Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Little of This and a Little of That

 So, I was innocently sitting on this couch the other day, enjoying these Lorna Doone cookies with a cup of coffee and reading a cozy mystery on my Kindle, when all of a sudden...I looked over at that lamp and immediately knew that it was time for an upgrade. I mean, just like THAT, I knew it needed to be replaced. Then I looked at its friend across the room and said "You too, buddy." ;) 

I do still like these lamps, but I've come to the realization that they're too small for this space. They seem too tall and skinny and I wanted something more substantial. 

So here's the story on the living room lamps (and the bedroom ones too, actually) About 10 years ago, my sister in law gave me three lamps. This one seen above, as well as the other one in the living room and another one in the bedroom. She had them for many years before that too. When I first got them, they were either black or dark brown. After about 5 years, I painted them heirloom white. Now it's been about 5 years since that. 

So all in all, these lamps are at least 20-ish years old and I've personally had them in my house for 10-ish years and they didn't cost me a dime. So...I think I deserve to spend a little dough on some lamps, don't you? 

At first, I thought I wanted gourd lamps for the living room... 

They're very traditional, easy to find and reasonably priced. But then I came across a ginger jar lamp. Here's what they look like...

I loved this ginger jar lamp! See how it has the pretty wood bottom and the lamp base looks like a ginger jar with a lid? I fell in love immediately. All of a sudden, I HAD to have one. I started googling them at online stores and it turns out, they're pretty expensive. Think upwards of $300. Gulp. So I figured I'd try and find one in the Houston area at a Home Goods or something like that and maybe save a few bucks. I literally went to 18 different stores in one day, looking for a ginger jar lamp. There wasn't a single one in my area. The only thing that came home with me that day was this Nest candle...

I mean, it's a nice candle and smells divine, but it's no ginger jar lamp. 

Then a friend on instagram (@meganinjersey) asked if I'd looked online at Hayneedle. I hadn't, but I hightailed it over there and found some good ones that were way cheaper (like $100 cheaper) So I hit the "buy" button and now I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. 

I ended up buying one ginger jar lamp for the living room, as well as a pretty floral one. Then I also ordered two blue and white chinoiserie lamps for the bedroom. 

And to reward myself for making a decision on all those lamps, I got this...

Yum! A wedding cake flavored cupcake from Smallcakes. 

I'll do a before and after post soon with pics of my lamps. I already took the "before" pics, so I'm ready. :) I think you'll see what I mean about my old lamps being too small for the space. But for now, please enjoy this pic of Holly and Finn...

Holly: That's my spot. 
Finn: Do I look like I care? 

Every day, y'all. Every day. Holly is like the Sheldon Cooper of cats. You DON'T take her spot. ;) 

~ Lisa 


  1. I know they will look great. I always have trouble pulling the trigger on home decor stuff online. I like to see it in person.

  2. I'm not sure where I got all my lamps, yard sales, thrift stores, Target, hand me downs, etc...Every now and then I think the same thing, "You've got to go!" I can't wait to see yours. And cupcakes, yum!!

  3. Lamps are so hard!! They are so perfect at first then the next thing you know 20 years have past and they are just standing there all dusty. Right? I always have a hard time picking out new ones because they are expensive. When we moved to this house I had a huge stash of lamps because the last house was bigger. Slowly but surely, the lamps have moved out into the house or onto a new home. I'd like to have new ones in our bedroom because I know for a fact those are 18 years old. However, they really are still perfect. One of these days that bug will hit me like it did you. Can't wait to see yours when they come. Gourd lamps are beautiful!

  4. OMG that picture you captured to Finn and Holly. Too funny. I cannot wait to see your new lamp.
    I have bought a few things from Hayneedle and loved the way they ship fast and pack nicely. They are similar to Home Goods in their prices too. Sometimes it is just better to shop on line and save your self running all over the place looking in different stores. Have a great new week.


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