Monday, January 16, 2017

After Five Tries, I Finally Found the Perfect Boot

Remember when I asked y'all about boots a long time ago? Well, I finally found some after looking for a loooong time. This is the story of my great boot debacle...

And just so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see them, here they are...

That's my $9 puffer vest from Walmart. :) Actually, the tee is also from Walmart ($4) as well as the leggings ($7) and the boot cuffs ($6) Ha! 

First off, I'm apparently very picky when it comes to boots. I wanted a plain brown pair of "cowboy-type" boots. I wanted a plain one inch-ish square heel and I didn't want any embellishments, laces, buckles, etc. A plain boot is hard to come by, y'all. :) 

At first I tried to find a pair locally, but none of the stores in my area had anything I liked. So off to the internet I went...

First up is a pair I ordered from JC Penney. When they arrived, they didn't fit and were totally uncomfortable. So I returned them.

Next up, I ordered a pair from Sears. They accidentally sent a "wide calf" version and it was so big I could fit my whole forearm down the shaft. Ugh. I didn't trust them to send the right pair, so I returned them and didn't re order. 

Next up, I ordered a pair from Kohls. They were exactly what I was looking for. Plain...check, brown...check, no buckles...check, low heel...check. They were even on sale! They were regularly $100, on sale for $50 (after my coupons and Kohl's cash discounts, they were only $37)

Since they were "online only" I had to wait for them to arrive by mail. When they came, disappointment quickly set in when I discovered they were too small. Sigh.

So, back they went and I ordered another pair in a wide width, thinking that would take care of it. Again, after anxiously awaiting their arrival, disappointment quickly set in when they still didn't fit right. 

Let me say here that one thing I love about these boots is that you can order them in "wide width" WITHOUT it being "wide calf" too. You can get them in wide width AND wide calf, but don't have to. I love that you can do either/or or both. 
It was about this point that I started thinking maybe I'm just used to wearing flip flops and these boots aren't really too small, but I'm just used to wearing "open flip flops" and not used to having the tops and sides of my feet covered. Ha!

Since I wasn't quite ready to give up, I went online to order yet another pair, only now...the price was back up to $100! My hubby tried to get me to just order them anyway. "A lot of work goes into making a pair of boots" he said. "$100 isn't really high for a nice pair of boots" he said. 

I knew he was right, but my point was that I knew they were capable of lowering the price to $50 like they did before. And I just couldn't pay $100 when I knew they'd probably go back down again.

So for two loooong weeks, I waited it out. The first thing I did every morning after turning my phone on, was to check the Kohl's website to see if they were on sale yet. Days ticked by. Weeks even. Then one glorious sunshine filled day...velvet ropes were parted, angels sang and...THEY WERE ON SALE FOR $50 AGAIN!!!!

I hit the "buy" button faster than you can say Visa. :) 

This time, I got smart and ordered two pair of boots (one in medium width and one in wide) They both arrived the same day and...miraculously, one of them fit!!!

If you're still reading this way too long post, here are my new boots...

Love how they're just plain brown boots. Just what I wanted. 

And check out that little piece of sweater like fabric at the back. So comfy!

xandy riding boots

Here are the boot cuffs I showed in the pic at the top. This set came with the cuffs, and two pair of boot socks, one brown and one cream. I think the whole thing was about $6. 

I LOVE them! 

Here is a link to the boots at Kohls:

Kohl's Lifestride Xandy Riding Boot

They also come in gray and black. 

Whew! That was a long post, but I wanted to share the link in case there's anyone as picky as me out there looking for a plain ol' boot. :) 



  1. Oh- I love the looks of those, Lisa. I have a similar pair in black and have worn them for almost two years and they still look/feel like new. Nothing like a comfortable pair of boots/shoes. I refuse to wear ones that are uncomfortable anymore. I wore high heels every day of life for 35 years--no more--no more--no more! Hope you have a great week-Now get out there -"Those boots are made for walkin'...and that's just what I'll do....(Nancy Sinatra sang it so nicely). lol xo Diana

  2. You're such a great shopper. I have a new black pair that I got for Christmas but I'm inclined to save them for special outfits. I'd like a basic black pair to wear all the time with jeans. Off to take a look. ;)

  3. I love Kohl's too. I have several in my area so I go in person though. My boots actually came from there too! Your sweater cuffs are so cute as well. I never buy shoes online because I'm so difficult to fit. I'm one of those who will try on about a million pairs before deciding. The first ones that feel good on my feet, I get! And even still, after wearing them around for hours, my feet will start screaming to take them off! Ugh! That probably explains why my favorite shoes are tennisshoes and flip flops! I go barefoot around the house most of the time. So glad that you found a nice looking pair of boots that didn't break the bank!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Your boots are adorable and I love the sweater cuff. I would buy another pair just to put away for when these wear out. When I find a pair of shoes or boots that fit and are comfy I always get an extra pair to put away. I have learned that once something feels so good and I go back to find another pair later in time they are sold out or no longer made. Just a thought. I am going to check these out in the black. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lisa, they are beautiful! I am glad you found the ones you were looking for. I was laughing at what you said about not wanting to pay the $100 when just a few days before they were $50. I am the same way!!! LOL You don't know how many times I have done that and my husband always tells me to just get the item, but, the way I see it, it is the principal of the thing. :) Enjoy your new boots before flip-flop weather comes back. xxx Maria

  6. I love these!! I can walk all day in a short heel like that. Good for you in waiting for the sale. That happened to me last year when I wanted a parka at Kohl's. It was $200 and then slowly went down to $69!!

    I'm pretty good about finding boots I like in the stores. I run between a 7 and 7 1/2 so I really need to try them on. Love your outfit, too!


  7. Gorgeous and they look great on you. I am the same way about in general, I suppose. It's hard to find a good fit. Worth the wait for sure and ps, I would've waited for the sale, too! ;)

  8. Love those boots! And just love that you got the smart! That Walmart outfit was so cute! And the boot cuffs...what a deal! Love this post.

    1. Thanks, Jen! So happy I waited it out and got the good deal. :)


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