Monday, March 7, 2016

Garden Update

It's been a few years since we refreshed the mulch in our flower beds and boy, was it needed! We spent one recent Saturday morning putting down 75 bags of mulch. That's a lot of mulch! It was the perfect weather for it too...sunny and about 55 degrees. 

Our grass never got completely brown and some flowers never even stopped blooming all winter long. A mild winter, for sure. Here are some pics showcasing the fruits of our labor...

I can't wait for my new azalea to bloom. 

See that shamrock plant above? It's the same one from a couple of years ago. I never do anything to it, except water it (when I remember) and it's still going strong. 

The Indian Hawthorne is getting ready to bloom... 

I thought we could get by with about 45 bags of mulch, but once we got started, it was clear we would need almost double that amount. 

Those little white dots are the first blooms on my Bridal Wreath bush next to the bridge. 

My Pink Jasmine vine is loaded with buds.

Can you see all the buds getting ready to burst open?

The miniature bottle brush is starting to bloom too. 

Y'all, this Lantana never stopped blooming all winter long! It's seriously looked like this since last summer... 

So pretty! 

We also planted a few spring flowers on the patio.



And more Petunias. We also planted some Impatients, but I didn't get a pic. 

Y'all have a great day!



  1. So pretty Lisa. I feel your pain on the mulch. We have to put new down every spring and it is a chore!!! Just thankful my oldest now has a pickup truck...less trips to Home Depot!

  2. are so lucky to have so much pretty all year long. There are still some patches of snow on my lawn. Ick. It certainly does make for a happy day when the color pops back into my world in spring...but truth be told, I'd rather be "bored" by its presence all year long! ;) Lovely!

  3. Wow... that's a lot of mulch... No wonder, your yard is so beautiful..

  4. Your lantana is blooming?! Wow I'm so happy for you. Your yard looks amazing! We had such a mild winter that our lantana is still alive. I'm just happy for that. :)

  5. Your backyard is always so pretty. I love how manicured it is. You really did have a mild winter if your lantana never stopped blooming! I love the dark mulch you chose. We need to have pine straw put out this Spring.

  6. Beautiful!! I wouldn't be able to do the mulch due to my back but I could supervise easily. :) You definitely have a green thumb!


  7. Your yard is so beautiful!!!! I can't believe you have stuff blooming....and everything is so green!!! We are finally getting some rain here today so I imagine things will really start to green up and bloom after that :o)

  8. Wow!! That is a lot of bags but so worth it! Your garden looks great my friend :)
    So jealous that your garden stays looking green and pretty all year round! Our bushes and plants finally have their life back due to a good steady rain we've been getting. My hydrangea bushes are making a comeback and I can't wait to see the blooms again! But for now I bought a couple of fake ones from Hobby Lobby that I need to cut to fit into a smaller vase since I only bought two. Kicking myself for not buying more since they were half off!!!! love your garden and can't wait to see more updates on it :)

  9. Everything looks so pretty, Lisa! We had a very mild winter, too! Right now all the citrus is in full bloom, and I cannot wait to see what our bounty will be in December and January!

    Warm hugs,

  10. Everything looks so pretty, Lisa! We had a very mild winter, too! Right now all the citrus is in full bloom, and I cannot wait to see what our bounty will be in December and January!

    Warm hugs,

  11. Your garden looks so pretty, Lisa. You are so right about the mild winter. Our yard never went brown this year. Weather man said last night we will be reaching close to 90 degrees next Monday after all the rain go away. Wondering if we will even have Spring time this year. :) Enjoy your day and stay dry. xxx Maria

  12. In another week or two your garden is going to be amazing! It's already beautiful!! Spring is definitely coming early to many places this year! Blessings, Cindy xo


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