Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Quick Things (free money!) and a Holly Pic

I've been meaning to share these sites with you and finally sat down to do it. Have you heard of It's a website where you simply put your name and state in the search box and it'll do a search to see if you're owed any money. With Christmas coming up, I think we could all use a little extra cash in our pockets, right? :) 

Sometimes we cancel a credit card or a wireless account and the company still owes us money. This is where you'll find it. A friend of mine searched and found that a bank owed her $200 from a forgotten closed account and another $100 from a doctor's office.

You'd be surprised at how many banks, credit card companies, etc. owe people money, but can't find them due to a move or something else. So they post everything on this site and it makes it so easy to search. I search periodically throughout the year, as it's updated all the time.

A few tips: Search by your married AND maiden name. Also, search by all states/provinces you've lived in. Not every state is on the list yet, but they're adding new ones monthly. If yours isn't listed, it will usually give a link to your state's unclaimed property site and you can search there. Also, if you have a deceased relative, you can search their name. My mom recently found out her father (my grandfather, who died well over a decade ago) was owed a good amount of money from an old electrical provider. She's in the process of providing proof that she's his daughter to receive the money. 

And good luck! Let me know if any of you get lucky. :)
I can't do a post without a pic, so here's cute Holly Joaquin taking a nap on the clean (warm) clothes I just folded...

This is another site I keep meaning to share. Here it is:

It's a website where you can search for the maintenance schedule for your car, search diagnostic trouble codes (and what they really mean) and get part replacement help.

On the main site, just click on the "tips and advice" tab in the upper right corner. Then is will show you a drop down menu with these choices:

Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Part Replacement Help
Maintenance Schedule

Sometimes we misplace the owner's manual that comes with our car or we bought a used car and need to know the maintenance schedule. Even if you have the manual, this is a much easier and quicker way to search for when to do that oil change, tire rotation, etc. 

Sometimes a diagnostic trouble code will pop up on the dash screen and we have no idea what it means. If you click on "diagnostic trouble codes" from the tips and advice drop down menu, this will tell you. 

Anyway, this is just a tip I've been meaning to share in case it helps anyone out. :) 

Hope you all have a great day!



  1. Those are good sites to be aware of ...thanks for sharing! Holly is just too cute ... she looks totally content on those warm clothes.

  2. Smart girl! Thanks for sharing these useful websites. :)

  3. Love this Lisa. You are awesome to share these sites. Wow would it not be fun to find out someone owes you money especially this time of year. Holly is the sweetest fur baby ever!
    Happy decorating.

  4. Those are great websites to check out! It sure would be nice to find out I had money waiting to find me. Ha!

  5. Great tips! Love these and THANK YOU!

    1. You're very welcome, Jen! Good luck! I hope you find some money. :)

  6. Thank you, we found money that will come in handy for Christmas. You have been a blessing! Love the kitty too!

  7. I always love your tips, Lisa...and a peek at your kitty! :)


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