Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Books For Children and a Safety Tip

The other day I was thinking of all the holiday books my kids used to enjoy when they were little. Some of their favorites were the "Night Before" books by Natasha Wing. They have titles like: The night before the night before Christmas, The night before Valentines Day, The night before Thanksgiving and The night before Summer Vacation. Here are a few pics of the ones we have. I can't throw away any childrens books...I'm saving them for my grandbabies one day. :)

childrens book recommendations

This Valentine's Day one was one of our favorites.

Just look at these sweet illustrations. :) All the books talk about what happens "the night before" different holidays. Remember how exciting it was the night before the big Valentine party at school? Making boxes to hold all your Valentines, baking cookies to share. All good memories. Except the one year I went to the bathroom right before the judging of the Valentine boxes...I had worked so hard the night before decorating my box with wrapping paper, lace, and stickers. I just happened to go to the bathroom right before they started going around the room voting for the best box. Just a few minutes later when I got back, they had already voted and my box was left out. Bummer. I just knew I would have won. Oh well. 

Oh how my kids loved these books! I checked on Amazon, and now they have all new titles like:

The night before New Years
The night before my birthday
The night before the tooth fairy
The night before St. Patrick's Day
The night before Father's Day
The night before Mother's Day
The night before Preschool
The night before the 100th day of school
The night before kindergarten
The night before the new baby
The night before summer camp

Anyway...you get the picture. :) If you have little ones at home, you might want to check these out. Your local library might have them too. 

With it being the holiday season and all, I wanted to share a quick safety tip. We all know how important it is to hide any packages in our trunk while shopping, and to lock our car doors. Well, when I got my car, it was set to have the doors automatically lock when I reached 9 miles an hour and to automatically unlock the drivers side door when I put it in "park." So, basically, as soon as I pulled into a parking space and put my car in park, my door would unlock. 

I didn't like this and it was a simple fix. I'm sure all cars are a little different, but on mine, I just accessed the menu on my dashboard and followed the on screen directions. There was an option to take off the "automatic unlock when in park." 

I don't think you can ever be too safe, ya know? Sometimes when I pull into a parking spot, I might sit there for a minute gathering my coupons, or making a phone call or something and I don't want my door to be unlocked while I'm sitting there. 

Of course, I could have just re-locked it when it automatically unlocked, but I like it better this way. Now I don't have to think about it. :)

I also always automatically lock my doors as soon as I get in. I never wait for the "automatic lock at 9 miles an hour." 

One more tip... I've been seeing on the news how important it is to lock all your car doors while filling up at the gas station. Apparently, thieves are reaching in the passenger side doors while people are filling up and stealing their purses. Sheesh. Scary. And sad.

So, what safety tips can you share? Are you extra careful around the holidays? 



  1. Those look like adorable kids books. My youngest son still has a lot of little kids books that need to be cleaned out since he's too old for them now. Those safety tips are good to know. My car is new so it locks and unlocks automatically too but my gas tank is on the passenger side so that helps me be close to my purse! I hear so many stories about how people can take advantage of you that it's a wonder I ever leave my house!

  2. I can tell what a sweet soul you are by still having those books. I have some of the classics and a few of the favorites of my kids and I just can't part with them. Sometimes I think of all the volunteer work I did at their schools and it amazes me to think I had all that time and that I was that dedicated. We were/are much better mothers than we give ourselves credit for.

    I just got a new car this year and I noticed the doors automatically lock much later than the car I had before. I always went by blocks (lol) or time as opposed to miles. I just don't like that. When I'm in parking lots or what have you, I myself and I've drilled it into the girl's heads, lock the door as soon as I get in...don't wait for the automatic. When at gas stations, I keep my wallet tucked under my arm and the purse in the car...well who cares, I have what's important. Crazy how we have to be so vigilant these days. Although I live in the city, my gas station is one of the nicest, safest and friendliest places I've been to. Go figure.

    Thanks for this post. You always come up with great topics!!


  3. That is such a sweet collection of children's books! We had lots of Golden Books and Dr. Seuss, but I passed them on to our children when they started having kiddos. Wish I had kept a few!

    I do those same safety measures -- locking the doors as soon as I get in and not unlocking until I have my act together with purse, keys, lists in hand. I also always take a good look around before I get out of my car. I've also read that you should hit the "panic" button on your hand-held locking devise if you see anyone suspicious close to your car -- you might scare some innocent someone but best to be safe than sorry.


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