Friday, August 11, 2017

Another Walmart Deal

Hey, y'all! Thank you so much for your input on the kitchen counters! The clear winner on here and IG was Ouro Romano. I think that's the one we're going to go with. I'll keep you posted. :) 

So I took my youngest to his last pediatric dentist appointment the other day for his cleaning. They "age out" when they're 18, so he'll go to our family dentist from now on. He's been going to the pediatric dentist since he was so little and it's weird that it was our last appointment in that office. He could have driven himself of course, but since it was his last appointment, I wanted to be there. :) 

If anyone in the Clear Lake, Friendswood, Pearland, or Bay Area needs an excellent pediatric dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bogert on Clear Lake City Blvd. 281-480-8877. He's not only the best children's dentist, but he's also one of the kindest men you'll ever meet in your life. Everyone in the office is so sweet and helpful too. So happy we were able to take our boys there for all these years. If I could go to Dr. Bogert myself, I would. :) 

So, you've probably noticed how popular tassel earrings are right now. I bought some Bauble Bar ones at Target on clearance, but now they carry an entire line of them at Walmart! AND...they're only $4!!!

walmart tassel earrings

I bought the white and pink, but they had a ton of other colors. Here's a pic from the WhoaWaitWalmart Instagram page...

Look at that selection! And all only $4!

In other news, my parents finally moved in next door a couple of weeks ago! My aunt came out yesterday and we had a "girls day" at the tea room for lunch and then took my mom grocery shopping. It was so much fun being able to get together like this again. I made a lemon pound cake for us and I was going to share it on here, but it wasn't very good. Lol. I'd much rather have lemon squares. :) 

Holly says "Happy Friday!"

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  1. I am just so thrilled that your mom got moved and is close to you now. What a blessing for both of you. Hmmm...lemon bars/cake-either one works for me---say LEMON and I am there!

    I haven't been in blogland as much- gotta go see about the countertop post that I missed. xo Diana

  2. The earrings are super cute. I don't usually wear anything dangly, but they are adorable. What fun to have both your mom and aunt together. I love lemon anything. My girlfriend makes the best poundcake!! Happy Friday.

    1. Lauren, get some dangly earrings girl! You'll be gorgeous.

    2. You are too sweet Stacey. I usually don't because I have to find ones with posts, as my holes are stretched. LOL

  3. Lisa, I hope you have many years with your mom near by. So fun for all of you to have lunch together. Wow, earrings of every color to accent your outfits. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Happy Friday to you as well! Thanks for sharing another deal - wow! What selection! I do not typically go to Walmart but that wall of colorful, pretty earrings looks like some fun shopping!

    1. I couldn't believe that selection! And all for only $4! I may go back again today. :)

  5. You are going to make me have to go to Walmart. I just looked online and couldn't find them. :)

    I think it's just wonderful that your parents moved next door!

  6. That's so wonderful that your parents are next door. Great find with the Walmart earrings. I feel the same way about our pediatric dentist. My kids have a few more years to go, and they have gone there since age 2.

  7. Ahhhhh so great Lisa that your parents are settled in and you can go shopping and out to lunch with you mom. That will be so much fun for you. Love the BoHo look earrings too. Happy Weekend.
    xoxo to Holly little sweetie too

  8. You must be so excited that your mom is settled and close by. I hope you have tons of fun together. I've been on vacation so I missed some of the counter posts. Off to catch up!

  9. I love the posts on neat things you find!! I was just in walmart yesterday and ALWAYS check out the earrings as I buy a few pairs every time I'm in there, but THEY DID NOT have these here, at least not yet. Did you get any???

  10. ooops nevermind---I see where you bought the white ones and the pink ones!!

  11. Oh my goodness...I would have loved to have had my parents next door. Well, maybe it would have posed problems, too, but I know how close you are to your mom!! lol! My daughter and hubby live two doors down from his mom and dad, but her grandfather lives between...funny!!!

    I love tassel earring, I've been seeing them. These are a great deal! Thanks for the tip off!

    Jane x

  12. So happy your mom has gotten moved in, and you can have lots of fun times with her. Know she is excited too.
    House looks beautiful and so clean..
    I saw the tassle ear rings at our Wal mart too.


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