Sunday, July 19, 2015

Playing Around In The Kitchen and Cookies

I've been playing around in the kitchen again. :) After I cleaned the house the other day, I didn't have a single thing planned for the rest of the afternoon (love when that happens!) so I played around with a little vignette and then made cookies. 

I loved how this looked with the tray, but in the end I opted for more of a clean look. Also, the tray kind of stuck out too far on the counter and we need all the counter space we can get. :) 

Ah, that's a little better. :) 

I used to have red glass canisters, but one day I found these at Kirkland's and it was love at first sight. xoxo

I love to display cute cupcake liners in this glass jar. 

I think I mentioned this before, but my hubby picked out these measuring cups at Pier One all by himself! It was a nice surprise. :) 

And just because I've been getting some emails about it lately, here's a close up pic of Holly's custom pet frame I made...

Click HERE for the tutorial. 

After all that playing around, I got busy and made chocolate chip cookies...

Want my super secret recipe??? Okay, here ya go...

Sometimes you just gotta take the easy road. :) That little bag made about three dozen cookies! That's quite the deal when you consider they were buy one get one free! I think I paid about $1.89 for both bags. I can't even buy one bag of chocolate chips for that!

 Y'all have a great day!



  1. Holly is so cute and the frame you made looks great. I love where you put it. The cupcake liners look so pretty in the glass jar. I hope you have a good week.

    1. Holly is such a hoot! I think I can add cupcake liners to my list of decorating addictions now. I can't stop buying them. :) Hope you have a great week, Kim!

  2. Lisa. love your pretty .. And your hubby did a wonderful job picking out the measuring
    cups..I love them..
    Enjoyed your blog..

  3. Your kitchen is always one of my favorites. I like that you keep it pretty but practical at the same time. That's how I have to do things too.

  4. Lisa,
    Your counter top vignette looks great. Love those measuring cups that the hubby got for you too cute.
    I use the Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookies in the bag like your choc. chips and they are better than any homemade peanut butter cookies I have ever had. Fast and easy and delish love it.

  5. Now those are my kind of cookies! I often buy those mixes too since they're so easy and do taste like homemade. I like the change you made in your kitchen.

  6. That tray is so pretty--I hope you find another way to use it. I have the spoon rest that matches your Pier 1 measuring cups! Thought they looked familiar! I love the Holly frame and it's darling hung above her bowls!!! :)

    Happy New Week!

    Jane x

  7. I used to have displays on my kitchen counter, but after the baby came, all I have are bottles and the like! Love seeing how you tweak yours Lisa!

  8. I love the clean counter vignette too!! Those canisters from Kirkland's are so pretty :)

    Those cookies happen to be my favorite. They're so good and easy!

  9. Those cookies look really good! I've never tried the mixes but will because yours look so good. Love your silver stand too!

  10. Your kitchen is so the changes you made. Those cookies look soooooo delicious....I often buy the ready made mixes too :o)

  11. Looks good either way, Lisa! I like more things on my counters in the Fall/Winter and less in the Spring/Summer.....that's weird, huh? I love all the cute measuring cup sets that seem to be so popular now. I usually measure them against my regular measures, because I've found some of them are not completely accurate.....just so you know. Cute, cute frame for Holly, just so she knows where her food is....heehee.

  12. Lisa.
    I absolutely love your kitchen..You did a wonderful job , painting the kitchen cabinets..
    my hubby and I have an old house, we are remodeling it [while waiting for our house to sale, then we will be moving to the old house..]. We are painting the cabinets now.. So I was so excited to find your blog and see you painted cabinets..
    Did you put any type of polyurethane on them? Or did you just paint them and leave it? I am wondering if the washing them , will damage the paint and make it come off??? My cabinets are old, and not as nice as yours.ha
    I appreciate your help.
    God Bless, Judy


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