Monday, August 6, 2018

This and That

Just another round of this and that around here. :) 

I posted this deal on IG a while back, but I think there are still a few left, so I wanted to post here too. These tobacco baskets are only $4 at Hobby Lobby!

inexpensive tobacco basket

And the small dough bowl on top is only $20! 

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I kept seeing ads for this pet grooming glove, so I bought one. And you know what? It works like a charm! 

It's a two pack of gloves (right and left handed) and you just put them on and pet your cat or dog (or really any furry creature, I assume) They will love it because those little nubs feel like a massage and you're grooming them (and removing a ton of hair) at the same time!

Then the hair just peels right off in one motion! Mine like this better than a brush and it really cuts down on the amount of pet hair in the house. 

Look at all of Finny's fur! And this is just from about two minutes of petting with the glove. 

My ever cautious Holly wasn't a fan at first, but quickly warmed up to it. Look at her little fur ball I collected...

The one I got is called the Delomo Pet Grooming Glove. It was about $12 on Amazon...

Just look at all those reviews! And FYI, when I bought it, it was only $7, but you know Amazon...if you wait around, the price usually goes up. Sigh...

Do any of you remember these...

Oh man! Talk about memory lane! The drive thru Fotomat. For you young things, we used to actually put film in our cameras (yes, a roll of film) take the allotted 24 pics, then drop the roll off at one of these places, then pick it up a few days later. Yep, we had to wait DAYS to see how our pics turned out. No digital cameras with immediate results. We had to take a blind pic, then hope it turned out. The horror! Lol! BTW, you might want to follow @jollyholidayjill on IG if you like to see nostalgic pics. She'll take you down memory lane on a daily basis. 

Now, I know y'all are following @whoawaitwalmart on Instagram, right? Because I told you to do that a long time ago, so I'm sure you listened, right? I'm just teasing you, but seriously, they post such great deals! Just like this CUTE gingham dress...

At less than $15, I bought it in three colors...gingham, olive and black. It's by Time and Tru and is very good quality and so comfy! I haven't worn a dress in a long time, but I'm looking forward to wearing these. I the last one on the planet to discover slip shorts? Probably. :) If you don't know what I'm talking about, these are slip shorts...

what to wear under short dresses

Just like a slip, but in shorts form. I think these are the ones I got in nude and black. They were only about $6 at Walmart. I usually don't like wearing dresses because I'm always paranoid I'll put on an unintentional show when the wind blows my way, if you know what I mean. ;) But it's amazing the confidence I have when wearing these. I'm not constantly checking to see if my skirt has blown up. Ha! Even if it did, it's just like my "shorts" would be showing, so no big deal, right? 

I often wonder how I'm the age I am and I didn't know about these things until now. Some of you may remember my post when I discovered Nude colored bras and undies and how they're perfect for wearing under light colored clothing. Up until recently, I always tried to wear a white bra with a white shirt. Nope...never worked. But the skin colored ones, yes! Why didn't anyone ever tell me that? Hmph. Any fashion advice you want to share? It'll probably be news to me, so share away! :) 

As usual, this post is all over the place, but I got a lot of responses when I posted this on IG. A lot of people weren't aware that HEB exclusively sells this Luby's fried fish in the frozen section. FYI, they also sell Luby's mac n cheese. And they taste just like the ones at the restaurant! 

Luby's fish sold exclusively at HEB

Sorry if you're not local, as this is only sold at HEB. But I know a lot of Texans read my blog, so I wanted to share. :) 

And let's end on a sweet note, shall we? I made my first ever pineapple upside down cake the other day...

pineapple upside down cake

So good! 

Here's my "recipe"...

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much from a boxed mix, but it was truly delicious! 

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Ok, I am now sold on those gloves. Kylee hates the brush (and don't even try and get near her with the furminator). And Henley, well let's just say...he's GOLDEN!
    And, that cute gingham dress. Where have I been. And, I had no idea about those slip shorts. Ha, my youngest calls those her volleyball shorts ;-)
    The cake looks delicious. Perfect for summer.

  2. I have always wanted a dough bowl so I think I'll go try to find one of those inexpensive ones.

    The pineapple upside down cake looks so good! I'll let you in on a mom made it in a cast iron pan and the texture comes out just amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness, that dough bowl!! I have not seen them for that kind of low price. I actually have one, but now I want more!!

  4. I love the fotomat picture! I had no idea there were slip shorts either, thank you for enlightening me. Your cake looks so yummy. Have a wonderful day and stay cool!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I got those gloves for my mom and her new cat. She said her cat loves it and they work great. Wow I need to get to Hobby Lobby. Now after seeing that upside down cake I need to make one. That is one of my favorite cakes. Looks so yummy! Have a great day.

  6. That is such a cute dress, Lisa! I have never heard of slip shorts, but aren't they hot...temperature-wise? I don't think I've ever noticed the pineapple upside down cake mix. I always made mine from scratch in a cast-iron skillet...when you flip it over, all of the sugar-butter has kind of caramelized & is delish!

  7. All of your this and that is very helpful...every single thing! Thanks for the news on the gloves, both of my dogs hate getting brushed. I think you need to start them early. Definitely checking these out on Amazon. I was wondering if they really worked.

    I laughed about Fotomat We had one in my hometown and all I could remember was how cool it would be to work in much privacy but customer interaction as well! I always wondered what they would do if they had to use the bathroom. hahahaha!

    My husband has been saying for 32 years how much he loved pineapple upside down cake. I may try this and if he is super happy, I'll attempt one from scratch. I'm not a very good baker. ;-D

    I love dresses. I can't believe you don't live in sleeveless or sundresses in your heat. I'm more into the mid length and many of us gals at the lake throw them on after taking off our wet bathing suits.

    Thanks for your tips and ideas, have a good week, Lisa!

  8. We’ll be at Hobby zlobby next week and crossing my fingers they still have those tobacco baskets! I’d get a few of them! And the Walmart dresses are so cute! Can’t wait for US shopping! Love these posts Lisa! xo

    1. I sure hope you find those tobacco baskets! I wish you luck!


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