Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Orange Rolls Recipe, Hobnail Goodies, and Baby Birds

Hi everyone! I made something this weekend and I just had to share it with you because it was SO good! They're homemade orange rolls (or orange knots as the recipe states) and they were so easy and delicious!

homemade orange rolls

Here's a link to the recipe I used:

We buy the Pillsbury orange rolls in the refrigerated section all the time, and these were a nice change. They're made with canned biscuits, so they're quick and easy. I just love it when a recipe turns out just like you imagine. :) The scent of oranges just permeates the kitchen while these are baking. Yum! 

So this weekend my hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I haven't had their chicken fried chicken with sawmill gravy in so long and it was wonderful! Anyway, as we usually do, when we're done eating, we browse the gift shop. Usually we just pick up some retro candies for the boys (and a few Zots DID make it into our basket this time too) but I got so excited when I saw these hobnail votive holders...

hobnail milkglass

And you know what? They were 70% off!!! They had several sections of home decor that was all marked 70% off. These little hobnail votive holders were only $1.50 each! I grabbed the last two they had. I'm not going to DID bother me a little that I couldn't get three, you know with the "decorating rule of three" and all. Lol! I love grouping things in 3's. Oh well. The two I got are still pretty. 

Here's a closer look...

And here's a pic I shared on Instagram this morning...

janet hill print the art of seduction

One more thing, do y'all remember the eggs I found in the bird nest in my backyard? Here's the pic I shared...

When we checked a couple of days later, there were four eggs. Then we saw this...

newly hatched mockingbird

So cute, right? My son actually took this pic and when he was done, he glanced down and spotted another baby in the grass! I can't believe we didn't step on him while taking pics. I knew we needed to get him back into the nest as soon as possible. I know it's probably an old wives tale, but I've heard you're not supposed to touch the babies or the mom will reject them. I have no idea if it's true and I wasn't interested in touching him anyway, so it was pretty much a moot point. 

So, I raced into the house (and yes, I really did was like I thought the poor dear was going to starve in 5 minutes if I didn't get him back to his mama) and I grabbed a plastic cup and plastic spoon. 

We very gingerly used the spoon to scoop the baby into the cup and deposited him back in the nest. Whew! Crisis averted. :) As of yesterday, mama bird was taking very good care of her brood and they seem to be thriving. :) Oh, and Nana Diana was right, they are mockingbirds. So cute, aren't they?

We also had this little visitor the other day...

In case you can't tell, this is Franklin the turtle. Yes, I named him. He retracted his head as soon as he saw me coming, but you might be able to see the lettuce I set down in front of him. I don't know if he appreciated it or not. Maybe he would have preferred fly pie? ;) So, that's what's been going on here in the wild kingdom. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. That bird picture is the coolest!!! You're just running a wild life shelter in your backyard, aren't you? I would have felt so bad to have stepped on that baby bird, bless his/her heart! I'm glad it's thriving :)

    I can't help but think how nice it would be if we as humans gave birth to a small egg instead of big babies lol!

    Every food you post on here and Instagram always makes me hungry lol. I'm so making your latest Peach Crunch you posted on Instagram!!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday!

  2. That must have been so exciting seeing the baby birds and helping one get back in the nest. That is a great picture your son took. I like the turtle picture also. The orange rolls look delicious. I like the votive candle holders you found. I love to find something I like on sale. Thanks for sharing with us

    1. Thanks, Kim! We definitely get some interesting animals back there from time to time. :) I love to find things on sale too...especially when it's a hobnail piece. :) Enjoy your day!

  3. We had baby mockingbirds too! They leave the nest really fast so don't miss it! Ours our flying around our yard now.

    Your orange rolls look wonderful!

  4. Love your baby mockingbirds and glad you were able to save one. Good thing Mama didn't see you or she would have thought you were having a "cup of baby bird"...yuck....sorry for THAT visual!

    Your orange twists look wonderful. And oh- Cracker Barrel. We don't have one even in driving distance anymore. They have such GOOD food! And it is the only place I know of anymore where you can get REAL maple SUGAR..SOOO good!

    Hope you have a good night, Lisa. Keep an eye on those babies and FRANKLIN! lol xo Diana

  5. Good Morning Lisa you crack me up with your Wild Kingdom!!!! Love the picture of the baby birds and so glad you saved the little one and got it back into the nest. Franklin is too cute. The orange knots look yummy and I love a trip to Cracker Barrel too. Love to eat and shop all in one place! Have a great rest of the week.

  6. We love orange rolls too. We buy the pillsbury brand and make those. Love the cute hobnail votives. They look like milk glass. The baby birds are precious! It will be fun to watch them as they get bigger and eventually leave the nest.

  7. I have never had orange rolls before....I am going to look for the next time I go to the grocery store. I might have to make some if we like the store ones. Your little candle holders are so pretty, what a great deal you go on them too! Your little birdies are so precious!!!!!! We have a nest on the inside of our porch on a post. I can't see into it so I don't know if the little birdies have hatched or not. I haven't put my cushions out there on the wicker furniture yet because I don't want to upset the mommy bird. Have a great weekend!!!

  8. YUM! This is the kind of thing I love to make when we are having company -- can't have this kind of yumminess in the house with just the 2 of us! Those little hobnail cups are so cute....perfect with the gorgeous blossom! I love to go to Cracker Barrel, but we don't go very often. The last time was when we were stranded in Abilene (the ice storm in late Dec. & early Jan.), and CB and Village Inn were the only restaurants close to our hotel. I found some pretty treasures there, their little store area. My favorite food there is Chicken & Dumplings, which is why we don't go very often!

    OMGooness, I thought you were going to show us a snake! So glad it was Franklin! I always heard that same thing about touching a baby bird, and I would not have wanted to touch it either! I'm glad "Mama" came back!


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