Thursday, July 20, 2017

Reese's Brownies and New Countertops

Just a quick post to tell you about some Reese's brownies I made recently. So easy and yummy too! 

All I used was this boxed brownie mix and some Reese's peanut butter cups. (I ended up not frosting them, because it was already so rich)

I simply mixed up the brownies according to the box, then pressed down some Reese's until the batter was all the way up the sides...

I baked them per the instructions and this is what they looked like straight out of the oven...

I have to say, they were very good! 

So there you have it, a very simple delicious take on a plain ol' brownie mix. :) 

In other news, we're thinking of redoing our kitchen countertops. We've had ours for about 8 years, but ever since we painted our cabinets white, I've been wanting lighter counters too. 

We currently have laminate and I think we'll go that route again. We did consider butcher block, since we both love the look, but we're really hard on our counters and we spill things on them...a lot. So I think we'll stick with laminate, at least for now. 

Formica laminate has come a long way, even since we installed ours. There are no more brown seams and you can even get pretty edging instead of the straight edge laminate is known for. 

This is one of a few we're considering...

Lowe's Formica Laminate 

I love the edge. I was wanting something with white, cream and grey and this seems to fit the bill. I've ordered samples and I might go to Lowe's to look at a bigger sheet. 

I'll keep you posted if we decide to redo our counters. 

Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. My parents had to redo theirs due to a leak, and they too chose the "new" formica and are very happy. I know granite and carrera marble are all the rage, but we chose Corian and could not be happier. Yes, the dark color of ours can scratch, but it can also be buffed out easily. I don't want to have to baby our countertops!!

  2. Lisa, Thank goodness you did not frost those would have been way too sweet...LOL. You would need coffee or ice cream to eat these. I really truly want new counter tops...I have that old fashioned laminated stuff...boring. I do not need fancy, but would love butcher block. Blessings, stay cool young lady. xoxo, Susie

  3. Those brownies! Mercy I bet those are wonderful.

    The countertops you are considering look very similar to the granite we chose. I really like the white and gray.

  4. I thought about baking this morning, but every bite seems to turn into another pound! Love that countertop Lisa. We have granite because that's what was in the house, but honestly I would rather have something else. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The brownies look amazing, Lisa! We installed the Formica countertop from Lowe's in our laundry room when we remodeled it many years ago. Until today they look like new, not a problem whatsoever and we use it daily, not only to fold clothes, but to place the iron on it to cool off after ironing and even to dry and dress a little grandbaby after giving her a bath in the laundry room sink when they spend the night. LOL I think you will be very happy with them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Ok yum on the brownies. They look so delicious. I love this counter top sample. I know you are considering butcher block but this one is sooooooo pretty. Love the colors and the pattern. Good luck with making this choice. This will be less maintenance. Happy Friday.

  7. those new counters are so pretty and I do love the edging, very different and very nice! Wow, those brownies look so yum!

  8. OMGosh- I am going to make those brownies for the family. They will LOVE them!
    It is amazing how far laminate has come and it looks so realistic today compared to earlier versions.
    I do love butcher block, too, but it is a bit of upkeep. We have had granite in this house since we redid the house but I would choose something lighter on our next move (coming up next Spring).

    Hope you have a great weekend! xo Diana

  9. The brownies look fantastic.. I am going to make soon as I get to the grocery store.. yummy!!!

    Love the edging that Lowes has on the counter tops.. I had them on my counters at my other house..Beautiful in person.. [when I moved to the old house, the place we got our tops, did not have them.. So disappointed.. You can really tell the difference in the straight edge.]
    Love the color of the one your thinking about.. Will be really pretty with your white cabinets.. Happy counter top hunting..

  10. Those brownies look so rich and yummy!!!! Love the counter tops you are considering.....very pretty!

  11. The brownies are amazing!!! My sister chose some similar countertops from Lowes... Soooo pretty! Love all the excitement your son is experiencing:)

    1. I'm so happy to hear your sister is happy with her counters! I hope we can get them soon. I've ordered more samples, just to be sure they're the ones I want. My son leads a much more exciting life than me, for sure. Lol! He's having a ball!


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