Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Guest Bath Artwork and Unicorn Cake Ice Cream

I finally decided what I wanted to put on the wall above the towel hooks in the newly refreshed guest bath. 

I took this pic from the top of Griffith Observatory on our recent trip to L.A. Then I printed it out in black and white and bought a new frame...

griffith observatory

Here's a close up...

I love how it looks in B&W and I think it goes nicely with the black, white and grey colors in here. 

I also have a couple of food items for you today...

Unicorn Cake ice cream! So fun and yummy! 

I'm pretty much going to buy anything with the name "unicorn" in it. :) It's sweet cream flavored ice cream with blue and pink berry swirls (so good!) and white cake pieces. Yum! 

And this creamer. It's sold in the coffee aisle because it's not refrigerated. Although it does have to be refrigerated after opening. It's Almond and Coconut creamer, made with almond milk and coconut cream. It's made without dairy and soy, it's carrageenan free, gluten free and vegan. And it's really good! 

I got the creamer free when I bought some Starbucks coffee pods, but I'll definitely buy again. 

I had to share this button tin on my armoire in the bedroom... 

This button jar belongs to my mom and it was on her sewing table all throughout my childhood. I loved going through it when I was little. I was fascinated by all the colors, shapes and textures of all the buttons. I asked her a couple of months ago if she still had it and she wasn't sure. Then one day after I had my mom and aunt over for a visit, my mom said she had a surprise for me. We went back to her house next door and she presented me with her beloved button tin! 

metal button tin with lid

I'm so glad she found it. It just brings back so many happy childhood memories. :) 

I also have this hobnail vase displayed on my armoire...

avon hobnail vase charisma cologne

It's from my mother in law and I love how it has a floral design on it. I'm assuming it's from Avon because of this sticker on the bottom...

Anyway, hope y'all are having a good day and thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. Good Morning Lisa. How sweet about the button tin. Don't you love when little things like this button tin bring back great memories. I love that your mom still had it. Have a great day today.


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