Sunday, June 7, 2015

Deal Alert: Pom Pom Throw $9.98!

Have I got a steal of a deal for y'all today...My friends on Instagram shared this wonderful deal last night and I just had to pass it on to you. Look at this cute pom pom throw I got at Target for $9.98!

Can you believe that price? It's still $19.99 online, but most stores have lowered the price to $9.98 (not all stores, but a lot) My sweet hubby and son drove to two different Target stores late last night to get it for me. 

I love it! First I tried it on the chair in my bedroom...

Ignore the crooked lamp shade. ;) I need to tape a weight to the inside to keep it from doing that. 

And currently it's taking up residence in my living room...

target pom pom throw

Such a good deal! I've wanted a pom pom throw for awhile now and was so glad to finally get one. :) 

Speaking of deals, I scooped up these little slip ons at Payless for just $10 each! I was just going to get the navy and white striped, but the pink made its way home with me too. :) I thought they would be cute for the summer. 

Guess that's all for now. Have you gotten any fantastic deals lately?



  1. Awesome deal, Lisa! I was just in Target today. Wish I would have seen your post earlier. Cute shoes! I have a similar pair. They're so convenient for the summer.

  2. Awesome deal, Lisa! I was just in Target today. Wish I would have seen your post earlier. Cute shoes! I have a similar pair. They're so convenient for the summer.

  3. I have that very same throw! I found it on sale too. I got mine a while back though. I love how it looks in your home. Love your cute shoes. What a great price too. I often forget to check out Payless Shoes. I'll have to pop in some time.

  4. That throw is awesome! The shoes are so cute too. Cute colors. :)

  5. LOVE that pom pom throw! Adorable? Did it comes in any other colors? Love the fun shoes too!

  6. How sweet is that pom pom throw. Looks great and what a steal!!!! Love your cute summer shoes too. Have a great week Lisa.

  7. What a great deal on the pom pom throw ... And sweet of the guys to find it for you too. Has Holly found the pom poms? Our cat would think we bought it for her. It looks lovely in both rooms. Beautiful!

  8. I love that pom pom throw!! What a steal! And it looks great in your living room. I will be checking my Target next time I'm there :)
    Those shoes are too cute! I love stripes, especially navy and white! Have a great week!

  9. I love your new throw...what a fabulous deal you got on it too!!!! Your new shoes are so the colors :o)

  10. Thanks for the tip off! What a steal. I think these pom pom throws are getting popular---it looks great in your home and what a sweet thing for your husband and son to do. Almost better than the price!!

    Jane x

  11. What a pretty throw! You always find the best deal. Love the shoes, too! :) xxx Maria

  12. That is so cute, Lisa, and the shoes are adorable. They just say "Summer!" Has Holly discovered the pompoms yet? I crocheted an afghan for my craft room with pompoms all around, brought in an old wicker chair (that I plan to paint soon), & added a nice seat cushion so I had a place to sit and look through a book or magazine. I think I got to use it one time, because Abby has totally claimed it for herself! Gotta love those kitties!

  13. That pom pom throw is adorable... and beautiful!! I'd love one... but sadly we wont' get to a Target till the end of the month. And those flats are adorable! A girl can never have too many! ;) So glad your husband and son went hunting for that throw for you!
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I agree on the can't have too many! I love a good deal and Target has really delivered with their clearance items lately. Hopefully you can get to one soon. :)


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