Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Update

I want to thank so many of you for checking on us. I appreciate it more than you know. First off, we're fine. Our home didn't flood and we still have power, thank goodness. We should have plenty of food, water and pet supplies to get us through a week or so and hopefully by then, the roads will be clear and we can get to the stores. Right now, we're stuck inside our subdivision. There are flood waters all around us. None of the stores are open because no one can get to work. 

Most neighborhoods received at least 27 inches of rain, and some received about 50. FIFTY INCHES. Can you even imagine? Just think about that for a minute...what if the waters were rising and you had 10 minutes to think about what you wanted to take with you on a mandatory evacuation? AND...you could only take what you can carry in your hands. 

So many people left for work on Friday, not knowing they wouldn't be able to return to their homes that night because of rapidly rising water. These people have pets at home that are in dire need of being fed and they're worried about them being able to get up high enough above rising water inside their homes. Heartbreaking. 

In my little town, about 1/3 of the homes are flooded. The roads are impassable. We've been hearing Blackhawk helicopters overhead as they rescue people from their roofs. Yes, their ROOF. Because the water is so high in their home. 

We received a Code Red Alert phone call from our city Saturday night. It was a recording telling people that if the water was rising in their home, to take an axe and their cell phone and get to the attic. Use the axe to cut a hole in the roof and call 911. Then wait on the roof for a rescue helicopter. Again...can you even imagine? 

You can't tell where the streets start and stop. What used to be a street is now a lake. We've seen video of a deer swimming across a major six lane road. The poor animals are confused and don't know what's going on. So many people had to leave their homes, not knowing what they'd find upon return. 

Lots of people got over 5 feet of water in their homes. Just devastating. 

But, as usual, the people of Houston and the surrounding areas really stepped up to help. As heartbreaking as these stories are, there are just as many with a happy ending. People helping total strangers. People using their own boats to go around and rescue people from homes. Businesses that weren't affected are opening up their offices as a shelter. Houston will get through this. It will be awhile, but Houston will survive. 

Again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for Houston and all of Texas. Please continue to pray as we'll need it for a long time and please forgive me if I can't reply to your comments or visit your blogs in the coming weeks. As soon as the water goes down and we're able to get around, I'm going to do whatever I can to help my town. I plan on donating food, clothing and whatever else they need. 

If you can, please donate to the American Red Cross. You can donate $10 by texting HARVEY to 90999. People are in need of food, water, clothing, pet food, medicine, toiletries, and so much more. We all thank you. 

Here are some pictures of the devastation...

Below is before hurricane Harvey and after...

FM 528 at Bay Area Blvd...

This is a high school stadium...

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. It's very much appreciated. And if you can, please text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. 



  1. So thankful you are safe and sound my friend. As you know my Katie went to BU. So many of her friends have lost their homes and been displaced. It is just heartbreaking. Texas, especially Houston, will be in our thoughts and prayers in the months ahead.

  2. Those pictures are just beyond words. I have never experienced anything like that and just cannot imagine. Its unbelievable. I am so glad to hear that you and your family are safe and were personally spared from real devastation. What an answer to prayer. I will certainly be praying for you, your neighbors, your community and all those who are working so hard to help and give relief. Thanks for taking the time to update -

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer. We are very lucky, indeed. I appreciate the prayers. xoxo

  3. This is so devestating! So sad for thr people affected! Thx for the update Lisa and sending big hugs!

  4. It's just horrible! Unfathomable!!

    I'm so happy that you are ok and will continue to pray for you and everyone else.

  5. My heart goes to the state of Texas and all the people going through this. I can't pretend to know what this would feel like...honestly, I can't even imagine. Praying for protection and restoration.

    I'm glad you are okay and thank you for updating us!!!

    We stand with you, taking our opportunity to help financially. Thanks for providing the link for the red cross!

    1. I meant for providing the text info... I've seen so many links to this as well, I got confused!

  6. Oh Lisa so glad to hear you are ok. This is so devastating for so many. I gave to the red cross in hopes that small gesture will help and also the humane society for all the pets in need. That makes my heart so sad. Scrolling down through your pictures I was so touched by the devastation especially seeing the bunny looking in for a safe place away from the water. Praying that this ends soon and life and the clean up can begin for so many of you Texans.
    Stay safe my friend.

  7. so glad to hear y'all are safe and okay, Lisa! Very glad to hear that and so incredibly sad to watch all this on the news and all the pictures here on your blog....just awful what has happened. I thought it was going to be bad...and it's much worse than I had imagined. Please stay safe and keep us updated when you are able okay? thanks

  8. Wow. Hope you and yours continue to be safe. The stories and photos are truly heartbreaking. Praying for TX and hoping that healing and rebuilding happens super fast.

    1. Thank you, Laurie! We all appreciate your prayers. Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal around here.

  9. Lisa, I am so glad to hear that you are safe and sound. I have seen so many photos of the area and it is heartbreaking. I can't even imagine being caught in that situation. We have had some pretty brutal storms here, but that water is just impossible to fight. Prayers to all...

  10. Lisa,
    Sending you well wishes, hopes that levee releases don't cause additional flooding around you. We are somewhat neighbors, we live in Galveston. Ironically, this was one time it was more favorable to be on the island, rather than Houston. Who would have thought?
    Recently found your blog, I'm enjoying reading it, your home is beautiful!
    Wishing you all the best -

    1. Thank you so much, Andi! I'm sure you're very familiar with hurricanes and all they bring with them. Glad you are safe and yes, very ironic that the island was the safe place to be! :) Thank you for the sweet comment and I'm so happy you're enjoying my little blog. xoxo


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