Friday, April 25, 2014

A Garden Update

I thought I'd do a quick update on what's blooming in my garden. When I last left you, this Saint Joseph amaryllis was just about to burst open with pretty blooms. Well, just a couple of days later, this happened...

They're such a pretty red color. :)

My shamrock started blooming too. 

And here it is just a couple of days later...  

blooming shamrock plant

The knock out roses are doing well. That little one in the middle is called a "Rainbow" knock out. Its petals are pink, yellow, and white.

pink knockout rose

Below is a close up of the Rainbow Knock Out Rose

Oh these two...they are so funny. That's Rocky on the left and Gladys on the right. They are the two strays we're feeding. We named the one of the left "Rocky" because he's all scratched up from cat fights. And Gladys just looked like a "Gladys" to me. :)

Gladys rules the roost. When I go out there to feed them, she pushes her way past Rocky and gobbles up the food before he even has a chance to eat.

We finally started putting TWO bowls out there so Rocky at least has a chance at eating. :) But, when Gladys is done, she just up and runs off and good ol' Rocky just has to traipse after her, even if he's not done eating. I think she's got him wrapped around her little paw. Rocky seems to cater to her every need. :)

One more thing...I wanted to show this pic of the bottle brush trees in full bloom. They recently exploded with color!

The one on the right is a little ahead of the one on the left as far as blooming. They really do look just like a red bottle brush. :)

Well, that's it for now. What's blooming in your garden?



  1. Your yard is so pretty, Lisa! I love seeing all your pretty blooms. I'm off to see if I can buy a bottle brush tree somewhere in my area. Maybe Ebay?! I get a lot of bare root plants from there. PS. You are so sweet to feed the stray cats.

  2. Your knockout roses are ahead of mine! Mine haven't bloomed yet. Aren't they pretty? I love the bottlebrush tree you have. I've never seen that one before. Glad the kitties are still doing well. I feel like they're yours!

  3. Oh my goodness, your amaryllis is stunning! We have some in our backyard that came from Paul's grandmother. We just planted it last year and it never bloomed but any day now...maybe tomorrow there will be big blooms. I don't know the variety but can't wait to see them. Isn't spring in Texas the best?

  4. Everything looks so pretty!! Love the amaryllis! Several of my neighbors have them in thier yards and I enjoy admiring them as I drive by. I think you told me that your mom is a master gardner. Do you know if there you can grow hydrangea in SE Texas? I sure would love to plant some at our next house, but don't want to bother if they are doomed to fail.

  5. Gorgeous!! You have the perfedct combination of color and texture!!
    I couldn't tell you what we have sincethe hubby is the one in charge of all that..I just tell him to pick something!

  6. Looking beautiful! Your garden looks amazing. You really have a " green thumb"!

  7. Wow- Your gardens look amazing, Lisa. I have never seen a bottle brush tree in person. That is amazing. I love my shamrock, too, but we can't put them outside here. NOTHING blooming here yet- we are about a month away...ugh- xo Diana

  8. Wow, you have a lot blooming in your garden already!!!! Your bottle brush tree is beautiful, I have never seen one before. Your kitties are so cute too :o) Have a great weekend!!!

  9. All that color! How pretty! I wish I had room for blooming bushes. Everything looks so tidy, too.

    This is so funny...Rocky and Gladys. What a pair! He sounds henpecked! lol!

    Have a great weekend, Lisa!


  10. Everything looks great Lisa. My knock out roses are going nuts too. I sure wished they bloomed like this all summer!

  11. Everything looks so pretty, Lisa! The only time I see Amaryllis around here is December, and I always plan on getting a few and then planting after they bloom.....but that has not happened! Do they multiply on their own like some bulbs do? I love bottle brush trees. We had one in our previous house, and I loved watching the hummingbirds feast every morning and afternoon. I think we need to plant one here! Too funny about those cats. How does Holly react to them?

  12. Hi Lisa...thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous garden over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden are so lucky to see roses already! do you bring them in your home as a cut flower to enjoy too? hope you have a fabulous week! xoxo

  13. beautiful blossoms - roses in May are just so unusual to me :)

  14. I enjoyed seeing the colour in your yard. Where I live in Ontario, daffodils are just starting to open now, the rest of the yard is still kind of brown looking. The bottlebrush tree looks like a fun one to grow.


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