Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Exercise Routine and A Walk Down Memory Lane

I don't know if anyone will be interested in this or not, but I thought I'd talk a little bit about my exercise routines, past and present. :) I usually workout 5 days a week (Sunday thru Thursday) I almost always workout in the late afternoon after I pick my son up from school. And let me just preface this by saying I'm by no means an expert and this is just what worked for me. I'm in no way endorsing this workout for anyone else. :)

For a long time (years, actually) my exercise routine consisted of a 1-2 mile walk/jog on the treadmill, followed by 200 sit ups (in 4 sets of 50) Then I would do 150 curls with 5 pound weights  (in 3 sets of 50) 

Below is the ab roller I use to do sit ups and the 5 pound weights I use for arm curls. 

Then after a few years, I switched to a recumbent bike in place of the treadmill. (I don't have a pic of the bike, but it was your run of the mill recumbent bike where you sit and kind of lean back while peddling) I would do 3-4 miles on the bike, followed by my normal routine of sit ups and curls. This was a big mistake. I was literally sitting down while riding the bike and wasn't working up a sweat at all. I knew it wasn't as good a workout as the treadmill, but I was just so tired of the treadmill at this point.

Then the other weekend, I decided I really needed to amp up my exercise routine and actually get something that forced me to get up (versus sitting down on the recumbent bike)

Enter the elliptical...

Y'all...I love this elliptical machine!!!! It is such a good workout! Since I'm new to it, I'm just doing about 25 minutes a day on a level 4 (it goes from level 1 to level 14) I'm a sweaty mess when I get off, so I know it's working. Lol! Plus, I burn way more calories than I did on the bike or treadmill. I hope to bump it up to 30 minutes a day this week. As I get used to it, I can also increase the resistance level. Its got a built in fan and a place to plug in my iPhone (so I can listen to my music) It also has built in speakers for my iPhone if I don't want to bother with ear buds. And the best runs on batteries so there's no pesky cord to deal with. :) 

I'm actually sore all over after doing the elliptical, so that tells me it's working all kinds of muscles. I'm literally sore in my back, shoulders, arms, stomach, legs, etc. 

I personally think it's a much better workout (for me) than the combo of the bike, weights, and ab roller or the treadmill, weights, and ab roller. 

Don't worry though, I still do my 200 sit ups with the ab roller after I'm done with the elliptical. I had two c-sections, and my stomach probably won't ever be the same, but a girl can dream, right? :) Actually, sometimes I do the ab roller earlier in the day while I'm just watching tv, then after I pick up my son, I just have to do the elliptical. 

Okay, enough exercise talk. Let's talk ferns...

I blogged about this fern back in August. It froze the winter before, and I cut it down and it came back so beautiful and full. It was 4 feet wide in this pic from last summer. it is now...

Bless its heart. :) It froze down again and we just cut it back. I'm hoping it will have a repeat performance of what it did last summer and here's proof that there's hope...

Do you see that tiny little fern leaf? Yep, there's still hope. :)

I love planting snapdragons in the winter/spring. I never even covered these all winter long and they are still blooming nicely. 

But, pretty soon it'll get too hot for them and I'll have to replace them with something that can take the heat. I'm thinking of planting some kalanchoes in these pots for the summer. 

I was washing my apron the other day and realized I've never shown a pic of it. Isn't it the cutest? The "best neighbor ever" made it for me a couple of years ago and I love it! The material is just perfect and I wear it all the time. Would you believe this is the very first apron I've owned? I've been married for almost 24 years (I was a young bride at 19) and I've never worn an apron before this. Didn't know what I was missing, I tell ya. :) 

I talked about my apple peeler HERE, but did you know you can also peel potatoes with it? That was news to me. I saved so much time by using this instead of peeling them by hand. It makes the prep work for homemade potato soup much easier. 

Now for the "walk down memory lane" part. I mentioned in my master bedroom makeover post HERE that one of the things I keep in my new table drawer is the bookmarks my boys made for me when they were little. Well, here's a pic of a few of them. Aren't they sweet? I love the hearts and they even "laminated" a few with clear packing tape. :)

This is one more thing I came across the other day. It's a homemade Harry Potter wand my husband made for one of the boys when they were Harry Potter one Halloween many years ago. 

I mean, just look at the detail on that wood! I love it! 

Well, that's all I've got for now. What kind of exercise routine do y'all have? Please share in the comments. I'm always curious as to how other people workout. :)

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  1. Oh, I've been wanting to look into getting an elliptical!!!! My mom and sister use it and love it!
    My exercise routine consists of running around after my 3 year old and we sometimes have these high energy "dancing parties" that are loads of fun. But I really need to get down a routine! I hate running, do you think I would dig the elliptical?
    And you inspire me with your 200 sit-ups...I should at least start aiming for 20 a day..LOL!

  2. I am so excited for Spring because I love to walk outdoors! I need to look into an ab roller- I've almost lost all of my baby weight, but my stomach still needs lots and lots of work. Hope you have a great day!

  3. And here I was feeling all proud about going to Zumba twice a week! Honestly, I've always hated working out with the exception of walking. I can walk far and fast. Since starting Zumba I can understand the addiction that I've always heard people talk about and it makes me want to do more. I seriously need to be working my way up to those sit ups you are doing to strengthen core muscles. That seems to be awfully important.

  4. LOL- I am NEVER telling you that all I do is walk on that stinking treadmill. lol I did promise myself that this is the year I would really get into a regular routine of some kind. As soon as New Baby is behind me I am going to do just that...even if it means joining some sort of "club" to do it. Good for you for the sit-ups. Don't quit! I used to do them religiously....and don't anymore. BAD ME!

    Love those memories. Someday you can gift those to your kids when they are all grown up and they will love you for saving them. xo Diana

  5. Oh you're so disciplined. I wish I was. I need to work out. I use to all the time, but somehow I let life get in the way. I'm hoping to get back into walking when the weather warms up. I may eventually rejoin a gym. I don't have any equipment here other than a yoga mat, resistance bands and some weights. I loved the elliptical when I use to go to the YMCA to work out. Glad you are liking it too. It really does a full body workout.

  6. You are such a great example!! I really need to get it all up.. I'm eating right, I just need to get the exercise in! You go girl!!


  7. Great workout. I love to exercise, I walk, jog and do some squats and weights. The elliptical is a great workout but I do not have one. Happy Sprimg,

  8. Your good to have a routine Lisa, I'm horrible with exercise! I know, I should be better since I advocate it a lot, but it's just so tough! Kudos to you for that!

    About the fern- i love ferns and I always throw mine out, I didn't know they could come back, must try this for sure, thanks! And that wand is fabulous! i bought one for my son from santa last Christmas and its nothing like what your hubs made, the detail is just perfect!

  9. Hi, saw your blog on Kelly's blogroll and decided to visit, right now I'm doing Tracy Anderson's method. I have the Mat Workout DVD and her two 30 minute Dance and Cardio, love both, I can see improvement already!
    I didn't think a fern would grow back, we live in Pa. and I don't think it could take the cold winters.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Good for you on your exercise routine, Lisa! We belong to a gym and go 3 times a week. I do the treadmill but keep looking at the elliptical which is usually the most used piece of equipment there. I've been told that it can be really hard on the back if you have back issues -- I do. I still want to try it and will just be very cautious. Other than the gym, we also do quite a lot of walking (25 miles of walking/biking paths in our neighborhood) while the weather is nice. We also do all of our own housework and yard work, which seems to be rather rare in our area for people our age -- excuse me?

    Love the bookmarks! You will have those little treasures until you're a granny, at least.....well, I do and now I'm getting little things from our grandchildren. The little handwritten cards are the best because they go right into photo albums!

    I sure hope your fern rebounds! Do y'all have Vincas in your area? They are my "go-to" flower for the hot weather. They have really deep green foliage and then pink or white flowers. They grow really fast and have to be trimmed or they can get leggy and out-of-control, but they thrive in our heat.

  11. Since I have back issues my workout consists of walking only. I really need to eat better but can't seem to do that right now with all the stress I am under.....I am going to try to do better though.
    I had no idea that ferns would come back!!! I have one I accidentally left out all winter so instead of tossing it maybe I'll wait a little longer and see if it pops back?!?!?!
    Those bookmarks are so sweet that you hung on to them :o)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  12. My senior mom and I enjoy walking around our neighborhood - getting lovely views of the Puget Sound here in Pierce County - and even seeing an occasional deer. Awesome fun and good exercise. Thanks for a lovely blog party visit.

    1. Hi Kaye! Oh, that sounds so nice to be able to take a walk and get views of Puget Sound! We can only take outdoor walks here until about early May, then it just gets too hot. However, I do see lots of people in our neighborhood walking after around 9pm when it cools down a bit. Thanks for your visit!

  13. Great routine, I have a hard time sticking to mine! Great that your fern is coming back, I love it when that happens! Last year my asparagus ferns came back, hope they do this year too.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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