Sunday, January 5, 2014

Target 90% off Christmas Deals!

Target recently put their Christmas stuff at 90% off! I just had to pop in to share these deals with y'all...I posted them on Instagram yesterday, (texasdecor) but wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see them. :)

a christmas story boxers

Woodland creatures bendable ornaments-.50 cents, auto and home USB charger set-.99 cents, A Christmas Story men's boxers-$1.19, and paper dessert plates-.27 cents!

Paper straws-.30 cents, M&M's-.95 cents, and these cute plastic plates (love the fox one!)-.29 cents!

Candy cane cookies-$1.19, 3 outlet covered adapter-.49 cents, Lip Smackers-.49 cents, and baker's twine on a cute wooden spool-.40 cents!

bakers twine

I also got these sets of baker's twine for $1.00 each! 

Be sure to check the end caps too...that's where we found a lot of this stuff. And remember to check the makeup section...anything in Christmas packaging is 90% off (like the lip smackers)

Also, the paper plates were in with the regular every day paper plates, so check that section too. A lot of stuff was mixed in with the regular stuff. 

Y'all head on out to Target and clean up on the 90% off! You can get some good deals for next year's decor. :) Good luck!



  1. You found some great stuff! I sure could use that lip lips are so chapped. I don't think I will be running to Target anytime soon though with this weather. Guess you'll just have to shop for me too! LOL!!!!!

  2. Great buys! I need to try and get there tomorrow. Just haven't had any urge to shop since Christmas. Canton is just 45 minutes from us and I haven't had the gumption to go there!!

  3. I was just there the other day, but didn't see all that good stuff! It was only 70% when I went which is still a deal! I saw that cute brown bear ornament with the striped legs but it was broken. So cute! I love the deal you got on the twine and the straws! Target always knows how to tempt me into spending more than I planned.

  4. Lisa, you found some great deals. I could spend hours in Target. I wish I would have found some of that bakers twine. I went over weekend and bought some kitchen towels and a cute throw rug for bathroom from their Threshold line.

  5. Great finds…I LOVE Target! Happy New Year!

  6. You found some great stuff! I haven't been in a store in awhile and my Christmas decorations are still everywhere!! Last year I hit the sales and it was a pleasant surprise when I opened my bins this year.


  7. Did my shopping post-holiday at Target too and got a lot of stuff, glad you didn't miss out! Enjoy your stash!


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