Friday, August 15, 2014

Flower Bouquets and New Doormats

Riveting title, huh? :)

I love having fresh flowers in my house. I've been clipping some blooms from my garden and bringing them inside to enjoy. Oh, and I finally got on the bandwagon and purchased a green ball jar. It's perfect for displaying fresh flowers. 

decorating with green ball jars

My crepes are busting out with blooms right now. 

purple crepe myrtle

Okay, y'all remember my pitiful looking fern back in March? Here's a pic to refresh your memory...

Well, just look at her now... #blessherheart

You know how sometimes things get overlooked in your house? For me, it was my sad looking doormats. Here's the old one we've had on our back patio for probably 10 years. It really had no scraping power and didn't really do much to clean your shoes.

The other day, I told my hubby I wanted to find new doormats for the front and back doors. I said I wanted a green and tan one with a geometrical print. Well, just look what was in the Kohl's ad the very next day...

Exactly what I was looking for! And they were 50% off!! I think the green goes so well with my green patio furniture and rug.

kohls doormat

Here's the one by the front door...

They're made of coir, which is like a coconut fiber. It scrapes your shoes really well before entering the house. 

kohls geometric doormat

Well, that's it for now. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!! I'll be back next week with a full backyard garden update. Things are blooming right and left out there. :)



  1. Oh my goodness, your flowers are amazing! Love the green jar too. Were you able to buy one? Seems like I've only seen them in large boxes.

    I like your doormats too. The green is fresh and pretty. You know the coir ones don't tend to last as long ... the color wears off. I always rotate them to other spots like the garage when they lose their prettiness.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

  2. Your flowers are really pretty, Lisa. It's always nice to have fresh flowers in the house. Such a pretty shade of green on your doormats ~ they look great!

    1. Thanks, JoAnne! I love having fresh flowers too. They just seem to brighten up any room they're in. :) My hubby was laughing at how happy the new doormats made me. Lol! It really is the little things that I enjoy the most. :)

  3. Such a pretty bouquet of flowers and n that green ball jar it is just beautiful! Don't younloive when you decide to buy something and you have that perfect something that n your head and boom, not only do you find it, its on sale...Awesome! They look look great on your porch too :-)

    Have a blessed weekend...

    1. Thanks, Sherri! And yes, I love when things just come together seamlessly! I was so happy to see those doormats in the Kohl's ad! Gotta love a good sale. :) Hope your weekend is blessed!!

  4. Love your mason jar and new doormats!!! I love that modern print! Have a fabulous weekend friend!

  5. Oh I love your pretty new doormats! I always think new doormats make a house look like new. Glad that your fern survived and is now thriving. I know I have good luck with ferns if I give them a little shade and lots of water.

  6. Great choice on the door mats, Lisa! Wonderful that you got a Pottery Barn look at a much better price. A win-win! They really add a nice pop of color against the brick. Are you enjoying them? Looking forward to your lawn/landscaping post ... you have such a green thumb!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I love those little doormats! With a house full of boys around here, it's nice to have something that will thoroughly clean their shoes before entering the house. ;) I have to admit, when picking out the doormats, I kept thinking how well they will go with my Christmas decor. Lol! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Your Crepes look so beautiful!!!! Your new doormats look fabulous the pattern and the color! I can't believe your little fern came back, it is looking good!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your garden :o)

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