Monday, April 20, 2015

Wilton Sugar Sheets, Williams Sonoma Dish Towels, and $1 Starbucks Travel Cups

Hey, y'all! I'm back today to share a neat discovery. Have y'all heard of these edible Sugar Sheets for cake decorating?

How cute is that houndstooth?!

They're made by Wilton and come in a variety of solid colors and designs including this cute zebra one...

This screen shot kind of explains how to use them...

It's basically edible paper with a sweet taste that you can cut (or even use your punch) to cut out different shapes, then just place them on your cake! So easy and convenient! What a great way to fancy up a regular ol' birthday cake. :) You can find them in the cake decorating aisle at craft stores. 

Here's a pic I took at Joann's...

I also wanted to share my favorite dish towels with you. Not very exciting, I know. But these are by far the best ones I've ever had. They're from Williams Sonoma and it's $20 for a four pack. That's only $5 each! I've paid more than that at Walmart. Here's a pic of mine...

I tried to provide a link to them on the WS website, but it wasn't working. Here's a screen shot from my phone.

Anyway, I've had mine for over a year now and they've been washed at least once a week and have held up great! They're very absorbent, made of Turkish cotton, have a loop for hanging, and are a generous 30"x20"size. I always get the "dish TOWELS" instead of the "dish CLOTHS" because the towels are so much bigger. I think the cloths are only 15" square. 

They come in grey, black, red, navy, khaki (this is what mine are in the pic) and yellow.  

I also wanted to tell y'all about these Starbucks reusable travel cups. Lots of Starbucks locations have huge bins of these for only $1! I posted about them on IG and apparently people have been buying them up like crazy. :) You could even wrap it up with a Starbucks gift card and give it to a teacher or co-worker as a little pick me up. :) 

Here's a funny pic for you. I picked up Chick-fil-a for dinner the other night and wanted to make sure it arrived home safely, so...

Lol! I have not been into cooking lately. We've been picking up dinner more often than not. :)

My mom and aunt have a saying that every woman has a set amount of meals in her to cook and once you reach that number, it's over and you don't want to cook anymore. I think I reached that number. :)

Oh, one more thing. Here's an interesting read if you have a few minutes...

What I wish I had known before buying an older home

I've always loved older homes, but this perspective really makes you think before you buy. 



  1. I go in and out of cooking phases. We do love to eat at home but I get tired of cleaning the kitchen! There are so many delicious meals that take less time to fix and eat than to clean up. I think your mom and grandma might have been onto something.

    I popped over and took a look at the What I Wish I Had Known post. Nothing she said surprised me because my dad has refurbished old houses more than once. They are beautiful to look at but take endless amounts of time and money to keep up. My dad's last house was 104 years old when he sold it and he had just finished about 8 or 9 years worth of redoing. One day he realized there's more to life than working on an old house all the time. There are so many modern things we take for granted that an old house doesn't have tight windows and doors. I'm happy with what I have but will always swoon over the old ones.

  2. I'm so glad you shared your dishtowels with us! I hate having ratty ol' dish towels when company comes over and it seems like most of them that I buy fall apartt so quickly!

  3. Thanks for sharing those sugar cake sheets...they are absolutely genius!! And I love your striped William Sonoma dish towels! My mom loves that place and I really need to get my butt in there more often. You had me laughing with your comment about reaching your number of meals. I'm going to tell that one to my husband that way he is prepared for when I reach my number ha!

  4. It's always fun to see what someone has purchased that has held up and taken the abuse of everyday living. Love those towels.
    I have a friend that is the exact opposite. She & her hubby & daughter ate out just about every meal for 30 years. When they both retired she now cooks all the time. lol
    I am going ot have to look for those sugar cake sheets. I never saw those and how perfect for a party cake. xo Diana

  5. So, you're into baking but not cooking? I can see that. LOL! I like those sugar sheets. It reminds me of the stuff that professional bakers use for their cakes. I did a quick look at that blog that you linked to and it was an interesting read. I've never lived in a resale before. The house I grew up in was built for us, and then when my husband and I got married, we picked out our lot and house plan and had both of our houses built. I've always wondered what it would be like to live in an old home though. Our current home is almost 20 yrs old so I know things get worn out and have to be replaced. That I DO know. But, that article had good perspective on what it's like to live in an old home from the beginning.

  6. Those sugar sheets look so nice for cake decorating. I want to try them. It is nice to know about the dish towels also since I am always looking for some that stay nice after washing. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    1. You'll love those dishtowels! They really do stay nice after a ton of washings. They're by far, my favorite ones! :)

  7. Lisa, I agree with the not cooking! :) Of course, it's just me so that's easy. I do love to cook in the fall & winter though. Baking has always been my passion. When the temps start to rise, I tell my kids that the oven is off til October! :) The sugar sheets are new to me ~ thanks for sharing!

    I worked at Williams-Sonoma PT for about a year or more after I retired. Great discount and I loved everything in the store! Just being on my feet for hours was too hard. They really sell quality products so yes, the towels should last a long time.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I love when new baking products come out. People are always so surprised when I try new things so I guess there's not many of us roaming the baking aisles! I'll check these sheets out! And the towels sound great.

    I'm afraid to read the post about old houses. Ours is about 70 years old and we've done and re-done everything over and over. Still, I love it and don't know if I could be comfortable in something new.

    I've never tried Chik-fil-A. In fact, I rarely eat fast food, I just like to cook I guess (and I always have to watch my calories). How do you stay so skinny when you have take out? Do you get salads or wraps?

    Jane xx

  9. I have to check out those edible sheets after you shared them on IG, Lisa! And your seat-belted supper totally made me lol! I love that quote! lol! I read that article too and while my husband absolutely loves old homes, I always shy away from them for many of the reasons listed in that post! Interesting read! Hope you're having a lovely week! xo
    Kendra @

    1. Wasn't that an interesting article about older homes? I've always loved older homes, but I guess there's a lot to consider when buying one. :)


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