Friday, October 7, 2016

Homecoming Mums, Easy Home Updates and Angelonia

Hello again! A few of you have asked to see a pic of the Homecoming mums I talked about in my last post. I texted my son and he sent me this one of him and a friend the day of the pep rally. (not sure if her parents want her image on a public blog, so I cut off their faces...ha!)

You can see just how big the mums are! And yes, all the boys wear these smaller versions attached to a garter on their arm. :) 

I found my son's mum in his room and took these close ups. It's a little worn, because this was after an entire day of pep rally celebrations. ;)

The garter is attached to a backer board on the back of the mum...

Since he's a senior, he got to have lights on his. (Only seniors can have lights on their mums)

The seniors are also the only ones allowed to wear crowns...

And of course, more lights...

It's also a rule that only seniors can have white mums. Lord help you if you're a freshman and not privy to all the rules and accidentally get a white mum! Lol! 

Anyway, I've been getting some questions on IG and here on the blog about the wainscoting in our dining room. I don't know if I've ever talked about how we did it, but here's a pic...

We did this the easy (and cheap) way. We just painted the bottom half of the wall white, then painted those little boxes and nailed them up. Kind of a faux wainscoting, if you will. :) For the boxes, we bought long pieces of trim and cut it ourselves, but you can buy pre-made boxes that you just have to paint and nail up. 

Speaking of home updates, I've been meaning to do an update on our painted kitchen cabinets...

We painted them about two years ago and I really have nothing to report, as they've held up wonderfully. Not a single problem with them, thank goodness. I highly recommend the Benjamin Moore Advance paint. You can click HERE to see the painting tutorial. 

The tutorial also shows how we added the furniture "feet" to our cabinets for about $6 each... 

I think I also promised to show you an updated pic of all the Angelonia I planted in the backyard. They're thriving and doing really well!

Love this Plumbago bush too...

Here's Ms. Holly Joaquin hard at work, as usual...

That little girl is about to be FOUR! Her birthday is so easy to remember...she was born on 10-11-12. :) 

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  1. Happy birthday Holly! I hope your mom gives you a special treat. :)

  2. Love the Mum tradition! They don't do that around here. My granddaughter was voted onto Homecoming court for her freshman class. So happy for her as she switched schools this year and left all her old classmates. Great idea with the faux panels-it looks beautiful. BM paint for cabinets is probably the best I have ever used. It really holds up to wear and tear. xo Diana

  3. Happy Birthday to Holly. Love all the fun details for your son's homecoming.
    Have a great week end.

  4. Great photos! Abby always had a blast with all the Homecoming activities!


  5. Oh wow! Y'all really do go all out with your flowers and ribbons for Homecoming! Do the kids get dressed up for a dance too? That's what ours does on Homecoming night. It's like a prom! I love your wainscoting! That adds so much interest to the room. I love pretty trim. Happy Birthday to your cute kitty too!

  6. Well, your school really does Homecoming up right! Today was Homecoming at one child's high school and another's university. There were floats and big half-time shows and parades and a kind and queen, but absolutely nothing as fabulous as your lighted mums! Very cool! Happy Homecoming!!

  7. I so fondly remember homecoming mums. I am glad to know that schools are still doing it. Happy Birthday to your darling kitty too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. Thank you, Susan! The kids really enjoy Homecoming week here. So many activities. :) Holly is having a great bday today. Can't believe she's four! Enjoy your week!

  8. Happy birthday. Holly! I have a kitty who resembles you who was born 10-10-10, so she is 6 tomorrow. thanks, Mary in Dallas

    1. Oh how neat! Happy bday to your sweet kitty too!

  9. Those are gorgeous mums! I hope all of the kids had a great time at homecoming.

    Your kitchen looks wonderful, your cabinets are so great and look professionally done.

    Happy Birthday, Holly! :)


  10. The mums are very pretty! I think it is great that the kids really make it a party that goes from the day and into the night!!!! Love the wainscoting in your dining room too. I would like to add bead board back to the rooms downstairs in our home since they removed it when it was turned into a private residence. I'm glad your cabinets are holding up so well. I need to repaint our kitchen cabinets. They have bleed thru even though I sanded them down to the bare wood, used primer, and were painted with three coats of paint. Such a disappointment!!! Happy Birthday to sweet little Holly too :o)

  11. How fun to be a senior..[and not fun to be a freshman with a white mum,ha], Proud he is having so much fun. Best wishes for him.
    Love your updates on your pretty, and proud the cabinets are holding up so well..

  12. That's pretty cute about all homecoming rules, and the mums are very pretty. I'm a bit behind here in blogland, so I'm making comments on two of your posts right here. You are too cute about all that Gilmore Girls' stuff! I enjoyed the show when it was originally on, and Luke was one of my favorite characters. Your mums looks lovely, and I'm jealous that we haven't gotten around here yet....probably by this weekend, I hope! We've had some cool mornings, like in the 60's, but fairly warm by afternoon. At least it's below 100 now! Glad to see Holly takes her job and responsibilities as seriously as Abby does!

    Warm hugs,

  13. Make that a gold couch and you could be looking at my den....complete with CAT snoozing on the back of said couch!!
    I also have the candles in the fireplace :^)
    The mums you made are awesome, and thank you for the paint hint!
    Happy birthday Holly!
    J and Princess Posie cat


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