Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Master Bedroom

Hello! It's been a while since I've shared some pics of our master bedroom, so I thought I'd share a few today. 

I was tagged on IG the other day to share a pic of my nightstand, so I took this pic. In true blogger fashion, I first stepped out back to clip some flowers for that vase. :) 

Normally I don't have flowers in it because of Holly. She LOVES flowers. A little too much, if you ask me. Lol!

Here's a close up of the vase. I bought it on clearance at The Bombay Company many years ago...

Our bedroom has a lot of grey and white, but there are touches of blue here and there, like these prints from my grandmother...

This chair also has a little blue in it...

Here's a close up of the fabric...

I'm still loving my cotton stems from Michael's. I keep moving them around the house, but for this moment, they're on the armoire in my bedroom. I really need to invest in a few more when Michael's has them again in the fall. I love decorating with them. 

Here's a tiny change I made in the bathroom. I decided to corral all my makeup brushes into this IKEA knock off planter from the Target Dollar Spot. I think I bought six of these planters. You'll notice there is another one on the armoire in the pic above. They're scattered all over the house. :) 

I used to keep all my brushes in a drawer, but I was always scrounging around looking for the right one, and putting them all in one place just made sense. It's so much easier getting ready in the mornings now. 

Well, that's all for now. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Lovely room! I bought the exact same little planter...ha! Put it in the guest bath! its empty right now

  2. Looks great, Lisa. I put some blue into my bedroom this last year, too. First time in YEARS I have had blue. Those are neat old prints from your grandmother and I LOVE that chair. Hope you have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  3. Your bedroom is so that chair!

  4. Love the white container you're keeping your brushes in!! I broke my small glass mason jar I had my eyeshadow brushes in on Sunday and I totally forgot to pick up a non-breakable one. I meant to look at the Target dollar spot but totally forgot about my mission when I spotted their new spring stuff lol.

    I think I've told you this before but I love your bedding!!! White is so clean and the brown and blue dots bring in just the right amount of color. Very pretty space :)

  5. I like the soft colors in your bedroom. I remember shopping at the Bombay Company! I used to love that store. Too bad it went out of business. I like the vase that you got there. I keep my makeup brushes in a container too. It definitely helps keep them more accessible.

  6. I had to come and comment, I saw that Kirklands gave you a shout out on their Instagram!! Your kind of famous I guess, now!! I love your decor ALL of it!!

  7. Your bedroom is so pretty. I love the two prints over your bed with the scrolly thing over them (what is that called-lol!). So many wonder what to do over the bed and this is perfect.

    I have to tidy up my nightstand every morning...books, magazines, cups and glasses, hubby's candy wrappers, it's really a catch all. But under all of that is a pretty tray with a lamp and a precious framed photo of the family. Just hard to find!!

    Jane x

  8. Looks beautiful! I had an accent wall painted navy in my bedroom prior to moving in. I have all gold framed mirrors on it and I'm really enjoying it! Love your chair ~ always wanted room to have one in a bedroom but haven't gotten there yet. :)

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  9. Your bedroom is beautiful Lisa! I love that chair! I'm on the hunt for one for our room! I stocked up on those little white planter things from Target! Especially glad now that Target closed down! Thanks for another peek into your home, friend! co
    Kendra @

    1. Thank you, Kendra! I love those planters from Target! I can't believe all yours closed down! Maybe you'll get something even better in its place. :)

  10. Such a beautiful bedroom, Lisa! Love all the touches. You have created such a pretty space. Have a great weekend! xxx Maria

  11. It's so pretty and definitely a restful sanctuary you have there Lisa!


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