Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Garden Blooms

 Y'all were all so sweet with your comments on my picture post and my first video. Thank you!!! (I think Miss Holly Joaquin stole the show in the video~lol!) It was a lot of fun to do and I hope to have another video up soon. 

For now, I thought I'd share some pics of my backyard garden. We're finally cooling down a bit, but things are still blooming really well.  

I put this one on IG. Love the dappled sunlight on the ground. Doesn't it almost look like you'd expect a garden fairy to peek around that tree at any moment? 

The lovely Blue Plumbago...

Love when this purple Gomphrena pops up. We planted them a couple of years ago and they still surprise us with blooms from time to time.

One of the Lantana that's NOT in between bloom cycles. ;) 

My hubby found this turtle shell on the ground and placed it on top of Wilbur. He looks so happy to have it on his belly. :) 

This plant below is called a Candlestick tree. My mom gave us a seed from hers and we planted it in a pot. It took off in no time at all and we transferred it to the ground. Love the yellow fall blooms. 

More Lantana...

Love these $1 mums from Walmart...

And that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Your plants always looks so beautiful, Lisa. I wish I had your green thumb! Enjoy your evening. Maria

  2. Great plants and photos, Lisa. Nothing is left blooming here at all. We are waiting for the nice weather to take its leave and soon we will resemble our name {The Frozen Tundra'. It's a crazy time of the year. We have broken all warm fall records this year and I, for one, love it. I selfishly want one more warm Saturday so we can do our annual mom/dd/dil Christmas house walk. xo Diana

  3. I certainly enjoy your blog. I also like to have a pretty garden. Your photo of the Gomphrena plant blooming got my attention because I planted 6 of them this year. All of your garden looks so pretty. I also have a "Wilber"! Isn't he the cutest? I posted some photos of my white chrythemums that look just like yours. Have a great day. I'll be back again another time. This is the post I blogged about the Gomphrena.

  4. So pretty Lisa. We do not have anything really blooming here in the Midwest. My mum plant is hanging on but that is about it. I am loving this milder weather for us here in the midwest. Hope it stays like this for a little while longer. We all know what is coming for us this winter!

  5. Everything is so pretty at your house! When we were in the Hill Country there was plumbago everywhere! My husband wants some now. It's not something we've ever had but it so perfect for our climate.

  6. I can't believe how many blooms you have....they are so beautiful!!! Nothing has been blooming around here for quite a few weeks now. My mums I have inside our still hanging on but that's it.

  7. Your yard and flowers look so pretty, Lisa. We are cooling down here, too, and it is so nice. Of course, Abby thinks it's already chilly enough for the fireplace, but Momma doesn't. We've added some mums and petunias, and have some mums & marigolds emerging after a long summer's they survived the summer I really don't know! It's so nice to spend more time outside, isn't it?

    Warm hugs,


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