Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Patio Cushions for a Steal

We've been needing to replace our patio cushions for awhile now. Here in the Texas heat and humidity, outdoor cushions (if left out and exposed to the sun) only last a season or two, at best. 

I found the best deal at Aldi this week. Just look at these outdoor, weather resistant cushions I got for only $11.99!!!

As a refresher, here are the old cushions, looking a little worse for wear...

They used to be a lot brighter green, but I left them out 24/7, so this was to be expected. 

Here's what my chairs look like without any cushions...

And here is another pic of the new cushions. I was so excited, I didn't even bother to remove the tag before I took these. :) 

They're one long piece that fits perfectly into the back and seat. And as you can see, they have ties for the sides and a loop at the top for storage. 

They're nicely cushioned too. Here's a look from the side...

This is the handy storage system my hubby constructed in the garage. They're looped over a closet rod for easy removal. I've learned my lesson with fading and these babies will stay tucked away safe and sound in the garage unless we're actively using them. Or I'm taking pics for the blog. ;)

I have a love seat too, and two of these fit perfectly side by side on it. 

Here's a close up of the tag...

And here's a pic straight from the Aldi ad. The one piece chair seat and back (like I bought) is $11.99 and the seat only cushions are $5.99. They also come in that floral print that reminds me of The Golden Girls, which I love. :) Do y'all remember how pretty their lanai was on that show? I loved their kitchen too. :) 

I just had to post about this deal because I've never seen prices this low. Most of the time, replacement cushions are around $30 on SALE, so I was glad to scoop these up. If you have an Aldi near, you might want to check these out. Oh, and my Aldi now takes credit and debit cards, which they didn't used to do. :) 



  1. Oooh, I like those a lot! The colors are fun.:)

  2. You are ready for summer time sitting. I love the stripes. Great deals also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Those cushions look great! I agree that it a great price. I have an Aldi about 25 min away. I've never been there before! I've heard they have great prices though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Nice cushions at a great price! Have never been to Aldi's but see that there is one an hour away and will check it out. Are they similar to Trader Joe's? Your patio is all set for Spring and Summer with the splash of pretty color!

    1. Trader Joe's owns the Aldi's stores. I got the 6 of the red patterned cushions. So nice and bargain price!

  5. Dang girl you got those at Aldis??!! Great find for sure and the price!!! Love the color and they do look 100 percent better than the old ones. Ive not seen an aldis here....going to go look....

  6. That's a great deal, Lisa! And can I just say how pretty your yard is?? I'd sit out there all day, everyday! And the Golden Girls... Too funny! Yes I love their lanai (and the whole house)! Have a great weekend! xo
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I love this time of year before it gets too hot outside. :) I think the Golden Girls were ahead of their time. Lol!

  7. Great deal, Lisa! Sadly, we don't have Aldi's around here. I need to just make some cushions, which could be one of my gazillion "indoor" projects I have planned for our long summer! We are looking at the high 90's by the end of the week, so our "enjoyment of the patio" will be quickly coming to a may still cool off in the evening for a short while, but that won't last long! It's still better than snow, right?

    Did you get any of that bad rain and hail storm? I hope you were spared!

    Warm hugs for a great Sunday!

  8. Great price and super colors for spring! Hope you have not been pummeled with rain! Blessings, Cindy xo

  9. Lisa, after watching the news this morning, I pray you and your family are safe from the storm and that your area didn't get flooded. It is hard to believe Houston is literally under water. Please, let us know you are ok. Lots of hugs, Maria

  10. Such a great buy! They look great. I adore the black print one!



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