Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dining Room Table Centerpiece and A Few Other Changes

Hello there! Before I forget, I wanted to tell y'all that I've been working furiously on the tutorial for painting the kitchen cabinets and the post should go live this Thursday evening. I'll have lots of pics of all the products we used and I'll tell you exactly how we did it. 

Okay, now for the changes in the dining room. I recently switched up my dining room table centerpiece and thought I'd share it with you. 

Here's what I had before...

I've had that same candle in the same hurricane glass with the same garland around it forever. It was definitely time to change things up. :)

So, here's what I came up with. I shopped the house for everything, so it didn't cost a dime. 

I used a lined basket with a Target Dollar Spot IKEA look a like planter. Then I added some Dollar Tree berries (just like I did recently on the kitchen buffet) Then I added a Pier 1 glittery sphere and a candle propped up on a book. 

I think it's a nice little change from what was there before. 

pier 1 orb in basket

I also switched up the top of my armoire in the living room. Here's the red and yellow platter I had up there before...

First, I tried this silver platter up there. It was a wedding present 24 years ago and I've never displayed it before. 

gorham silver platter circa 1990

I liked how the silver looked, but then I started thinking maybe it was too "kitcheny" or "dining room-ish" for the living room. So I took it down.

Then I added this yellow plate. So far, I've kept it like this, but that's not to say it won't change again. :)

using bee skep in decor

 I seem to be leaning toward more neutral colors lately and this pale yellow fit the bill. 

And here's a quick change I made to the tops of the kitchen cabinets. See that platter to the right? 

I switched it out for this yellow one below. 

Here's where the yellow one was...

And here's what's there now. After I moved the yellow one, I replaced it with this pale green platter. It's been like musical decor around here. I keep moving things around. :)

I'll probably continue to switch things around for the next few weeks. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to find just the right spot for things. Hope y'all are having a great day and don't forget to stop back by Thursday for the tutorial on painting the kitchen cabinets. :)



  1. I love all your updates!! Especially the basket centerpiece!! So welcoming and relaxing!

  2. Love your dining room table pretty! You have some great trays too!

  3. Your dining room table looks great! I always think things look nice in a basket or on a tray. That's my predictable weakness anymore...grab a tray!

    Don't you think that space above an armoire or above the kitchen is so hard to do? Things that seem huge in your hands look tiny up there.

  4. I like the changes you made. That always happens to me too. Things don't stay the same too long around here. I like the new direction you're going in using the neutral colors. It will make it easier to move things from room to room too.

  5. Hey, Lisa. I have that same pewter bread plate that you have in front of the yellow platter. WE got it as a gift at least 25 years ago!

    I love all your changes and it looks light and bright for summer. I think that silver server looked great on top of the hutch--but so does the yellow plate...either one is pretty.

    Don't you love how one switch leads to another and pretty soon nothing is where it started out? lol Have a good night-xo Diana

  6. I really like all the changes you made to your decorating! T is always nice to change a few things up, makes everything seem fresh :-) And can't beat free!!


    1. Thanks, Sherri! I seem to go through phases where I change things up constantly, then I'll leave them alone for months on end, then I'll constantly change them up again. :) And yep, it's so nice to do it for free!

  7. it's amazing how moving just a piece or two changes up the room and gives it a fresher feel.
    love everything you've done here.

  8. I'd love to see your tutorial on the cabinet painting. My daughter has finally decided to paint hers and she may hire a professional. I see so many of you ladies doing it yourselves, I think it would be good if I gave her a link to your post.

    I love the changes. I love trays and baskets and anything that "anchors" pieces on tables. This is such a cute basket! I like the little vase and flowers, too. I notices your bee those! :)


  9. Saw that super pretty tables cape on IG, didn't know you had a lot more in store for us! lovely!


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