Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Decor 2017

I'm really behind this year. I finally got out a little Easter Decor yesterday. Since it'll only be out for a week, I decided to pare it down to just a few of my favorites. :) 

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking and try not to ramble too much...

This bundle of carrots is the only new Easter item I bought this year...

Mr. Cable Knit Sweater bunny always makes an appearance...

 I've had this carrot car bunny for a long time...

You can see my past Easter Decor HEREHERE, and HERE

And that's it! Happy Easter!



  1. So cute! All of our Easter things are packed and can't be found right now. I sure am enjoying looking at yours and everyone elses. :)

  2. I don't put a lot out either Lisa, even when I am on time with it! ;) I love your little touches, just enough to welcome that bunny. Happy Easter!

  3. Everything looks so cute, Lisa! I have a 'certain' bunny that I bring out every year! And some years you just don't have the time or incentive to do a lot. In fact, I haven't started! lol! I'm okay with it but not much to blog about!

    Have a blessed Easter!

    Jane x

  4. Lisa everything is so cute. Love it all. Have a wonderful week and great Easter weekend. Enjoy being with your family.

  5. Your home always looks beautiful no matter what you do. Love your little bunny collection! I have also only made a couple of changes to our home. With everything going on around here, I have been to busy for anything else. Enjoy your day, Maria

  6. Your Easter decor is so cute....I love the little bundle of carrots!!!!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Your Easter things are so cute, Lisa! I've had things out for quite awhile, but just haven't taken pics to post...except of my living & dining room. I don't know what's up with me and blogging, but I think I may have discovered that doing more stuff and blogging less is really quite fun! Anyhoo, hope you have a lovely Easter!
    Hugs, Carol

  8. Easter decor is so cute.. Love the little bunnies everywhere..
    I didn't put any out this year [it slipped up on]
    Hope you and family had a blessed Easter.


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