Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Indigo Rose Tomatoes and Backyard Decor

Some of you already know this, but my mom is a Master Gardener. She took all kinds of classes and now volunteers for our local Garden Line call center. (Master Gardener mom = free gardening advice for me) :) I'll have to take pics of her garden the next time I'm at her house and share them with y'all. 

She grows the BEST tomatoes ever! She brought a basket over the other day, and just look at how many there are!

These are called "Indigo Rose" tomatoes. And yes, they're supposed to be black. :) They are delicious!

Well, this is the status of my Meyer Lemon tree. It's still in a pot, and I think we need to plant it in the ground. I'm hoping to get some actual lemons this summer. :)

My Ageratum is still doing well. It really seems to be able to to tolerate our heat. I love it when I discover a new (to me) flower that does well in our climate. 

Here are some potted flowers on the patio. 

My little Rosemary is doing fine too. That Rosemary sign was one of my Mother's Day gifts from my boys. :)

This metal scroll piece came from Hobby Lobby. It's done pretty well for being outside. I'd love to find an outdoor lamp to keep out here too.

I've had this for years. My boys actually gave this to me too. I love bird themed things. Especially in the garden or outdoors. It says "Welcome Home."

My sister-in-law was getting rid of this and I snatched it right up. It came with glass votive holders and I bought some candles to go in them, but I don't have them displayed right now. The candles would actually melt in the heat, so I just put them out when we're going to be outside in the evenings. 
If you want to see more pics of my backyard garden, you can click HERE, and HERE. I also get a lot of emails about how I control the weeds in my flower beds. You can read about that HERE 

Well, I guess that's it for now. I think I see a lot of BLT's and sliced tomatoes on the menu this week. :)

I'm joining the Cottage Garden Party 


  1. Looking good! Your little rosemary is so cute! I like the tag that your boys gave you. :)

  2. Popped over from the garden party. Your tomatoes look yummy! And your potted plants on the patio look so pretty. I decided to plant a few flowers in pots this year too as my gardens are getting too full! The small terra cotta pots with flowers add a nice touch to the patio. Have a great day! Wendy :)

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I love the look of potted plants too. Now I just need to remember to water them daily. :) I appreciate your visit and sweet comment!

  3. It would be handy having such a knowledgeable mom. Better still, she shares her produce!

    I'm visiting via Fishtail Cottage.


  4. Everything looks great. :)
    I planted a few things in a window box that's doing pretty sure is hot and dry here, tho, so nothing ever looks beautiful.

  5. Yummy the look great and I know they would be taste in a salad. Thanks for hosting the party, it always gives us a chance to mix and mingle. Kathy

  6. Nothing better than a blt with fresh, homegrown tomatoes. I planted 2 in containers on my deck. I'm not great with tomatoes so time will tell!

  7. I love all of your new decorative iron pieces. I have an iron piece on my back deck. It fills in an empty space on the back of the house by the patio furniture. Hobby Lobby is the best place for finding those things! You will enjoy those tomatoes! We are still waiting on ours to ripen before we pick them. Good luck with your lemon tree! I would love to grow them here. I buy them by the bagful for my ice water.

  8. Lisa, I'm so jealous! Home-grown tomatoes are the best in the world, you are so lucky to have a mom who is a wonderful gardener. I really like all your decorative pieces, especially the gift your boys gave you. Those are the things that add charm to our surroundings.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss


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