Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage Ornaments and Cookie Cutters

So, it's December 4th, it's 80 degrees outside, the a/c is running, and my boys wore shorts to school today. Oh drive me crazy with your wonky weather. Anyway, I wanted to share some unique ornaments and cookie cutters with y'all today. My mom bought these ornaments at Montgomery Ward in the early 70's. Remember Montgomery Ward stores? We had these on our tree almost every Christmas growing up. I love all the pink! 

Who wouldn't love ice cream cones and popcorn balls on their tree? :) The garland was made of fake popcorn too. 

pink popcorn ornaments from the 70's

The gingerbread ornaments also came from Montgomery Ward in the early 70's. 

And...this is what the back of EVERY SINGLE ONE looks like. Yeah...umm...I did that when I was little. :) I couldn't stand it...I HAD to poke holes in those little covers in the back. LOL! 

These cookie cutters belonged to my great grandmother, so they're really old. :) Just to give you some perspective, my grandmother was born in 1912, and these belonged to HER mother. Vintage, indeed. :) I love using these.

I'm totally in love with the wooden handles too. 

And this has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or vintage stuff, but I had to show y'all my longhorn cookie cutter. :) I bought it at a little store in Fredericksburg, Tx. Cute, huh? :)

I hope y'all enjoyed going back in time with me. Does anyone else remember Montgomery Ward? Did your childhood Christmas trees have a particular theme?  



  1. So nice that you have so many sentimental ornaments. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas.

  2. Your vintage ornaments and antique cookie cutters are so cute! I laughed out loud when I read about the little holes in the funny! Today it is so cold here and the temperature is supposed to continue to drop thru out the day. Brrrrr.........

  3. I remember my grandmother having cookie cutters like those! How cute. :)

  4. I don't recall Montgomery Ward stores, but they may not have existed in GA. Not sure. I love your old fashioned ornaments that you saved after all these years! The little cookie cutters are cute too. They would be cute stored in a jar as well. When I grew up, I remember we always had a fake tree with red and gold balls and gold glittered pinecones. We had the huge bulbs that you strung around in it and they were white. And I can't forget the gold tinsel that was wrapped around it and a gold angel that lit up on top. Gosh, that really does take me down memory lane!

  5. WOW! Love your vintage ornaments! We used to shop in Montgomery Ward back in the 80's. Feels like it was yesterday. LOL Love the longhorn cookie cutter!

  6. Love, love all the vintage ornaments and especially the cookie cutters! How fun to be able to continue using them in the family. If you ever find another longhorn cutter, let me know! :)

    My computer is out so I'm using the one in the apt business office ~ bummer. Be so glad when I have access at home again.

    Icing on the way! :)


  7. Your vintage ornaments are precious! And you know we had a Montgomery Wards. I used to shop for my clothes there in my teens. I love those cookie cutter, too. The wood handles make a lot of sense, we should have those now!

    For some reason, growing up, we only had colorful balls on our tree. If any broke, my mom just bought more balls. No cute little deer or Santa's or anything! lol! When my father passed away I inherited some of the older balls, which I just prize. Gee, this sounds perverted! :(


  8. I remember Montgomery Ward...that brings back memories for me! I love your vintage ornaments! They have so much charm! I wish I had some Christmas ornaments or other decor from when I grew up, unfortunately my Mom threw everything away!

  9. Oh, those are wonderful ornaments, Lisa! I really like those cookie cutters. I remember my mom and grandmother had some of those, but my mom didn't save anything.......:(


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