Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Cleaning and Rain

Hello! First of all, I want to thank all of you who left comments and emailed me to check on us with the historic flooding in the Houston area. We're fine, thank goodness. We didn't get nearly the amount of rain that fell on the north side of town. So many people had several feet of water in their homes. Some of them are the same ones who flooded almost a year ago in the Memorial Day flood and had just completed repairs and moved back in. So heartbreaking.

Some of our freeways looked like rivers on Monday. You could literally see the wake as cars tried to drive/float down the road. Some freeways were completely under water and you couldn't tell where the road was. The newscasters kept repeating their mantra "turn around, don't drown" all day long to try to convince people to just stay home. 

I also saw a news story about a woman who's home flooded and she just let her flood insurance lapse last week. Talk about regret. I feel so sorry for her. I recently renewed our flood insurance and there's nothing like the peace of mind it brings. It's pretty much imperative that you have flood insurance here. One thing people don't understand is that initially, it takes 30 days for your flood insurance to kick in, so you can't run out and purchase it when there's a storm brewing in the gulf or heavy rain on the way. Once you have it, as long as you renew every year before it expires, you'll have continuous coverage. 

Anyway, I've been busy as a bee spring cleaning. Last week, I dusted all the ceiling fans, blinds, window sills, and baseboards in the entire house. It took me several hours, but it feels so good to have it done. 

Then this morning I cleaned the whole house.

As soon as I finished cleaning, Holly promptly threw up on the floor. Nice. 

There she is sleeping it off on the back of the sofa. :) 

We actually have a ton of sunshine streaming in the windows today...

I'm doing a little decor shopping this weekend and I'll share any goodies I find. Y'all have a good week!



  1. I'm so glad everything's ok for you. I'm cleaning too. Haven't done those baseboards yet though. Guess it's time. :)

  2. So glad you were spared during all the rain. Water damage is the worst!! We just got back from our trip to Mexico and I am ready to get the spring cleaning done so we can move outside before it gets to terribly hot.

  3. It was so good to know you guys are ok after that horrible storm. It is going to take a while for Texas to recuperate from this one. Your home looks so pretty! Take care, Maria

  4. So glad you were spared any flood damage. We were too, fortunately. Got over 12" of rain but no flooding thankfully. Your home looks so fresh and bright!!!

  5. I'm glad you don't have any damage from all the rain!!!! There is nothing like a clean house.....yours looks so beautiful!!!!!

  6. Glad to hear you do not have the flooding that others in your area do. How scary. Glad the sun is back out for you too. Enjoy your decor shopping this week end.

  7. I'm so relieved you are all okay. I've been watching the footage every night on the news. I would be in a panic.

    Your house always looks so clean! I do know that I feel good when it's all deep cleaned. Looks great!


  8. Your house looks so pretty. Of course, it always looks clean to me! I'm glad to hear that your neighborhood was spared from the terrible flooding. I know you must've been so nervous about it coming your way! Good thing you haven't cancelled your flood insurance. I live in North Ga near the foothills of the mountains so we're nowhere near a flood area. We've never had flood insurance. I think people that live near large bodies of water or rivers have it though. I live in an area that is very "hilly" and the roads are "curvy". It always feels strange when we go to FL and drive on their flat roads. I bet it would feel the same way in TX.

  9. I am so behind on the news, Lisa. I heard that Texas was having a lot of rain, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I had time to catch up with Google News (not a tv watcher). I am glad that you were spared and my heart breaks for all those who were not. I totally get the insurance thing. We live less than a mile from the beach and are considered "uninsurable" by most companies. When we bought our home we found one company willing to insure us and regardless of the premiums, we just pay it every year. Not worth the risk for the chance at a bargain!

  10. Great to know all is well still! Having flood insurance is definitely a must near bodies of water or in low lying areas. So glad you have it!


  11. Your house looks sparkling clean! So glad yall had no flood damage-- i didnt realize yall were that close to that area. Whatcha got planned this pretty spring weekend?

  12. I'm so glad y'all didn't get much of that nasty was pretty awful!

    It really does feel so good to get the house all cleaned up....spiffed and polished! Our shutters really need to be cleaned, but we will soon be washing the windows and adding our sunscreens, which is always a good time to wash windows on the inside and clean the shutters. I kind of feel tired just thinking about all that! The Man is going to mop while I vacuum today....a good compromise.

    Warm hugs,


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