Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Neat App, Glasses, Contacts and Coupons

I have to tell y'all about a neat app I found. It's called iScanner and it's available for iPhone and Android. It turns your phone into a powerful mobile scanner and it's free!

You just open the app, hit the + button, then "camera." Hold your phone over a document you want to scan and it automatically finds the borders and scans it. It crops out anything in the background, so it's JUST a pic of the document. It also gets rid of any shadows (like when you hold your phone over a document and there's the shadow of your phone? Yeah, it automatically gets rid of that shadow when it scans it) No more taking a pic, then having to crop it, etc. Then you can export it to fax, email it, add to dropbox, Google drive, or Evernote. You can save it to your camera roll, text it, print it, and lots more. No need for a scanner with this little gem (which is a good thing since I never learned how to use our scanner ~ha!) Available in the app store. It's very convenient when you're not at home or near an actual scanner, but need to scan something. 

I used it last week to scan a glasses prescription and text it to Glasses.com. By the way,  Glasses.com has great prices and customer service. Lenses are included on all frames over $160 and they have free shipping. They have brands like Ray Ban, Oakley, Coach, Burberry, Armani, etc. A great place to purchase your glasses. We just purchased a pair of Ray Ban frames (with lenses) for $175. 

While on the subject, if you wear contacts, ac lens is a great place to purchase your contacts. We've been ordering contacts from them for years now and they have great customer service, low prices and free shipping. I just ordered again last week and used a retail me not coupon and saved $41 on contacts! 

Y'all be sure to check https://www.retailmenot.com/ when ordering stuff online. Just search the store you're shopping at to see if there's a coupon. They have a ton of different coupons. You just copy and paste the coupon code. They've always worked for me. 

Just letting you in on some businesses I've been using. I'm not getting paid to endorse these places. I'm just truly happy with the service.  

So this was my set up the other night while getting ready for the season premiere of Flipping Out...

I have my coffee, dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses and remote handy. Do y'all watch Flipping Out? I love it! 

That's all for now. Hope y'all have a good day!



  1. I have never heard of Flipping Out and will have to watch an episode! I'm going to give the scanning app a try. I have used one called Genius Scan, but this sounds even better. I LOVE Retail Me Not! That, along with Ebates, make online shopping a great deal!

  2. I am going to have to download that app. It sounds like a great little tool. Until now I have used Tiny Scanner which is pretty good also. Good to know about the glasses. My daughter always has a hard time finding what she likes and she has never spent under $250 for for a pair. I will pass this information to her. Enjoy your day, Lisa!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Lisa, what a great app. And I forgot to mention on one of your previous posts that I love the colors in the rug you have in your foyer.
    Plus your flowers look amazing (instagram)!

  4. I love Flipping Out!! I haven't watched tv in so long, I didn't know it was back on. I am going to have to catch up now. I think they have a baby, yes? Big changes...

  5. Are you in the path of the storm? Just came by to check on you-- stay safe!

  6. I just had an eye appt and am planning on ordering my contacs from Costco. I haven't found anyone else cheaper. Have you compared prices with them and the company you used? I like that show Flipping Out. I haven't watched it in a while though. Hope you're doing well through the storm. I read your instagram post and am glad you're not flooded!


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