Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Kitten Products

We recently got a new kitten named Holly. I've been slowly figuring out what works for us and what doesn't. I thought I'd do a post about a few kitten related items we've found helpful. (actually, there's a couple of things that would work for dogs too) All pics enlarge when clicked.

Holly loves her Kong Kickeroo! Plays with it constantly. We got it at Petsmart.

My husband and son made her this Kitty Condo. They used leftover scraps from when we had new carpet installed so it would match. A kitty condo HAS to match the carpet, right? :)

kitten toys
These are a few of her toys. Notice her feet in the upper left corner. She's wondering what I'm doing with HER stuff. Ha! She loves the catnip mice. She REALLY loves the pink one, as you can probably tell. I think most of these came from Petsmart.

slicker brush
There she is, still guarding her stuff! This is her flea comb and slicker brush. She loves it when we use the flea comb on her. I guess it feels like a massage. She had a few fleas when she came to us, and the flea comb was very helpful in removing them. These were purchased at Petsmart too.

Here's a pic of the flea comb.

We try to keep her toys in this basket in the front hall. We have to pick them up every night or she'll make tons of noise playing with them. :) The basket is from JoAnn's.

Holly is an indoor cat, so that means we have the "joy" of maintaining a litter box. :) We use a scoopable litter and it works great. I like the fact that we can scoop the poo AND pee that way. I didn't get a pic of her litter box or litter, but we keep it in the laundry room. This little black container holds the baking soda and room spray. Before adding the new litter to the litter box, I sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom. Then we periodically sprinkle a little on top of the litter after we remove her "presents." :) More on the room spray in a minute...

These are FANTASTIC!! As you can see, they're really for baby diapers, but I use them when I clean out the litter box. I just scoop her poo/pee into a bag, tie it shut and take it outside to the trash. They even smell like baby powder! They're A LOT cheaper than the kind that are actually for dogs. I've seen bags for picking up your dogs business at the big box pet supply stores and they're around $7 for 30 bags. These were purchased at the grocery store (HEB) and they contain 50 bags for only $1! I was just in Dollar Tree and they have these too! They're a different brand, but basically the same. At Dollar Tree, they were in the baby section and I think there were 75 in a bag for $1.

Here's what they look like when they're opened up. They have two handles for convenience.

Here's how I store them. I pre-open each one (they kind of stick together and they're easier to work with if they
are pre-opened) and just pop them into a gallon ziplock bag that I keep in the laundry room  where her litter box is. 

 body sprays
And now for the room sprays...After we clean the litter box, we sprinkle a little baking soda on top of the litter, then we spray some of this room spray in there just for good measure. These are from Dollar Tree. This is just a sampling of the scents they have. They carry a ton of different scents. I like them because they aren't over powering. I also like Bath and Body Works sprays, but they seem to almost smell up the whole house (which can be a good thing sometimes). These from Dollar Tree kind of stay where you spray them. And of course, they're only $1. 

Here's one more thing I just added to the laundry room where her litter is. I actually bought this reed diffuser in December from Pier 1. I recently pulled it back out to see if it works in here. So far, so good. It seems to give a nice scent in there. If this works, I may not have to use the room sprays as much.

Here's what it looks like. Sorry about the dust. I should have dusted that shelf first. :) 

I don't know why I felt like I had to keep the diffuser hidden. Maybe because it was a Christmas scent and has gingerbread men on it? Ha! I guess it is a little out of season. :) I just tucked it behind this candle on a shelf in the laundry room.

Here's one more pic of sweet Holly. :)
I almost forgot to add a pic of her bowls. She's finally big enough to use them now. When we first got her, she was so tiny, she couldn't even see over the top of these. We've had these bowls for years. We used them with our last cats too. I think I bought it at either Petsmart or Walmart.
This pic cracks me up every time I see it! She was mid-yawn! That's her corrugated cardboard scratcher in the background and her "fishing pole" toy in front of her. The scratcher is from Petsmart and the fishing pole toy was a gift from my mom. :)

This is a little night light we put in the laundry room. Since this is where Holly's litter box is, I wanted her to be able to see it well enough at night. She could probably see just fine without it, but it makes me feel better knowing there's a little light in there at night. :)

Like I said, Holly had a few fleas when she came to us. I ordered this from We put it on her and haven't seen any fleas since. It's just a once a month application and it really seems to work. As a bonus, we saved $20 on the Advantage II vs. getting it at a local pet supply store. (even with shipping, we still saved $20)

I'm not getting paid to endorse any of these things. They are just a few products we found very helpful. Hopefully soon I will get a post up about how Holly came to our family. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Holly looks adorable and well-cared for. I appreciate all the tips for keeping the air fresh around the litter box area. That has always been the challenge for us when we have had cats...where to put the box so it doesn't stink up the whole place. We don't have a cat right now, but my daughter has been begging for one for a long time. I appreciate you stopping by Posed Perfection today and leaving me a sweet comment. I hope you'll visit again soon.

  2. Holly is so cute! It looks like you're having a lot of fun with her!

  3. Bet you all are going to love having Holly around. :)

  4. Hi Lisa, so glad you stopped by my blog to say hi, wanted to stop by and return the welcome! Your kitten is so adorable, she definitely looks very happy to be in your home. Thanks for sharing your tips, I always appreciate them, especially when someone has had a cat before. Do you live in two story home? I only ask, because when we fist got our Gus, he was kept upstairs, and so was his littler box (in the game room of all places), well, we tried moving it downstairs to the laundry room, but he was not to wild for that, and I had recently found a spot he must had used when we first got him, so I did not want him to think it was ok to just go there again, so we ended up putting it back up there...aggravating I tell you. Any tips on moving the litter box? I also use so many air fresheners, although I don't smell anything since we splurged on a self cleaning one. What a great idea in making your own cat condo, they are so pricey, and have not bought one for that reason.

  5. Holly looks so sweet and I bet she is so much fun! Our cat has a Kong Kickeroo also and he loves his too. I can tell Holly found a very good home!

  6. Looks like you're all set now! I think Holly is being well taken care of by y'all. I don't have a cat, but did grow up with them. I'm sure she will bring your family years of love and companionship.

  7. Aw, cute kitty!! If our landlord allowed pets in our house, I would love to get an adorable cat.

  8. What a sweet little kitty and great tips!! I would love for you to link up at my craft party! Just follow the link....


  9. such a sweet kitty! we made a cat scratch tower but my cat never used it...i wish we'd never thrown it out, b/c we have a kitten now, too, and she could have used it. both of ours are indoor cats, and they play with their toys all day. i hate them being out on the floor, but they use them, so i deal with it. now when we have company, lol, that's another story.

  10. Oh how cute!~ Lucy is so happy you shared Holly with us. She is so cuteeeeeeeee!


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