Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm back!!!

Hello again! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've posted on IG a lot, but it's been weeks since this blog has seen some action. Some of you were so kind to check on me and I appreciate it so much. :) I have been consumed with Homecoming preparations around here. For those of you that don't know...Homecoming is a HUGE deal in Texas. Our high school has a plethora of activities...a carnival, pep rally, parade, various dress up days, the big game, and of course the dance. Whew! The girls wear huge mums (like the ribbons hang down to their feet) and the boys wear a decorated garter on their arm. They also let the seniors bring pots, pans, and trash cans to bang on in the hallways between classes on the day of the pep rally. School spirit at its finest. ;) 

So, because of all that, I still don't have any fall decor to share with you. Well, I did get out this one pumpkin...

I took a few more house pics before all the seasonal decor comes out. I tried to get some pics from a different angle so y'all don't get bored. Lol!

Love the sunlight shining in! 

Do y'all see my Method Bathroom Cleaner sitting on the side of the tub? It was there to remind me to clean the shower later that night. I always wait until I take my shower to clean the shower. Anyone else do that too? It's so much easier that way. :) My sweet friend Selene told me about the Method cleaner and it works great for the shower and tub! You can follow Selene on IG at @selene_restorationbeauty

I went a little crazy the other day and washed all the sheets, blankets, pillow covers, shams, and comforters. Oh, and I also flipped all the mattresses. Well, those that didn't have a pillow top and could be flipped. The pillow tops just got rotated. My washer and dryer were going from 7 in the morning until about 5 in the evening that day. 

See that dish towel above? It's from Williams Sonoma. I've talked about them before because they are the best dish towels I've ever tried. They come in a 4 pack for $20. At only $5 each, that's a great deal. They get washed all the time and it takes about 3 years before they even start to look a little worn. I ordered the grey ones back in July, but they were on back order. I just received them and couldn't be happier. :) 

And since everything seems to break at once, my outdoor rug was also looking a little worse for wear. I ordered this one from Ballard. They have lots of outdoor stuff on sale right now. This rug was only $50.

And of course the doormat was needing to be replaced too. This cute one hopped into my cart at Walmart the other day...

And totally unrelated, I'm thinking of getting bangs again. I haven't had bangs in probably 10 or more years. Maybe I'll get brave and post a pic after I take the plunge. :) 

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. You have been a busy girl. Homecoming is big around here, too, but I imagine in Texas it'd be extra big!! ;) I have bangs...always have. Tried to get rid of them so many times, never works. Post a picture I'd love to see!!

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get all of that done?! Rugs and candles and all those things just make me happy at home.

    I'm a bangs girl, as you know. With my hair pushed to the side I feel naked!! :)

  3. So good to see you posting! I remember Homecoming. Crazy times! Your home always look so pretty. I also wear bangs, even when they were not in fashion. LOL Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope it would be a little cooler, weather man says today it feels like 94. :( Take care, Maria

  4. Oh my, I remember learning about Texas homecomings when my youngest was at Baylor. Those mums are so elaborate!
    I am in the process of growing my bangs out. LOL Haven't not had them since middle school!! Post a pic.

  5. It's good to see you back, but life has a way of moving along and keeping us busy, doesn't it?! It sounds like homecoming IS a big deal in your world, may everybody have a great time and be safe! Blessings, Cindy xo

  6. Oooh..I love your new outdoor rugs!!! Walmart is stepping up their game!
    Sounds like homecoming is a blast in Texas!
    Thanks for the mention, too..I'm just glad you love their cleaner as much as I do☺

  7. Love your "around the house" posts! Thanks for sharing the info on the dish towels ... will have to order some. Have a blast with Homecoming preparations ... such fun!!

  8. So happy to see your post today Lisa. How fun all the Homecoming events. Ohhhh how I miss those days when my girls were in high school. Enjoy every minute. Your house looks so cozy and inviting for fall.

  9. Welcome back! Homecoming is always so fun...you are really good to volunteer but it's better than lunch duty!

    Your home is always immaculate! I know you really take pride in it. I have a few small things out for fall but as of yet have not looked in my bins. I've been really wanting to declutter all of my rooms and to add more now is counter productive. I'll have to definitely do something by Christmas. ;-D


  10. It's so good to see you blog again! I wondered when you were going to do a new post. I actually clicked on your blog to double check if my computer wasn't updating your newest posts. Ha! You've been very busy. I know Homecoming can take up a lot of time. Y'all do things differently than we do though. It's fun reading about how it's done there. I think y'all do more! Good luck with the bangs. I know that can be scary to cut those because it takes a long time to grow them back out. I don't have them since my hair is so curly. I need length on my hair to keep it less poofy! Ha!

  11. Hi Lisa--your house is sp pretty! I want to see pictures OF the mums! Do you have any?

  12. Your home always looks so beautiful! I love your new outdoor rugs....they are gorgeous! Homecoming is big around here too.Even in our small town the decorate all the windows on the businesses to show school spirit. I have had bangs my entire adult life. I would like to grown them out but after a couple of weeks I always cut them because it looks so terrible. LOL
    Have a great weekend!!!

  13. You have been busy...
    the house looks fantastic.. Love all the sunlight filtering in..
    Best wishes with cutting bangs.. Bet it will be cute.. You will have to share
    a photo with us.
    Hope you have a happy fall.


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