Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Funny Little Story About a Cougar...

Right before my son graduated from college, we were at the campus bookstore and I decided I needed to show my school spirit by purchasing a few more UH items.

This UH Mom mug is perfect...

Those Kolache Rolf's kolaches are pretty prefect too, by the way. ;) 

 I also wanted to get a UH shirt, so I browsed the campus bookstore looking for one that said "UH Mom" or something similar. I found one that said "Cougar Mom" and that was perfect because the cougar is their mascot. I scooped it up and brought it home. Well, it wasn't until I put it on and looked in the mirror that I realized it indeed said "COUGAR MOM." 

Oh my...

I just had to laugh! Guess this will be an "inside the house only" shirt. ;) 

I've been getting some emails about my kitchen hutch lately and wanted to mention in case anyone else is wondering that it's from World Market. 

Here's a quick tip if you have a cat. Holly is forever wanting to sleep on my WHITE comforter. As you know, she has dark grey fur, so I'm always having to use a lint roller. Well, the other day, I realized how cats always want to sit on something. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a piece of newspaper, a towel, or a game board, they always want to plop down on it, no matter where it is. So I tried putting this throw at the foot of the bed and guess what? Holly now jumps right on it and doesn't bother any other part of the comforter. 

Thank goodness for not having to clean the comforter on a daily basis. I can just pop this throw in the wash and be done with it. 

I've shared pics of my bathroom before, but for some reason, the lighting was pretty good the other day, so I snapped a few pics...

Do y'all decorate the water closet? Or "potty room" as we call it. :) It may seem weird, but why not make this little room pretty too?  

I guess that's all for now. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Too funny about the shirt. There are a couple of school's mascots that I question putting on a woman's chest (think SC, TCU).
    It's funny you should mention your "water" closet. The one thing I feel our master bath needs is art. Blank walls since we last painted.

  2. Ha! I just laughed out loud at your cougar mom shirt! That is way too funny. Several years ago, no one would've thought about it, today, totally different story. Isn't it funny how words and their meanings change over the years? And your "potty room" is the size of my entire master bath...ah the joys of cottage living! ;)

  3. That is too funny about the shirt! I've done that before...bought a shirt only to get home to realize the meaning wasn't exactly like I thought it was when I bought it! :-) Love your bedroom and bathroom!!

  4. Had to laugh at your shirt.. I thought that only happened to
    Your bathroom is so pretty... Yep, like to decorate the potty room too.. Mine is small but It still gets pictures and pretty things..
    Have a great day.

  5. Too funny Lisa about the shirt!!! Your bathroom is so pretty and I love that you decorate your "water closet". Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Yep- I decorate our 'water closet', too. lol It's in our blood, I think, that if there is an 'area' it needs decorating. lol
    Love the cougar mom shirt. You really HAVE to wear that grocery shopping or out. Make sure you go with your son so they think HE is your boyfriend. lol That ought to be good for a laugh or two. xo Diana

  7. Love the funny shirt! ;) your home is so appealing, clean and neat! It always inspires me:)

    1. Aww...thanks, Jen! Your comments always make me smile! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  8. Too funny, Lisa!! During a recent conversation our kids discovered what a cougar was and now it's something we always joke about! So I had to laugh at this!! Always love that hutch... how I wish I had room for one! I'm thinking a really skinny one would work so I'm on the lookout! Have a wonderful week, friend!

    1. It's so funny when kids make the connection and realize what the adults are laughing about! That's too funny! Enjoy your week, friend!

  9. That is funny about the sweatshirt and mug. I like them!!

    I don't know much about kitties but it looks like you found the answer to your problem. Milo likes his dog bed and 8 lb. Layla sleeps with us. During the day they have their fave chairs and I just keep easy to wash blankets on them. I never had the heart to tell them to get off the furniture! They're family!!

    Jane x

  10. You go, Cougar Mom! That is too funny! Speaking of cats (heehee), does Holly like plastic bags? Abby turns a shopping bag into a party....she will meow at me when I'm emptying a bag and immediately goes into kitty-antics the minute I drop it on the floor. She usually gets inside first and makes it move around the floor, then she turns it into a slip 'n slide as she runs across the floor and jumps on it! It is hysterical!

    Yes, I decorate the "potty" room! As you get older (don't you love hearing that?) and spend more time in this little room, it is even more important to have it be as comfy as possible!

    Warm hugs,


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