Friday, January 24, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things ~ Part Three

Hello everyone! I thought it was about time for another "Favorite Things" post. I know I always enjoy seeing what products other people are enjoying, and hopefully you do too! If you missed the first two Favorite Things posts, you can see them HERE and HERE

As promised HERE  I'm sharing the perfect jeggings I recently found. I looked everywhere and was willing to pay just about anything to find jeans/jeggings that were comfortable and stayed up. I hate those "low rise" kind that are constantly slipping down. Well, I finally found these at Walmart and I only had to plunk down $11.94 for them! They're available in stores, but you can also order them online. I had intended to give you a link to them on the Walmart site, but for some reason, it's not letting me copy and paste the link. Sorry about that. If you just go to and put Jeggings in the search bar, it'll bring up several different ones. Just scroll down to the ones that say "Faded Glory Women's Knit Color Jeggings." They're $11.94. 

In my store, they were on these hangers and were hanging on a wall by the cardigans and sweaters.

comfy jeans

Look at all the fun colors they come in! They come in sizes like small, medium, large, and extra large too. I think that makes it easier, especially when ordering online. They have belt loops and pockets and look just like the denim material of jeans, but they're WAY more comfortable. They're actually "pull on" meaning they don't have zippers and buttons. But don't worry, there's no granny style elastic at the top. They look just like a regular pair of pants with belt loops and everything. They are seriously the most comfortable thing in my closet (besides my sweat pants) ;)

Here are a few pics of the ones I bought. You can see how they really do look like regular pants. Below is a picture of the back of them. They have two back pockets.

Here's a pic of the front. The front pockets aren't real. :) 

Here's a close up pic of the "faux fly" Lol! I really just wanted to show you the fabric. See how it looks like denim?

Below are the four colors I got. From left to right: Greystone, Warm Fudge, Urban Camel, and Black Soot.

They go perfectly with my boots (they stay tucked in) but they also go great with my flats, flip flops, or Chuck Taylors. 

They're very versatile and did I mention how comfy they are? :) Let me know if any of you order them and fall in love with them like I did. I bought one color in the store, then came home and bought the other three online! more thing...of course since jeggings kind of fit close to the skin, you kind of want to wear shirts to cover your backside. ;) Remember the famous saying "Jeggings/Leggings are NOT pants." Lol! Below are some shirts I got on clearance at Old Navy for around $7. They were the perfect length to wear with my jeggings. Plus, they came in all these colors!

Now that I'm done extolling the virtues of jeggings, let's look at my next favorite thing. Actually, this could be a 2 fer. I was actually just going to talk about how washi tape is one of my favorite things, but I'm really digging this devicewear iPad case too. :) For now, let's just stick to the washi tape...get it...stick to??? Hee!

Everyone in my family has the exact same case for their iPads, so I wanted to be able to distinguish mine from everyone else's. I used this tie dye washi tape on my case and it worked perfectly! 

What I love about it is that it doesn't leave any residue on anything. You can put it on, then peel it off and there's no evidence it was ever there. We've all seen the millions of uses for washi tape, and this is just one more. :) You can find it at just about any craft store. I got this tie dye one on clearance at Michael's for about $1.

The pic below is the first washi tape I put on my case. I liked the chevron pattern, until I remembered I had the tie dye. :) I just peeled the cheveron off and slapped up the tie dye. 

How about some beauty products now? I was very late to get on the makeup primer bandwagon, but now I don't think I'll ever get off. :) 

I'm pretty loyal to Neutrogena as far as my makeup/skin care routine, so I was very happy to see they now make a primer!

neutrogena make up primer

This was about $12 at my local grocery store. It was right next to all the other Neutrogena makeup. Basically, you put it on a clean face before you apply your liquid foundation. I used to use a moisturizer (Neutrogena, of course) before I put on my makeup, but now I use this primer in place of the moisturizer. 

It fills in all those pesky lines, wrinkles, or scars on your face and really helps your makeup go on smoother and last longer. I used to think all this talk about using a primer for makeup was hogwash, but it really does seem to keep my makeup on longer. Can't believe I just used the word "hogwash" ha! 

Here's a closer look at the packaging.

Next up is my Otterbox Defender case for my iPhone. This is another thing we were really late to get on the bandwagon with. We didn't get smartphones until about a year and a half ago. We kept putting it off because we were dreading our cell phone bill being as much as a car payment. (we have two boys and knew it would be expensive for all four of us to get them) 

But, we finally caved and bought them for all of us. What's funny is that my hubby kept saying "Y'all can get an iPhone, but I don't think I would use it that much." Well, fast forward to the present day and he's the one who's ADDICTED to his! Ha! 

Anyway, the one stipulation we had when getting them was that the boys HAD to get an Otterbox case for it. (hubby and I actually got them too) The Otterbox cases are REALLY durable. They can be dropped, stepped on, etc. and the case will protect it. 

Above is my iPhone with the Otterbox Defender case. We paid about $50 for our cases, but it has saved our phones many, many times. We bought ours at the Verizon store, but you can also order them from I figure if you're going to spend that much on a phone, you better pay a little extra to protect it. :) Did you also notice I used washi tape on my case? Yep, one more use for the very versatile washi tape. :)  

 I used to spend a lot of money on what I thought were "good" sheets. I recently gave our master bedroom a makeover and got all white bedding. I quickly realized I now needed white sheets too. I bought several sets, but every time I brought them home and set them down on my bed, I realized they weren't white enough. I guess my bedding is "bright white" because all the sheet sets looked ecru or off white compared to it. 

Then I remembered my $5 Family Room Curtains. I bought those white flat sheets to use as "curtains" at Walmart, so I quickly brought one of my new "bright white" shams into the family room and held it up to the white Walmart sheets and it was a perfect match! The whites were identical! Yay! I also sat there for a minute rubbing the Walmart sheet up to my cheek to make sure it would be soft enough to actually sleep on, and it was! 

I hightailed it to Walmart and bought these sheets. I just purchased the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow cases separately. The queen size flat and fitted sheets are about $11 each and the pillow cases come in a two pack (standard size) for about $6, so you can get a complete set for around $28!

Here's a closer look at the package. As you can see, they're 200 thread count and fit mattresses up to 14 inches thick. We just bought a new mattress that's pretty thick, and they fit it just fine.

These may not be for everyone, but they seemed to work just fine for us. And you can't beat that price. :)

Now on to perfume...or "perfumed cologne spray" as the case may be. :) This perfume has been around a long time. I remember my mom using it back in the 70's. I recently tracked some down on Amazon and when it came in the mail, and I took a whiff of it, it was like sense memory for me. Or maybe I should say "scent memory" ha!

perfumes from the 70's

It's called "Interlude" and I absolutely love it! I'm extremely picky about perfumes. I don't like really strong ones, and I always have a hard time picking one out. But, since I already knew what this one smelled like, I knew I'd like it. It's made by Frances Denney and this 4oz. bottle was just under $30 on Amazon.

It's hard to describe the scent. It's not really "floral" or "fruity" or anything like that. It's just a good combo of intriguing scents, if that makes any sense. One friend described it as "mysterious" and another described it as "dramatic" if that tells you anything. :)

Now on to another beauty product...  

I have naturally curly/wavy hair, and I usually blow dry it straight, so in my past favorite things posts, I showed you lots of products to keep your hair straight. Well, I recently decided to let my hair do its own thing and go curly. :) So, this time around, I'm showing you something to keep your curls in tact and frizz free. It's about $6 at any drugstore.

I love this mousse! It's called Loreal Ever Style Curl Activating Mousse. I shampoo and condition my hair, then leave it up in a towel to dry for about 10 minutes. Then I comb through it and apply this mousse and blow dry it about 90% dry with a diffuser. 

paraben free beauty products

This works really well and doesn't leave my hair "crunchy" feeling like some mousse.  It's really creamy too. I actually wash my hair at night and sleep on it, and it's still nice and curly and frizz free in the morning. :) And for those of you who are interested, this mousse is also alcohol free, paraben free, and 100% vegan. ;)

Ah, the Lip Smackers...I've used them since I was a teen and still love them. I used the Dr. Pepper scent for years, but have since moved on to cotton candy and strawberry. (yes, I'm 12) Of course, these can be purchased pretty much anywhere for next to nothing. I'm pretty much addicted to it and use it every night before bed. I've used other brands, but these seem to stay on longer and I love all the fun scents. 

cotton candy lip gloss

Speaking of my night time routine, I also use Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion on my hands, elbows, and feet every night. :) This stuff is great! It's about $6 at any grocery store/drugstore. It really has staying power too.  

It's totally non greasy just like it says. It absorbs into your skin and doesn't feel like you have anything gloppy on. :) In the Summer, I also use their version with sunscreen in it. 

Well, I guess I've talked enough for one day. I hope you found something new to try and as usual, I'm not getting paid to endorse any of these products. They're just things I honestly use and enjoy and thought you might too. 

Thanks for visiting and let me know if you try any of these!


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  1. You've sold me on some good items! I love the jeggings and shirts you bought. So cute! It was interesting to read about the makeup primer too. I don't currently use it. I use moisturizer and powder over it. I don't even use foundation. I've found that it makes my lines show up more! Could be I need a different brand though. I also have natural curly hair, but have not found any mousse I like. I prefer gel. Thanks for the suggestions. I may give them a try!

  2. I also love white sheets! You can wash on the hottest setting and use bleach to freshen the whiteness up. I have bought sheets at Sams and Costco, but will have to give Walmart a try too.

    I love the Loreal Everstyle shampoo and conditioner too, as well as a "smoothing" cream. (I have wavy hair that I try to keep smooth and straight.) I enjoyed your favorites!

  3. So many wonderful things......
    I have never used makeup primer but I am going to check that out.....getting old is hell!!! LOL I use white sheets on our bed too but always buy them at Sam's Club. I will have to try the Wal-Mart ones out since they are definitely a good deal :o) Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I must check out those jeggings. I have a really comfy pare that I bought at Kohl's several years ago, but they don't have the pockets or added stitching. They do kind of look like blue jeans, though, so they have been great with my boots. Are they really comfy? I can't stand anything tight -- I'm definitely not a spans-kind of! It's always fun to hear someone else's opinions of different products. I love washi tape, and found a whole set in a neat little carousel type thing at Costco. I really need to do a blog post about some of my craft supplies -- I've been having a bit of fun in my room lately!

  5. That was a fun post, Lisa. I just bought makeup primer for the first time. I like the white sheets, too. I splurged and bought Rachel Ashwell sheets a couple of years ago and never looked back. They are crisp but soft and feel like pure luxury when you slip into bed.

    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. Lisa,

    I love posts like this...just being honest and giving us the tried and true. I have to look out for the jeggings and the sheets. The make up primers...I'm hearing more and more about them and I think they are great for keeping your make up in place for the whole day, who wants that to fade? And for wrinkles, yes, bring it on!!

    Thanks so much. I loved the whole post! :)


  7. Those are some cute jeggings!!! I'll have to check them out at walmart soon!!
    Love seeing your posts like these!

  8. I have those jeggings and totally agree-they are great! They are thicker than many of the ones out there and a great price. Thanks for the primer recommendation-have to give it a try.

    1. Love those jeggings and you're can't beat the price! I think you'll like that primer. It works really well for me. Thanks for your visit!

  9. You YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS, you....this is a GREAT post.
    As you may know, I am olden...and when one gets olden, they don't know WHERE to shop for certain have helped me sooo much. I got 3 new pair of boots of my Christmas/birthday gift and no leggings or longer tops. As a matter of fact, I searched 3 places today and never once thought of Walmart. I'll be going tomorrow, tho.:)
    I, too, love that lotion, too, and have used it for years.
    Thanks so much for all the help....
    xoxo bj

  10. Great post and some wonderful "favorites". Love the leggings and I need to try the sheets. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. those jeggings look totally like jeans-I may have to look into that! with tall boots, they really are the only way to go. and yay about the new primer-considering the price of others I've seen, I will be trying that one next!

  12. I hope you have better luck with the Walmart sheets than I did. When I washed them in warm water the sheet shrank. A lot. The fitted sheet no longer fit at all. The top sheet was very short and would not stay tucked in.
    Thanks for the guide on the other products. I will check the local Old Navy for tops.

    1. That's too bad the sheets didn't work out for you. That's so annoying when sheets won't stay tucked in. I've had mine for a couple of months now, so they've been washed (in hot water) lots of times and (so far) they still fit fine. Maybe I should do another update after I've had them longer. :) I've gotten to where I immediately go to the clearance racks when I go to Old Navy. I've found lots of little gems there. :)

  13. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I am going to give a few a try.

  14. I have been waiting for the post on the jeggings. Now if they are short enough! Thanks for all the other reviews also.

  15. Love the Otter Boxes, just up graded from a 3GS to a %S Apple Iphone, so had not much money left for the Otterbox. But found mine at a local Peddlers Mall, lots her in our area, whole booth full of boxes for smart phones. Oh, price $25.00. Yeah.
    Also just saw some yesterday at our Tuesday Morning, few colors, but sale for $16.88. Grab one now.

    1. Hi Julia! I never thought to look at Tuesday Morning...good tip! I've found lots of discounted stuff there in the past. I like how they get new merchandise in all the time too. Thanks for visiting!

  16. Did you go a size up on the jeggings? have to check them out, I got 2 pairs of curdurouys from Target clearance recently at $7 too and I love them with boots as well, but I do need other colors, so will check them out. For winter, I recently tried the Vitamin E Cream at Sams and I love it so far, the reason being my regular Aveeno wasn't cutting it, my skin was still flaking from all this lack of moisture here. It goes on real thick but doesn't feel greasy once dry, so I like it. Thanks for sharing all your finds dear!


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