Sunday, April 23, 2017

My New Favorite Things

This post should be titled as a PSA, stating that y'all can finally expect my pics to improve on here. Y'all know I'm not known for my photography skills. I'd been hanging on to my ancient iPhone 5 for some time now and I finally splurged and got a new iPhone 7 Plus and a MacBook Pro. I probably could have gotten new kitchen counters for what I paid for these, but I'm extremely happy with them. 

Check out this cute Tech 21 Gem case I got too...

I got the rose gold color iPhone and I like how the green case looks with it. I got a glass screen protector for it as well. 

I LOVE the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus! It has a portrait mode with "Depth Effect" where it tells you how far back to stand for a pic, then it automatically blurs the background for you. Case in point...

Isn't that neat? I actually feel like a "real photographer" for the first time ever. Lol!

Here's another depth effect photo...

The depth effect is only available on the iPhone 7 Plus, not the regular iPhone 7, just in case you were wondering. 

I was a little worried about the Plus being too big, but I'm really enjoying it. I use my phone all day long and it's so nice to have the bigger screen. The only problem was that it didn't fit in the little phone holder on my treadmill. Lol. I temporarily fixed the problem by putting my phone inside an old fanny pack and hanging it over my treadmill. I have no recollection of ever purchasing a fanny pack, but apparently someone in this house bought one at one time. Anyway, I even cut a hole in the side of the fanny pack (because let's get real...I'll never use that thing) to thread the ear buds through so I could listen to my music. Ha ha! It was a true MacGyver moment. ;) But don't worry, I'm getting a Command Strip phone holder for my treadmill soon. 

My MacBook Pro is equally amazing. I love that it's so connected to my iPhone. If I take a pic on my phone, it automatically appears on my Mac (no more transferring pics from my phone to my computer) It's also very easy to airdrop photos to my Mac. I love how it's all connected like that. My boys can airdrop photos from their iPhones or Macs to my Mac now too. (We always had the convenience of airdropping photos between our iPhones, but it's so neat to be able to do it with our Macs now too.) I pretty much exclusively take pics on my phone now, and this all makes blogging super easy on the Mac. You could say I'm a very happy customer. :) 

Oh, and FYI...I ordered my Mac online from B&H Photo to save on tax. I saved $125 in tax by ordering from them. We've ordered computers and photography equipment from them lots of times. They have free shipping and our items usually arrive in just a few days. 

Just a few more examples of photos taken with my new iPhone 7 Plus...

The one on the left was taken with my old iPhone 5 and the one on the right was with my new iPhone 7. See how clear the bunny is on the upper shelf? And the bunny on the bottom on the cake pedestal? 

Anyway, I'm really enjoying my new toys. Hopefully my blogging will become more consistent now. 

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  1. Oh- Congratulations. I am so happy for you. My next computer is going to be a Mac. I will pass this one along to hubby and really think if I can learn Windows 10 I can learn to use a Mac. My iPhone 6 is up for renewal pretty soon. I am a little afraid of the bigger screen because I have business jackets that hold the iPhone 6 in a pocket but won't stretch to accommodate the larger screen. Decisions-decisions!

    Just curious-does the MacPro come ready to go or do you have to purchase apps to load it up?

  2. Wow, I can really see a difference in the pictures. I noticed a big difference when I upgraded from the 5 to the 6s a year ago. I imagine the 7 is even better! That depth feature is wonderful, especially for blogging. I have a "nice" camera, but now use my phone for almost everything. Even on vacations when there are great photo ops (like National Parks), I find that the iphone does almost everything I need. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good Morning Lisa. I just got a I phone 7 a short while ago and love it. I have not learned all the fancy picture taking on it just yet but your pics look really great. I guess I better figure out how to use all the picture stuff on it! I have a Mac computer and I Pad and love them. Very easy to use and transfer things. Glad you got your new computer and phone and love them.

  4. Congratulations! We just recently upgraded to the iPhone7...we felt the 7+ was too big. We have been an Apple family for years now. We love how our phones, iPads, & computers all work together with little or no effort on our part....what a company!

  5. My daughter just got a new rose gold iPhone and the color is beautiful. I have a 15" MacBook Pro, since I'm an old lady and can't see well on a smaller screen, and yes, kitchen countertops, for sure!! However, I adore it, have had it for three (?) years now and it's still just as fabulous as it was the day I brought it home. Have fun with your new toys!! And treadmill?? You go girl!

  6. Your photos are beautiful! I have a 6plus and it is big but I love it!

  7. This is so exciting, Lisa. I was so proud when I bought my Mac at Best Buy and financed by myself!! My hubby would have been dragging me to all of the 'economical' laptops had he been there so I was proud. I paid it off in three months as opposed to 12!!
    I'm okay with my iPhone 6 but I've heard great things about the 7.

    I have a great Canon Rebel and actually have my eye on a smaller version for getting out and about better, so I'm not os ready to upgrade on a phone for photos. The blurring of the background is a great feature.

    Looking forward to some great snaps from you!

    Jane x


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