Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I've been wanting to try a couple of different store bought frostings lately and finally had time to do so a few weeks ago.

I made cupcakes with a white cake mix and frosted half with the Betty Crocker Whipped Vanilla frosting and half with the Pillsbury Fluffy Vanilla Marshmallow frosting.

When I bought one of the frostings, I got these Sixlets candies free, so I used them as a decoration on the finished cupcakes. 

Here's a tip for you...I always add about 2 tsp. of almond extract to my white cake mix. It smells amazing and adds a nice flavor. 

Here's my little presentation...

All in all, they were both good, but the Pillsbury Vanilla Marshmallow was the most requested. To me, it kind of tasted like cotton candy, which I love, so it was my favorite as well. 

What about you? Do you have a favorite store bought frosting? Nothing beats homemade, but if you're pressed for time, these work beautifully. 



  1. I will go with store bought especially if there is a kid involved in the celebration. I just saw a video on FB that if you microwave it for a minute or so you can pour it right over the cake and get a smooth finish. Will have to try that one. Cute cupcakes!

  2. Lisa, It sure looks pretty at your house, inside and out. Plus you have been making some very good foods and tasty cupcakes. I loved all your Easter décor and the garden areas of your yard. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I've never used the store-bought frosting, but another blogger mentioned the convenience, so I may just need to try some. Your cupcakes are cute with the toppers. I'll have to try your idea with the added almond....sounds good!


  4. Those cupcakes look so pretty and festive. I've never tried the marshmallow frosting before. I bet I would like it. Those Sixlets candies look good too. I have such a sweet tooth. I recently bought some brownie bites at Costco and they have been very tempting. They are so good! Good thing that I now go to a gym.

  5. Your cupcakes turned out soooo very cute!!! I so want to try the marshmallow one especially if it tastes like cotton candy!!!

  6. Your cupcakes are so cute! I love sprinkles and the Sixlets candies look so pretty!

  7. Yum Lisa. I am getting ready to do some baking for Easter and I love the store bought frostings for my sugar cookies. I use the flavor "fluffy white". It taste amazing. Your cupcakes look so pretty.

  8. I love the whipped variety...it's so easy to use and doesn't harden like other frostings nor do you have that 'sugar crunch'! I do want to try making some frosting of my own...it's a goal anyway!!

    Thanks for your lips!


  9. I like the cream cheese frostings in the can...or chocolate anything!! Pretty cupcakes!


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