Monday, January 30, 2017

A Few Things To Share

Hello there! Just popping in to share a few things with you today. 

I came across this Suave avocado + olive oil shampoo and conditioner the other day and HAD to give it a try. I'll pretty much try anything that says it gets rid of frizzy hair. Ha! As it turns out, this stuff is really good! It did make my naturally curly hair smoother and as a plus, I love the scent. They also make a leave in conditioner, but I have yet to find it. When I do, I'll let you know if I like it. 

And just so you know, I use it in conjunction with this...

And while we're on the subject of hair, did you see THIS hair tutorial by our friends at Whoa Wait Walmart? Life changing, ya'll. I'm SO not kidding. I now use this method with a curling iron and it works wonderfully! This REALLY helps to smooth out my curls from top to bottom. You're welcome. :)

A long time ago when I shared my Beauty Blender makeup sponge, several of you recommended the off brands (that were a lot cheaper) and said they worked just as well. I'm here to tell ya, mine was finally needing to be replaced, so I listened and y'all were right! I bought this one below for about $5 at Walmart and it works just as well as my $25 Beauty Blender. 

So glad I discovered blending sponges. Good stuff!

I shared this a while back on IG, but it's worth sharing here too...Someone was SO mad we took the Christmas tree down, she continues to sit in the exact spot where it stood. She still goes over there from time to time just to glare at me. Lol.

And since the kitchen was sparkling clean, I had to take a pic...

Still enjoying my regular decor, but getting ready to add a few Valentine goodies to that mantel soon...

Y'all have a great day!



  1. LOL about Holly and the Christmas tree! Our cat loved our tree too. I am looking forward to trying the hair products you've reccomended!

  2. Lisa, I see your profile photo and your hair is pretty then, nice and shiny. I laughed about your cat, how funny is that? Cat are strange creatures at times. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  3. Our Cairn's bed in the library is by the window where we put our vintage tree. She loves laying on the tree skirt when it's up! I bought a set of beauty blenders by the same company for my girls at Christmas, and they love them.

  4. Love your hair. Mine is naturally curly but I straighten it. I knew a guy that works in a salon and he said that Suave products were as good as many of the ones used in salons.
    Have a great rest of the week- xo Diana
    ps-Love the cat holding its spot.....

  5. Thanks for the great tips Lisa, will be looking for that sponge at Walmart. Hope you're enjoying our summer weather!

  6. Holly is so funny that she still misses the tree so much!

  7. I will have to go watch that video from Whoa Walmart! I deal with frizz issues too. Your cat is so funny! Maybe you should get a plant to put over there now. Ha Ha!

  8. I wish my hair was curly- we always long for what we don't have...ha!!! Love the cat pic..I'm missing the tree too;) I have a request...your kitchen and home always look so clean and inviting..would you do a post on cleaning products you like, when/how you clean...I think things like that are so interesting and helpful:)

    1. I'd love to do a post on cleaning products, etc.! I'm one of those weirdos who loves to clean and try new cleaning products. Ha! In fact, I just cleaned that little window in my oven door (which was terrible and never would have made an appearance on the blog - lol!) anyway, I found something that worked like a charm and is (I think) chemical free. I'll be sure to include it in my post. Coming soon! Thanks for the idea, Jen! xoxo

  9. I've been using Suave Humectant for years. I love it and the smell. I am sure that the other "flavors" are equally as good. Isn't it fun to find something new?

  10. I'll definitely try the shampoo and conditioner...I think we have the same type of hair. I also love to ave a few pennies!

    Holly makes me smile, Lisa. We had a little spot where we had taken the furniture out to be reupholstered. Milo couldn't figure out where his favorite furniture to curl up on went. He'd lie in that empty spot!! It's now back and he's a happy pup!

    Jane x

  11. Great tips, Lisa! I bought the anti-frizz cream a while back and I love it. Love the video from Whoa Wait. My hair is too short but I am passing it to my daughter. She will love to learn a new technique. Thanks for sharing. xxx Maria

  12. I've actually been using that technique on my short, curly hair, but with a small-barrel curling iron. I've been using WEN Cleansing Conditioner for about 3 years now, and only need to cleanse my hair a couple of times a week. The WEN products are quite spendy, but I don't have to use much for my short hair. I did read about a copy-cat called Hair One Sweet Almond Oil Cleansing Conditioner that's available at Sally's and plan to try that. These cleansing conditioners are a bit hard to get use to because they don't foam up like shampoo; but they also don't strip the natural oils from your hair. I'm anxious to try Hair One.

    BTW, you should have been the one doing that are much prettier and your hair is gorgeous....hers, not so much! Just saying!

    Warm hugs,

  13. Love these posts, Lisa! And I am lol at Holly!! You might have to put a faux tree there for her!! ;) Can't wait to see how you cleaned the glass in your oven door (ours is embarrassing!!)

    1. Thanks, Kendra! That Holly sure is something. :) I'll have the cleaning post up soon and I can't wait to share what I used on my oven door! Stay tuned...

  14. Too funny... The kitty is truly a kid... I can see my little ones [when they were little] hating to see the tree

    Love Christmas and the other holidays...but it is so refreshing to get the house decor back to normal, isn't it? I don't normally do Valentines day..[I am shocked , since I love red and have so much red in my house? uuumh... must think about a few]
    Love your kitchen, I love the view of the windows/door in the background..So light and airy. And of course I LOVE the little legs [since I copied you and did the same.ha]
    I love that you share the hair /makeup tips.. I bought the Suave Morrocian brand ,after you told about it.. Have used it ever since..It is heavenly.. Works great for my frizzy hair and smells devine. thanks.
    Looking forward to the cleaning tips and types of cleaners post.. I too, love to clean and try new products..

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