Wednesday, January 9, 2019



I changed my Instagram name from Texas Decor to:

Southern Days Decor

You can now find me on Instagram @southerndaysdecor

If you're already following me on Instagram, you don't need to do anything. You'll still see my posts. The only difference is that it'll say "southerndaysdecor" instead of "texasdecor." My profile pic is the same. 

Nothing has changed with the blog. My blog address and email address will remain the same. The blog is still called Texas Decor and you'll continue getting my posts emailed to you if you're a subscriber and you can access my blog any time at:

Here's what I posted on Instagram to let everyone know about my new name...

And here's what I wrote on IG...

I always appreciate your kind comments and likes and I hope you'll continue to follow me at southerndaysdecor on Instagram. :) 


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