Friday, March 14, 2014

Candle Lantern Before and After

Hi there! Today I'm sharing a quick and simple before and after. I bought this candle lantern stand thingy (I'm never sure what to call it) a few years ago at Ross. I needed something tall and skinny to put in this corner and literally grabbed the first thing I saw that I thought would work. Mistake. I've never really loved it, but felt like I needed something in this spot. 

Here is how it looked before my little makeover.

ross lantern stand

I actually still liked the top lantern part, I just wasn't wild about the tall stand it was on. Then it hit me...I could have hubby saw off the lantern and I could use it separately. 

So, that's precisely what he did! It took him just a few minutes out in the garage (he used a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel) For now I have it by the fireplace, but I'm not sure where it'll end up. I keep moving it around. 

I really like the size of it. 

Here's a close up. By the way, that candle scent is "pecan praline" and it smells so good!

Here's something I shared on Instagram...see these magazines? I had a huge stack that I still hadn't read. Some of them are from the FALL, y'all! I hate to admit, but there were also a few from June of 2013 too. :) This pic isn't even half of what I had accumulated over the last several months.

It was a nice rainy day, so I curled up with my tea, skinny cow candies, and my favorite throw and read and read and read for hours. It was the perfect day!

The only bad thing about sitting and reading design catalogs and magazines for hours on end is that you get inspired by all the pretty pictures and start to see all kinds of things in your own house that you all of a sudden feel the need to change. :) Case in point...I now feel the need to put up a plate wall somewhere in my house and paint my kitchen cabinets white. :)

After I removed the lantern stand, I realized that I really didn't need to fill up that spot with anything. It looked okay to me with nothing in that corner. Below is a pic without the lantern. (Holly's toy basket is there now, but I don't know if it'll stay.) Oh, and see those prints? I  love Thomas Kinkade prints, but didn't want to spend the money on them, so I just bought one of his books (or maybe it was a calendar) and cut out the pictures and framed them. ;)

Here's another pic. Don't you think a plate wall would look good where those two prints are now? I'd like to do one with all white or cream colored plates, maybe with a platter in the middle. What do y'all think?

The other thing I realized while reading all those magazines/catalogs was that I really want to replace the cornice board in my dining room with full length curtains. Here's what it looks like now with the cornice board/valance above the window.

I love the fabric and would still like to use it for curtains if they still make it. I'll just use the same "no sew" method like I did for my kitchen curtains HERE 

Here's a close up of the fabric. I really do still love it, I'm just tired of the valance/cornice board look. I think full length curtains will give it a finishing touch. 

Well, y'all have a good weekend! I'm working on a post about my exercise routine (how I worked out in the past and how I'm working out now, what equipment I use, etc) and I should have that up soon, so check back if you're interested. :) Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I can totally see a plate wall in your dining room! That would look great.

    I've been taking catalogs straight to the recycle lately. Too much temptation and not enough willpower!

  2. I like all of your ideas for the house! The cornice boards are pretty. Too bad they're not wide enough to hang over drapes. That would be pretty. I know what you mean about reading magazines and getting new ideas. Sometimes it's a good thing and other times I just get depressed. LOL!

  3. Oh, yeah.....a plate wall would be perfect there.
    I have cut my mag. subscription to ONE magazine and when it comes, I sit down, right then, and read it, cover to cover. Then, I read it again in a few days. I love getting ideas from Country Living. :)

  4. I love how you found a way to live it instead of just getting rid of it! So much fun! Love it on the floor too!
    I think a plate wall would look really awesome on that wall :)
    And the curtains would make the room appear taller!
    You have lots of fun projects and I can't wait to read about them friend!

    Looking forward to your excercising post! That's something this girl needs to start doing!

  5. How easy to cut off the stand, and get something you really like now! I love plates on the wall; they remind me of my grandmother who put plates all over her kitchen walls. And I love a cup of tea and a stack of magazines -- such a great way to relax and get some inspiration.

    1. That poor lantern was inches away from being donated when I had the idea to cut it off the stand. :) That was a close one! Lol! I really need to start collecting plates for the plate wall. Hopefully it'll turn out nice. :) Thanks for visiting, Deborah!

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from, Lisa. I spent several days going through all my old magazines and collecting the ideas from them. I so hate to part with any magazine I have. lol I think it is a sickness. Love your idea of a plate wall there- I think it would look beautiful. xo Diana

  7. Plate walls are really the "in-thing" right now. I think you could easily incorporate a few plates along with your prints -- maybe a plate on each side and a platter above. I agree that full-length drapes would definitely give a very finished look in your dining room. I think I would probably extend the drapery rod beyond the window on either side which would make the window appear larger. Nice, simple redo on that lantern -- looks nice.

    I'm not calling you a "magazine hoarder," but I definitely was one! I even did a post about it sometime last year. I had so many subscriptions that had just piled up and piled up while I was busy doing other things, like moving and blogging (heehee). I finally dug myself out by grabbing a stack every night as I was watching tv. I was absolutely ruthless in my purging, and have now cut my subscriptions down to just three. They just get out-of-hand so easily!

  8. Love the lantern. Don't you just love to relax and read on rainy days. That is what I am going to do tomorrow. Come by by blog as I have a cute giveaway for spring. Have a great weekend.

  9. I really like the lantern thingy! You have an eye like my daughter...the interior designer. She will know when an area needs something tall or wide or whatever. That's a good thing. But you didn't like it and I think it wonderful that you came up with such a good idea. I was wondering...could you find a narrow space in your foyer or a hallway that you could actually hang it on the wall. It reminds me of a street light and if you use a flameless candle, it would be a great nightlight. Just a thought!

    I think the window would look pretty with long curtains. I had cornices like that in my living room and I saved them in case I wanted to use them again. They are pretty easy to recover.

    Magazines...I subscribe to SO many!! And yes, I drool over things. I try to read them ASAP when I get them, I've let it slide and I'm reading Christmas in April! Ha! I usually cut out recipes and then toss them. I wish I had someone to give them to but no one in my family seems to be addicted to them like me!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  10. What a great idea to cut the lantern off the looks great next to your fireplace! I love that fabric, it will make beautiful drapes :o) I have quite the pile of magazines waiting to be read too....I hope I become as inspired as you did?!?!?! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

  11. Lots of fab ideas Lisa, I guess the magazine reading truly inspired you! love the plate wall idea and the curtains too!

  12. Hi Lisa, the cabinets are antique white. I didn't paint them. They are the cabinets
    I picked when we moved in our home. The appliances are bisque. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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