Sunday, November 27, 2016

Me to We Bracelet

As I was browsing the black Friday ads, surprisingly, only one thing caught my eye. It was these cute Me to We Rafiki bracelets at Walgreens for $5.99...

It was just by chance that I saw them (well, I'm sure the Universe had it all planned out) ;) Anyway, I'd never heard of them and just thought they were cute, reasonably priced bracelets. 

Then I decided to Google "Me to We bracelets" to see if there was some significance to them. Turns out, there is. I took this pic of the packaging mine came in...

Here's the exact one I bought...

Walgreens has several bracelets to choose from. Some say "Health"  some say "Water" and some say "Education." Depending on which bracelet you buy, your donation helps in one of those areas. 

For instance, I bought the "Health" one. There's a code on the back of each package. Then I went to their website and clicked on "track your impact" and entered the code. Then this is what it displayed...

Isn't that neat? 

If you sign up for updates on their website here they'll give one week of clean water to a family in a community overseas. 

Here's what my bracelet looked like when I took it out of the packaging. You could even wear it as a necklace...

I twisted mine over to make a double loop, and then brought one loop up and twisted in again to make it fit my wrist. 

 I think they're so pretty. 

I've heard other stores sell them as well and what a nice way to give back. These would make such great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers (what teenage girl wouldn't love a bracelet?) and even a secret Santa gift or a girlfriend party gift. Or you could think ahead to Mother's Day or upcoming birthdays. Or just as a gift to yourself, as I've done. :) 



  1. Oh Lisa I will be on the look out for these by our Walgreens. What a great gift and I need a few more prizes for my girlfriend charity party. Off to Walgreens. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute and for such a great cause....can't beat that!

  3. I've never seen or heard of these but I love what they're about and how cute they are! Can't beat the price either. Thanks for sharing info about these.

  4. What a wonderful thing! And a lovely stocking stuffer as well. Thanks so much for sharing ... you find the neatest things!!!!

  5. Teenage girls are so hard to buy for and I know a few that would LOVE one of these...especially since they happen like giving back. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great gift idea Lisa! Must check out my local Walgreens for these!

  7. You are an angel to spread the word, Lisa! I am going to find them for sure! :-D


  8. I love those! Thanks for the tip!

  9. What a lovely way to give back and help a little bit....there are so many people around the world who can be greatly effected by just a small gift of giving. I'll be looking for these!

    Warm hugs,

  10. I love this idea, Lisa! Beautiful bracelet also


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