Bethany and Amanda are rockstars at finding little gems at Walmart. They're so good at letting us know about unadvertised specials, etc. Be sure to follow them @whoawaitwalmart. They recently shared these little goodies...

They're by The Pioneer Woman and run around $4 to $5 each.

I immediately ran to Walmart to scoop some up. I have an affinity for anything hobnail/milkglass and these were just perfect. 

They're sold in stores and online. Here's the one I got...

No, I don't still have Christmas decor up, these pics were taken weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to sharing them. :) 

Love the detail!

Okay, do any of you have Hunter boots? I finally got a pair of my own a couple of years ago (on sale 40% off, of course) But after awhile, they start getting this white chalky stuff on them...

It's called "blooming" and happens because rubber is a natural product and in certain conditions, insoluble particles rise to the top, causing the white powdery marks. Look at me sounding all scientific! Ha ha! I got that info. straight from the Hunter website. ;) 

I knew when I bought my Hunters, I should have also bought the rubber buffer, but I didn't. So when this started happening, I ordered some from Nordstrom (the same place I ordered the boots) Nordstrom has free shipping and free return shipping, by the way. 

Nordstrom Hunter Rubber Buffer $14

And look at the difference after using it...

Nice and shiny again. 

Okay, one more thing to share. I saw this the other day and it looked so neat...

The Perfect Bun $4.92 at Walmart 

Here's the directions on the box...

And here it is. It's just a piece of foam with an opening for your ponytail. After putting your hair into a ponytail, you pull the pony through the opening and run the bun maker to the ends of the pony. Then roll it up and secure it by bending the ends around your hair tie. 

It comes in this dark color for brunettes and a lighter color for blondes. It worked really well on my hair, but I forgot to take a pic. And as it happens, I just got my hair cut a little shorter (just past my shoulders) so now it doesn't work as well, hence no new pic. But trust me, it works great on longer hair. :)  I've since decided I don't like my hair shorter and am growing it back out.

 Which brings me to a hair question...I'm still working on the right length bangs. I think the first time I didn't get enough cut off (they were perfect, but I felt like I needed them trimmed again after only a few weeks) and this last time, I got too much cut off and they're too short. Ugh. I LOVE long bangs, but then I seem to need them trimmed every 4 weeks or so, but the rest of my hair can go twice that long between trims. So, my question is, do any of you get just your bangs trimmed in between regular haircuts? Is that weird to do? I'm thinking maybe I need to get my bangs trimmed every 4 weeks, then every 8 weeks get a regular (whole hair) cut. But that means I need to find time to be at the salon every 4 weeks. Let me know if you have any suggestions. :)  



  1. Love the hobnail. And, good to know about the rubber buffer. I just got my first pair of Hunters for Christmas (I have several other brands) and my girls have them too.
    And yes, when I had bangs (mine are now long) I would get bang trims in-between cuts. A free service at my salon.

  2. My mom loved milk glass and I used to have several pieces of it that belonged to her. Don't you love the Hunter boots--and the color selection is amazing!
    I trim my own bangs between haircuts...they are not perfect but it works for me. I did buy a good pair of hair scissors to do it. I don't like short bangs either. xo Diana

  3. Cool find at WalMart and I love the way you share money saving ideas too.:)

  4. Great post, Lisa! I have the same problem with my hair, so I cut my bangs myself about every three weeks and get my hair cut every six. I love the milk glass you bought. Very pretty!

  5. I follow Whoa Wait but somehow missed the milk glass. I can't wait to go check it out! Thanks!

  6. I didnt see the pretty white ones with the Pioneer Woman in our wal mart but will try again this week and next, they are so pretty! Back in the 90's they sold this nearly identical hair thing, it was called a "Hair-dini" and you could only get it by mail order I think. I loved it wore it almost daily. About ten years later our daughter was a majorette and they used these for performances and competitions, they worked great then too and stay really well if you bobby pin them well. Many twirlers even put small hairnets OVER THE finished bun to make sure it stayed. (the net didn't show unless you were close up on them)--and also in dance class and competitions they used these so----a great product for sure I do agree with you. I love your boots! you should post some pictures of you wearing them!

  7. Beautiful glassware! Not at all weird to just go in for bang trimming between haircuts. I have a super short cut and at times have just my neckline trimmed between full cuts. Have tried trimming my own bangs but I end up with a real blunt look (and usually uneven - LOL) rather than the wispy ones my stylist does. Nice boots!!

  8. Lisa you are so cute to show us these wonderful finds. Love those Pioneer Women pieces.
    Great info on the Hunter Boots. I do not have Hunter boots but faux Hunters that are doing that exact thing so I will have to get some of that Rubber buffer for mine. Have a great weekend.

  9. The white bowl is so beautiful!!

  10. I started following that Whoa Walmart site and love it. I'm glad you let me know about it. I love that bun maker! I wear my hair up quite a bit since it's long and I don't like it in my face.

  11. Milk glass...gorgeous! Yes, I have bangs and they are a pain. I do go in between, or I (shhh) cut them myself! They never make it the full time between cuts.

  12. The milk glass is so beautiful! My late sister had quite a collection.

    Thanks for the tips on the Hunter boots...I have a few pairs and my daughters do, too.

    I wore bangs for years and years. My hair girl would trim them for $5 without an appointment. Thne I learned to just pull them up, twist them and then cut. Not perfect but I loved the shaggy look with my layered hair. Good luck!

  13. The milk glass is beautiful!your home is always so neat and cozy looking:) I heard a tip to buff a bit of cooking oil on Hunter's and it worked for me. I also find my bangs needing a trim- I found a video where you twist and pull your bags to the opposite side that you wear them and point cut (not a blunt cut) the ends for a wispy side-swept bang. I just love your blog for all the tips and bits of that bun thing!!!:)

    1. Thanks, Jen! I heard about the cooking oil trick and may try it when I run out of the rubber buffer. Good to know it actually works. So many of y'all have mentioned the twisty way to cut your own bangs that I'll have to google it. Thanks!

  14. I so enjoy your "random" posts, Lisa....always such good info! I love that milk glass candy dish. It's going to be so cute filled with Valentine candy....I vote for chocolate!

    Warm hugs,


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